Important things are free: Essay Thesis statements

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Some people think that the most important things in life are free and cannot be bought. To what extent do you agree?

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Not everyone agrees whether the best things in life are available for free and that money cannot buy them. I believe that most basic human necessities in life require money to obtain them and only a few things are completely free.

While some people believe that the best things in life do not require money to be obtained, others disagree. In my opinion, happiness, family and health, which are the most important aspects of life, are completely free for all people.

Although there are people who consider that most good things in life are free for both rich and poor, other people believe this is not the case. I think that the things central to a good life need to be bought and only happiness can be attained without money.

People have different views about whether the best things in life can be obtained without money. In my opinion, the things that are crucial to human survival must be paid for, except happiness and health.


You can see the various options for background statements and different ways of expressing your views in the thesis statement.


  1. It is strongly believed by few individuals that the life is full of priceless things like memories, friends, relatives and many more which are available at no cost and it is impossible to buy them simply by paying money. I agree with this belief up to large extent. My arguments with supporting statements are described further.

  2. While minority believe that essential things in life should be freely accessible,in my opinion i believe that basic human necessities such as food,shelter and health should be paid for while other human needs such as love and happiness should be freely accessible to people.

  3. While minority believe that essential things in life should be freely accessible,in my opinion i believe that basic human necessities such as food,shelter and good health should be paid for while other human needs such as love and happiness should be freely accessible to people

  4. Hello Liz,
    Why don’t you comment on writing ?

    • Because I already have 10 thousand comments waiting for answers. I don’t have time to make comments on an extra hundred essays posted.

  5. Powerpuff girl says

    Hello Liz!
    It is often believed by some that the most valuable things in the lives of people are priceless. I certainly agree to this statement to a larger extent as most important elements of lives such as happiness of family and professional satisfaction can not be bought with money. However, money is needed to buy lot of things which could bring happiness in lives.

  6. I’m a native speaker and qualified EFL teacher. I hope the site manager does not mind my having a go at this. I did it as an exercise for myself and perhaps it might be of interest to others. If I have breached the rules or policy of the site I will understand if this comment does not pass moderation.

    Some people think that the most important things in life are free and cannot be bought. To what extent do you agree?

    I only partially agree that the most important things in life are free. Even those gifts that come to us due to our genetic inheritance or are just there in the world to be enjoyed often have a monetary cost.

    People may be born with excellent physical health but it takes good nutrition, a healthy environment and access to medical care to maintain this. While even the very rich may suffer from poor health they are much better placed to grow up healthy and to receive effective treatment and care if they do become ill.

    The same goes for happiness. It may be possible to be truly happy without having any money but few can achieve this and those who have adequate financial resources are statistically much happier than those who live precariously from hand to mouth. It is however true that very rich people are not happier than those who have just enough and indeed there are plenty of very unhappy people who are extremely rich.

    While it is often and rightly said that money cannot buy love, a lack of the means to marry and raise children impairs the ability of many people to find love and fulfil its promise.

    The natural beauty of planet earth is wonderful and even poor people might be lucky to live in places that are sublimely beautiful. However, if they are born poor and do not somehow become richer they may not be able to stay in these places, or move away from some less attractive area like the wealthy can.

    In conclusion, a certain amount of money is necessary to enjoy the best things in life, but no amount of money is sufficient to guarantee this.

    285 words

    • Hi Andy, IELTS writing is not marked only based on your language ability. Your writing score is based on very particular requirements set by IELTS. For example, one requirement is that all main ideas are sufficiently developed – this means you can’t have a short body paragraph which consists of one sentence as you have written above. I don’t normally comment on writing but it’s good for students to see great English. However, they also need to understand that this doesn’t fulfil the requirements of IELTS and so can’t be used as a safe template for students to learn from.

      • Thanks Liz,

        I did this as an exercise to help me to understand the IELTS exam requirements, so I’m very grateful for your feedback. I thought as I wrote the paragraph in question that it felt a bit thin and could do with more elaboration. I’m glad you didn’t mind my sharing my attempt.

        IELTS is quite a fiddly exam and candidates need to understand what is wanted and practice for it. I often feel that many quite well educated natives would not get the top band scores without guidance.

        • IELTS writing is very fiddly and understanding how the examiner marks the writing is essential. See this page: I did my examiner training before starting to teach IELTS which helped a lot. IELTS speaking is more straight forward as scoring is purely language based and the techniques students learn are ways of naturally showcasing language skills.

          • Thanks Liz,

            That is very helpful. I am looking to move into teaching IELTS and possibly at some point becoming an examiner. There is a lot to learn but none of it seems terribly difficult. Step by step I suppose.

            • Examining and teaching IELTS are too different things. As an examiner you will see the range of options available for structure content etc but as a teacher your aim is to provide safe models to minimise mistakes. However, I do think being an examiner helps as a teacher. As an examiner you don’t need to know anything of the test but you do need to be able to assess language. So, don’t think you need my tips to be an examiner – not at all.

