Is Band 9 possible in IELTS?

Hi guys,

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  1. Do you think it is possible to get an overall band score of 9 in IELTS?
  2. Have you ever known someone get band 9 overall?

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  1. Yes it is possible.
    I have given IELTS three times (2004, 2007, 2016).
    2004 Academic: All 9’s.
    Location: India
    2007 and 2016 General: All 9’s. Except 8.5 in speaking in 2016.
    Location: Australia, India.

    Preparation: First time (Academic) about 10 hours in total if that.
    Second time: No preparation. Me and my mate were piss drunk as our centre was Adelaide (Home to some of the best wineries). God knows how I even managed to get through the speaking part.
    Third Time: None whatsoever.

    In hindsight why I got 8.5 in speaking in 2016 is probably because I pissed off the examiner and pointed out a grammatical flaw in the question she asked as well as asked her to ask me some questions which I would enjoy to answer such rather than lame questions such as “What was the happiest day of my life and why?”

    My advice is pay attention to what you read, who you read (author and publication), how frequently.

    Times of India is garbage. Instead read Foreign Policy, Stratfor, Spectator, Foreign Affairs, Readers Digest, NYT, Washington Post etc.
    Listen to Al Jazeera, BBC (television and RADIO as well).
    Listen to songs (country I guess)
    Watch British tele.
    Writing I guess – Just write essays on topics and letters to different people (friends, teachers, parents, cousins, government officials, write a media release if you were to respond to a disastrous event assuming you were the PR person in that firm. Basically come up with stuff.)

    And to Indians as an encouragement I am a gujju who studied in Gujarat. If I can do anyone from India can do it.

  2. Hi Liz,
    I have just started watching your free learning matirial online (Youtube), the material is very helpful.I am planning to take the IELTS test in 5 weeks time for emigration purposes . The maximise the points system for the visa application , i need to get atlease Band 8 overall. After reading the comments on this blog, i have realised that its achievable, and that some of the study materials can be accessed at a fee.
    Please advise on your recommended material on your collection & other sources that i need to buy and use as my study material.
    With my own assesment i think i can just achieve a band 5 overall now , i need to bridge that gap in 5 weeks.
    I am proffessional based in the Manchester , UK
    Best Regards

    • On the RED BAR at the top of this website are the main pages for each section of the tips which include tips, lessons etc. There are 300 pages in total that are free. The only thing you can buy are my extra lessons for writing task 2 which you can purchase on a different page: I suggest using all my free materials first and then getting my advanced writing task 2 lessons if you feel you want more detailed training.

  3. Hello liz,
    I want to score 8 band in general training test . Is it possible ? Plz help me

  4. Yes, its possible.

  5. I am trying for it.. bless me liz goddess . ..
    My goal is band 9 in overall ..

  6. nazir hida says

    well ! I think its quit possible but if anyone can hardworking and they have also good basic. other thing if someone has made 9 in writing then 9 is sure.

  7. Esther NEHEMA says

    Yes 9 band score is quiet difficult but not impossible!

  8. I don’t think it’s possible for a person who is not a native speaker.

  9. Why not!

  10. Hi teacher,I m from Tunisia,I’m a mathematics teacher,I’m 42 years,you know ,my second languge is French,I’m worry about my accent because all my education was in French It ‘s clair in speaking.
    what about my score ?

    • The most important thing in speaking is that your speech is clear and easy to understand. You don’t need to have an English accent. But you must make sure your foreign accent isn’t heavy and doesn’t cause problems with understanding.

      • Khojiakbar says

        Hello Liz! I got a question to you and would appreciate it if you answered.
        I am at a loss about the marking criteria of writing. I am wondering what exactly it takes to score over 8.0 in Writing? Is that the capability of mentioning complex issues? Can band 8.5 be achieved by simplicity with no complicated ideas or concepts?

  11. Impossible in most Asian countries.

  12. It is possible if the candidate has thorough knowledge in English

  13. Sanjib Chandra Roy says

    Its rare in our country like Bangladesh

  14. It’s difficult to get band score 9. I intend to take the test soon at Nigeria. My first time, hi Liz can you plz, assist me with some tips to improve on my writing T1 & T2.Thks

  15. Nothing is impossible ..just hard work is required.

  16. Gurpreet singh says

    I am not sure that anyone can get 9 each in ielts exam though overall 9 seems a possibility because it is a language test and examiner can have different view.English is a vast language.i got overall 8 bands with your help so i am sure about that and really want to thank you maam for that.

  17. El. tayeb Ibrahim Himaida says

    Yes, it is possible but it needs more efforts and am never listened about someoe get this band.

  18. Around my circle, those who have taken their ielts exam ,no one have obtained more than 7-8.I think it’s possible but I have not found NY one with band score 9.

  19. Norbu Tshering says

    Hi Liz,
    Your blog is very helpful.
    I was thinking what if you wrote the test, or may be you already did, would you be able to score 9 in all the bands?

  20. 1. I believe It is possible to get an overall band 9 score in IELTS.
    2. I haven’t known anyone who she or he get band 9 overall.

  21. evelyn MENDOZA says

    As long as you know to yourself that you did studied well. It is definitely possible. Just believe, have the guts and think positive.

  22. It is posible for the student to get the score he aims to and that depents on the amount of practice he does .Personally I’ve benefitted a lot form the material you’ve prepared on your blog.Thanks liz and go on.

  23. I wish I got band 9, f ew students could chieve such a score if they prepared well ,bought the suitable Ielts books , did manyf sample tests.Personally benefitted a lot from your great material Best wishes for all

  24. Band 9 overall score in IELTS is achievable as I’ve known several people who have proven it true. They actually took part as former students in a review center where I am attending. However, it is quite unusual to have a band score of nine in each module. There would frequently be lesser than 9 particularly with writing subtest.

  25. Jane Wilson says

    I’m pretty sure a professional South African, whose first language is English, has a good of getting a 9.

  26. Steps for writing an informal letter to friend step by step and what ielts examiner will be looking at?

  27. Everything is possible with faith.
    I’m preparing for my IELTS too, thanks to Liz’s tips but I’m not putting my expectations that high.
    I’m aiming at band 8.

  28. Yes, my son’s ex girlfriend from Hongkong. She got 9 overall but said they practised and practised and took it regularly every two years. I was most impressed but noticed she still needed my (native ) help proofreading her thesis…

  29. For I not know anyone yet,but will prepare will and by grace I will get band 9

  30. Forgot to mention, Liz your website is great!

  31. Hi, if you prepare for your exams using all the resources available to you, I think it is possible to get an overall 9.
    I do not know anyone personally that has achieved this.
    I am studying for my IELTS test and I need a band 8. Wish me luck.

  32. Jawad Ahmad says

    i don’t think so that it is impossible but still i didn’t hear anyone get overall 9.0 Band in Ielts.

  33. I have seen people getting band 9 in listening ,reading and speaking but never came across a person who scored more than band 8 in writing.

  34. I have seen people getting band 9 in listening ,reading and speaking but never came across a person who scored more than band 8 in writing.Is it even possible to get more than band 8 in writing.

  35. Hello Liz
    It’s quite rare to hear someone achieving this score overall because it is actually difficult and for this the majority of institutions adopting IELTS as English proficiency test accept the overall score 7 and perhaps in some occasions require 7 in certain parts of the exam.
    From my experience, I found the correction performed in writing section was obviously difficult as I barely scored 6.5 though I needed two answer sheets to complete the question in task 2

  36. silambarasan.k says

    yes we can but we have to do more effort

  37. Nadia Alrahbi says

    I think no thing impossible in this life, however, I am sure its not an easy job.