              • I’m much more interested in teaching than examining. Indeed I have doubts about having the correct temperament to mark large quantities of exam papers in a disciplined manner. I’m sure I could do it but it wouldn’t be my forte.

                I am looking at examining as a top up to my income and in order increase my marketability as a teacher of IELTS. I am also considering online teaching/coaching for IELTS. I’d prefer teaching classes in person but it is getting harder to find good employers, especially in Vietnam.

  7. Hemant Yadav says

    Trade is a human created instrument and humans can live without any human created instruments as other creatures are living but to sustain in the modern world we need to buy basic materials. Although most important necessities do not cost an anything, those only are not sufficient to maintain current lifestyle.

  8. Israel Iyamu says

    Some persons are of the opinion that, life most precious assets have no price tags on them. In my opinion, I think it is true. However, there are other valuable things in life that can be bought with money.

  9. Harikrishnan G says

    Started by thesis statement with ” Thinking”. Second sentence with In my opinion,
    I concentrated more on maternal love, elderly affection and a wife’s care

  10. While few people believe that no need to pay for some essential nessacities for human life and can not buy it,I strongly recommend that some vital things such as happiness,family and health are free of cost and could not buy it .

  11. Julietjeyapriya says

    While few people believe that no need to pay for some essential nessacities for human life and can not buy it,I strongly recommend that some vital things such as happiness,family and health are free of cost and could not buy it .

  12. Darshani nadeeka perera says

    We can identify verity of people in a socity as well as they have goals that they will achive in their future. very good achivement of our lives are not equal all of us, it s depend on personal values and thinking. It may be free or chargeable means depend on person who present what kind of social level .so in this case i do not agree with statement.

  13. Oluwole Bobxie says

    Good job.

  14. There are differing view on the issue weather essential things in life are free or not, I certainly believe that piece and calmness which are the most valuable things in life can not be bought in any way.

  15. It is argued by some people that some precious things in humans’ life cannot be bought, and it is perfectly abstract in nature such as love, affection etc. In my opinion, I completely agree with this assertion as these things do not available in the market or nobody is able to sell it.

  16. Hi Liz,
    Thanks for the post
    I was really confused and want ask to you one more question related to this topic.
    I have seen that there is is a question whether you agree or disagree and give reason so in that case what we have to mention it will be a same question or it will be a different question.

  17. Good morning Liz, thanks.

  18. Lovepreet Sharma says

    Dear Madam,
    Greetings of the day.

    I had given ielts test on 11- Nov. Below I would like you to tell about , how I had responded to the questions and I am looking for you reply about whether my answer is good for task achievement and cohere & Cohesion.

    1. Introduction , to live a better many things are essential and then I wrote that I disagree with this statement because people struggle for many things in whole life .

    2. I wrote about basic amenities (food, clothes, house) that these are important things but sometimes in whole people end up without house . I had given example that in ABC country 80℅ citizens don’t have own whole.

    3. Next paragraph I wrote that some things are free such beauty of nature but for that also people have to pay a lot. Like people have to travel to other parts of worlds given example like in x country people are moving from their because they can’t experience nature there.
    4. Summary I told although government making initiative to provide important things to people but still very hard. And one or two other sentence.

    I would like to tell you that world count was more than 250. Please tell for this how you rate my response and Cohesion coherence.

    I will be awaiting for your feedback.

    Please reply I am anxious about this.

    Yours faithfully
    Lovepreet Sharma

    • Sorry I don’t comment on writing.

    • Shakeel Khan says

      Dear lover preet,
      I hope you would not mind me letting you know about your writing, for your good.
      Preet you need to work on your grammar specially try to understand theuse of past simple and past perfect.
      Past simple talks about simple past and past perfect talks about second past like.when I reached office I realised that I had forgotten my kyes at home
      You can send me an email you further assistance and you will not be charged for this 🙂 I love helping people to enhance their language skills with correct grammar.

  19. Thank you Liz for you awesome teachings and courage towards us. I think i am gaining a lot from this.

  20. Urvashi Chhabria says

    It is a notion that the most crucial things in life are free. In my opinion the most important things in life are health , happiness and family, all of which are free.

    Does this introduction sound ok Liz?

  21. good morning madam LIZ
    you told us before that we just need to paraphrase the question and give our opinion, so yesterday I wrote very simple introduction…

    i do not ask you to evaluate my intro..but please clarify am I misunderstanding your instructions??
    i wrote
    it is commonly thought that the most fundamental things in our life are costless and that money can not buy it. in my opinion, i totally agree with this idea as our families and our health are our foremost necessities and they are free.

    NB.i amended it a little bit

  22. Nothing is free in life even the relations of family, friends their love care emotions you have to pay for it in the form of sacrifice. Although for these things money is not required but one has to sacrifice his ego, selfishness. Secondly the basic necessities like natural resources including water, air which are avaliable free of cost at our footstep but we don’t care for it as we pollute the air by human actitivities, wastage of water just opening the taper while using in our household. We have to pay even there in the form of health issue i totally disagree with it

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