  38. Onwunabonze Echefu Onyebuchi says

    I think it’s possible to make it to band 9 with all these tips from Liz and training sessions one is attending. Also, the strategies one is being taught, for answering questions in each section will definitely help. I am preparing to write IELTS and I am aiming at band 9.

  39. Sweta Rawal says

    it’s impossible to get a 9 n all modules as there is no transparency in checking and also they never give you your actual score, always I have seen people to miss the required score by .5 as that is how their business runs.

  40. In my opinion there nothing impossible but it is really difficult and need more practice and time, I haven’t met any one achieve this score but on this web site, I read there is many students got it.

  41. Waheed Mazhar says

    Yes, Someone spends his reasonable amount of time on the preparation dedicatedly and on the exam day if his/her luck goes on his/her side otherwise it is not realistic.

    • Exactly Waheed. One can study all one wants. If one is not lucky on test day, you loose. It’s like a lottery game.

  42. I think its difficult

  43. Overall 9 could be possible… but to score 9 in each module is impossible…i personally believe that

  44. Yes, I have heared and that is not hard working and a good holistic preparation I think that is reachable and is not impossible.

  45. i think it like a dream

  46. I think it is impossible

  47. Eman Elshekh says

    I’ve never heard about some one who managed to have band 9 in ielts. However, I think it is possible if the tset taker do very hectic work and practice in all ielts sections in particular the writing one in addition to knowing precisely the criteria of destributing markes in each section.

  48. I personally do not find this goal a worthy or realistic one considering all the money being wasted for the repeated attempts to even get a 7. I have taken the test twice already, (do not know my second score as of yet) and am a native English speaker.
    I find this test immoral, unfair, overpriced, and not an accurate measurement of one’s knowledge regarding practical English skills and usage. It is an academic test and if you do not know the tricks and strategies, you have an almost impossible feat of passing. It is ruining people’s lives psychologically and financially. So come on, who even cares about getting a 9?

    • I do agree with you, but it is what it is and we’ve got to deal with it.

      • Cezar, you are absolutely right. This is why I have taken it twice already. It makes me angry though and I think it is important to share our views. Otherwise there will be others, those that will never ever pass it no matter how long and hard they study who think something is wrong with them. It is NOT the individual that is the problem, it is that the bar has been set too high and the wrong thing is being tested. For example, if someone suggests to me that I do not even need to really understand what I am reading, but to just recognize a word with a test strategy and find the answer, I would say that something is innately wrong with this test. Yes, it makes me angry that this kind of logic and thinking has us dancing to the wrong tune. It is morally incorrect.

    • i totally agree with your opinion @ Shelly. Is a money making thing. to make my own case worst, there is no centre in my country…..have to book flight ticket and hostel reservation to fly to nearby country to seat for IELTS.

    • I am also a native english speaker and I am having difficulty in passing this exam. All I need is a Band 7. I can get the overall band but I am not able to get 7 in every section. Why can’t they just let us speak and write an essay this whole listening and reading business is out of my head. Band 9 is not possible unfortunately! because they even mark you down for plurals. I came across liz’s videos this time and I am preparing again. Hopefully I can pass 🙁 I am disheartened 🙁 🙁 and need to start working as a nurse in london.

      • Yes, I also have been in limbo with the NMC as I need to get this IELTS issue settled. It is absolute insanity. I have humbly taken a position as a caregiver, must pay the bills.

    • I Agree with Shelly personal view, I appeared for 29 July IETLS Exams, from listening & Reading I was pretty confident I would score around 7 because paper seems easy, But when result came I shocked, I was planning to apply for revel but i thought no sense,
      This is a Black hole you will never come to a right end…but keeps traveling on cost of finance and psychological health

    • I agree!

  49. It is difficult to get 9 band in each module. However, it is not impossible to achieve this. We need a lot of practice and good hold on language pronunciation and yes above all is understanding of English inspite of just craming the things……
    I just wanna salute you for devoting your valuable time and providing us with best tips and material…
    Thanks a lot man…. Stay blessed always..

  50. In my opinion anybody doesn’t need band 9 however nothing is not impossible that’s why just believe in yourself and never give up. If you want to take this, you have to study hard as you know.

  51. Ana Beatriz says

    Hi Liz,
    I’m Ana from Brazil and I’m living proof it’s possible to get an overall band score of 9 🙂 I got 9.0 on speaking, reading and listening and 8.0 on writing.
    I took the test last year and your blog certainly played a really important role on this achievement. So much that I’ve been recommending it to all my friends!!
    I’ll be forever thankful for your help!!

    • Very well done to you 🙂 You are an inspiration 🙂

      • Can you kindly share the method nd techniques that you adapted to achieve that score?

        • Ana Beatriz says

          Hi Pooja,
          I didn’t have money to pay for a preparatory course, so I basically used everything that was available on the internet regarding the IELTS (videos, classes, sample tests). That’s actually how I came across this website and, to be honest, this is by far the best resource I found. Liz’s explanations, materials and tips were extremely helpful and guided me during my studies. I don’t think I would’ve gotten band 9 if it weren’t for her blog. I also took inumerous sample tests in order to practice the required skills. I studied for about 5 weeks, 3 to 4 hours a day, everyday until the day of test. I’m afraid I don’t really have anything more specific to share with you other than what I mentioned above though. That’s what worked for me. Wishing you all the best on your studies!!

    • can you please guide me with writing
      i got 6 in writing n 8-8.5 in all other 3 modules
      please suggest me some tips relating to writing

      • M sharjeel says

        How much was your final band?

      • Ana Beatriz says

        M sharjeel,
        The writing test was definitely the most difficult for me, mainly because of the limited time. I’m usually the type of person who writes, then erases and rewrites… then erases again.. 🙂 but unfortunately there’s no time for that on the test. So, I practiced a lot (I mean A LOT) following Liz’s instructions and that’s what helped really. When studying, I would time each exercise to make sure I could finish everything in time. I also read some graded essays, which helped me have a better idea of what was expected from my writing. That’s my experience. I hope it helps! Wishing you all the best on your test!!

      • Ana Beatriz says

        Sana, sorry. I just realized I posted my reply to your question on M sharjeed’s post. It’s right below 😉

  52. Amandeep Singh says

    Hello I never heard that someone got 9 bands in IELTS but it’s possible with some hard work and correct guidelines.
    Kindly share your experience and guidelines if possible to get minimum 8 bands or max 9 band.

  53. Hi Liz,
    I think it is possible to get 9 scores in ielts for those who have english is their first language. otherwise it’s hard. Anyone can get 7 or 8 bands if he/she does lots of practice.

  54. I think band 9 is not possible!!I’ve never known anybody has been granted band 9!!

  55. Owais Urooj says

    It is certainly hell of a preparation and in-borne skills in English Language which could possibly stage a band 9 overall score for any individual. Personally, I don’t know anyone who has scored such high in IELTS.

  56. I think yes it is possible in reading and listening but in writing

  57. I heard about some individuals who got 9 band but not particular person .

  58. Of course , I think that band 9 is possible for those candidates who are most complete and can use their language with much complexity and accuracy .

  59. Hey Liz,

    I don’t think it will be possible to get an overall score of 9, as I know that even native English people struggle with the test! On this note, I need to score a band score of 8 in each section of the Academic test. I’m very worried regarding my writing skills! I’m on topic, writing within the timeframe, almost no spelling mistakes. My main problem is that I use a very basic vocabulary! I need to do my test within 2 months. How can I expand my vocabulary within this timeframe? Everybody tells me to read, but that won’t help me in this short space of time. Studying words, I have to be lucky that my question will be on topic with the words I studied.
    Can you given me any usefull advice?

  60. Dear Liz,
    The topic is very interesting and important to everyone on this blog. I absolutely agree with you that it’s possible to get band score 9 if someone is dedicated and gifted to IELTS. This might occur when you give yourself enough time to prepare and in all cases have daily practices before the test happens. Everything is possible to a willing heart. Do you remember the scientist who discovered a lamp? he tried more than a thousand times but at the end he did it!! there is a good say in English: “try to fail but don’t fail to try” So if someone has ambition to achieve something, they finally achieve it. in other words if someone wants band score 9, after a lot of effort, they can get it!!

    2. I’ve never seen someone who got 9 but I heard that some people make it. So it’s possible! what’s needed is to focus on a test and have a plenty of time to go through all the requirements before the examination date. Thanks!

  61. I do think getting an overall band 9 in IELTS is possible. I personally do not know anyone who’s got a band 9, but, as I prepare for my IELTS, I understand that correct grammar and appropriate vocabulary is the key to crack it.

    Please do correct if any mistakes here.. 🙂

  62. Goran H Najm says

    In the IELTS pods, I had heard a guy who lives in Australia has gotten overall band score of nine, thus, it is possible to get an overall band score of 9.

    He had one hour active listening and reading each day, also writing a topic per day.

  63. I don’t think so. Specially writing and speaking is impossible due to the subjective nature of these exam questions. But I think it is possible in Reading and Listening since they are completely objective.
    Thanks Liz
    Hayelom, Ethiopia

  64. Abdulrahman mashaqi says

    No,it’s not impossible to score 9 in IELTS,Because I know someone who got 9 in just one month preparing.In addition,he is not native,actually he haven’t travelled to any country that speaks ENGLISH.

  65. 1. I think everything is possible:) maybe for native speaker, who apply for visa to Australia and need band 8 overall, it will be more realistic than for person from non English speaking country.
    2. However, I don’t know any person with 9 overall:)

  66. Handren Ali says

    very very difficult, but no impossible

  67. Considering that I have written ielts exam twice and I am not close to band score 9, I will say it is not possible. But I have heard some people’s testimony in which they said they had band score 9. Then if it is possible I will lke to know the secret.

  68. Yes, I think in reading and listening it is possible to get band 9 provided, we need to score 40/40. I know one of my friend from India who got band 9 in speaking. I am not sure about writing.

  69. Hi Liz!. I have just had Ielts speaking exam. In the first and second parts I talked normally and I saw that the examiner marked 7 on his paper. Unfortunately, in the third part I asked 3 or 4 questions for reputation but I answered normally to the given question. What will happen that will my score be dicreased because of asking for reputation. Thank you for your reply in advance

    • Any numbers written on the paper by the examiner in the test are not related to your score. So, forget them. They are about timing.

  70. NO, it’s really hard to score

  71. Gurdeep Kaur says

    Well, as far as any language test is concerned, it is not possible because in languages there is always a scope for improvement and attaining perfection in a language is a herculean task, if not impossible.

    Now, taking about IELTS, I have heard some people boasting about getting 9 bands though I am not sure about it.

    I hope you provide some insight into the matter, Elizabeth.

  72. Joseph Ogbekhiulu says

    I must first thank Liz for her blog and all her lectures and materials for all of us preparing for the ielts test. Thank you and may God continue to keep you and enlarge your coast.
    It is very possible to get band score 9 in the IELTS test. It is like getting an overall drade A in high school or having a First Class in the firt degree in the University.
    If your English proficiency is very high and good, then you get nothing more / less than band score 9.
    Thank you.

  73. To me it’s highly unlikely!

  74. According yo me, the maximum points / marks are deducted in writing section and hence according to me 9 band is not possible. But, of course if the student / candidate has attempted well, then chances are brighter to get band 9. Hope i am a bit correct.

  75. Abdulmajeed says

    1) Yes, I do.
    2) No, I haven’t.

  76. Abdulmajeed says

    1) Yes, I do.
    2) No, I haven’t

  77. I think its not impossible to take a score 9 in IELTS.
    I need a very good score 8 or 9. But this exam is difficult for me:)

  78. I just have seen people’s score in listening or reading as 9 but not overall score 9

  79. I had appeared for Ielts two times but my results were L-8.5,R-7,S-7,W-6 and L-8,R-7.5,S-7,W-6
    Consecutively. I am not able to score in writing I am not able to understand the reason.

  80. Hi Liz.
    According to me it’s depend on everyone’s capability . If anybody have more understanding in English then It is possible to get overall band score 9 in IELTS.
    Liz please tell me. I am right or not.

  81. manpreet maan says

    Yes, According to me, it is possible to get 9 band in Ielts exam.. ..

  82. Yes of course
    it is possible to take 9 bands

  83. Yes, I have seen people in India having 9 bands in three modules listening, Reading,Speaking, execpt Writing. But some people are aslo having 9 bands in Writing beacuse of some writing job requirement they have worked for, but they done have 9 in others. Finally 9 in all four modules is a possibility, and may be there are person’s having 9 overall or 9 in each modules

  84. It is possible for sure. I come from Vietnam and my friend she got 9.0 overall. It is very difficult, espescially with Writing and Speaking

  85. I think it is possible to get band score of 9 in IELTS.

  86. It is possible to get the brand score 9. But its very difficult.
    I never heard that anyone got 9.

  87. Ankush Saini says

    I have a friend of mine who got 8.5 and he wasmt pretty sure he could get it. The rest is just luck.. and something we called talent

  88. Dear Liz and All,

    I am trying to get good score in IELTS from IDP and BC Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Two times I have attempted but my score is not changing. I think they are making money only!! If some one facing same problem please comment here.

    Thank you,

  89. Dear Lizz,
    With the way the test is structured; it will be difficult to get 9.0 overall. This is not mathematics where answers must be a the same globally. For instance, there are certain criteria that should not determine a person’s competency like ascent, clumsy hand writing, ability to coordinate very fast. One can have these characteristics affect his performance but it does not mean that he is not proficient in English Language. From my own experience; I think a band score of 5.0 and above is quite ideal to pass someone’s knowledge of English Language. Every day, new English words are “invented” and our dictionary is updated accordingly. A critical look at the comprehension passages, question structures for the 4 majors will give you some reasons to concur wuth my submission/assertion. Permit me to stop at this juncture with a question; does it mean that there are no grammatical errors in the English Language used in the test itself (examiners are also not perfect)? If the answer is “No” then to get a band score of 9.0 is possible.

  90. Plz give me some easy steps to increase my vocabulary

  91. None. As the examiners here in the Philippines are very perfectionist. They like to look for even the slightest mistake to lessen your band score.

  92. Maybe for native speaker

  93. I think it’s very possible for someone to get a 9 score although I have not seen anyone who has ever scored that.

  94. Hi Liz

    Want to ask u something about General Task 1

  95. I think Liz can get it, easily..

  96. Chau Luong says

    Hi Liz,
    It’s “impossible mission” with me:(.

  97. If your last name is Oxford… 😉

  98. Hi, Liz. Well, definitely it’s possible. I’ve got 9 in listening, speaking and reading, unfrtunately I don’t know the secret to tackling the writing part, but I’m working on it. There’s never a limit to perfection.

  99. I have problem in sentence formation in the writing task

  100. Hi
    My teacher last term was a woman who had got 9

  101. Simran Jeet Singh Kalsi says

    Yes, it’s possible to get overall score of 9 band in Ielts.
    My tutor had scored 9 band overall and his name is Nishant Khanna.
    Individual band score are-
    There is no denying in the fact that these scores are pretty hard to achieve but 9 overall band score is not an impossible thing.

  102. Saurabh saini says

    Yes ofcourse, my tutor had got 9 bands in each section.

  103. Very difficult I must say but possibility cannot be ruled out.
    I think the most difficult part has been the writing component, so if someone has made 9 in writing then overall 9 is sure.

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