IELTS writing task 2 instructions

In writing task 2, it is essential that you understand the instructions given to you. It will affect your score for Task Response, which is 25% of your marks.

Are the following instructions different?

  1. Do you agree or disagree?
  2. Do you agree?
  3. To what extent do you agree?
  4. What is your opinion?

Are they the same or are they different?


Post your answers below and I’ll post my answer tomorrow.



  1. Vikas sharma says

    Instructions are never the same..

  2. Kuljinder Kaur says

    It is different, if we choose agree side so we shuold write only agree points because we can not write disagree ponits

  3. I think they are all opinion type of questions that would want me to pick one side that is either i agree with the statement or question that would have been given or i disagree.

  4. Hello Liz
    For General Training Test Writing please suggest me how to improve my writing my vocabulary is weak and Ideas how to sum up the top in 250 words

  5. They are the same as each four of them requires ones opinion.

  6. Dianne Gansatao says

    I could say they are more of the same meaning than different.

  7. Sure they’re not the same

  8. Abdulmajeed says

    They are all the same

  9. Orevaoghene says

    They are all the same

  10. Trustworthy says

    Thanks for all your support in helping all of us in need of improving our score. You’re doing a great job – much much better than all the other IELTS teachers on the web.
    I have a question. If we have this task :
    In may countries, traditional food has been replaced by international food. This has adverse affects on individuals and society.
    Do you agree or disagree?

    Do we need to agree for both sentences or just the last one. I mean Do we need to give our opinion about 1) traditional food is replaced by international AND 2) this is negative for individuals or society.
    This is very confusing for me as I have read in other websites by other IELTS teachers that to get good score for task response we have to cover all the parts of the question and tehy say everything in the question is part of the task. But I’m not sure if the first sentences is part of the question or is it just background information?

    Are there background information in some IELTS tasks?

    I’m sorry for the long comment but this is confusing and I honestly trust only you.I think it’s confusing for many other too. I hope you can clarify this for all of us.

    Thanks Liz

    • An opinion essay is when you are given a view point which you comment on. The first sentence is not a view point – it is a fact. This is a background. The view point is whether or not replacing traditional food with international food is a bad thing for people and society. It helps to write out the question in full so that you respond in full.

  11. They are all the same.

  12. Jyoti Ahuja says

    In first question, you have choice to choose either agree or disagree and explains them with you life examples but you don’t be partial.
    In second question, we have only one choice ‘do you agree’. If yes then only we will explain our answer in our opinion but if we are not agree then also we will give our opinion..
    In third question, we can only explain the reason of our answer as it’s asked to what extend do you agree..
    In forth question, we can share both sides of answer.. Thanks..

  13. They’re all the same as your opinion is required in all 4 questions.

  14. In my opinion, all of the options are requesting my opinion, lol. It seems pretty much the same, isn’t it?

    I have a question about the test day but for me it is related to the writing part. Can I wear ear plugs during the exam? I’m afraid to get distracted by someone’s noise.

    Thanks Liz! I love your material!
    I took Academic 9mo ago and I had 6.5 overall. Now, I’m trying a 7.5 but General on Dec 2nd! Wish me luck! : )

    • That’s an interesting question. You’ll have to contact your test center and ask them their policies on it. If they say no, ask them if you can stuff paper into your ears hehe. Good luck hitting 7.5 !! 🙂

  15. They all are same.

  16. Samer Abisen says

    They are the same .

  17. They all have different expression of language from each other.

  18. Hi Liz

    1) Do you agree or disagree? the writer must chose one of the two
    2) Do you agree? same as number 1
    3) to what extend do you agree? the writer might agree in part but might have some conditions or reservations.
    4) What s your opinion? the writer can fully agree or disagree or agree with some part and might have reservation or conditions.

  19. All four questions are the same.

  20. 1. do you agree or disagree?
    the answer will be agree (yes with the statement) or disagree(no with the statement included)
    2. do you agree? what extent do you agree?
    4. what is your opinion?
    The answer will be what far i agree or disagree (completely, partially or slightly)

  21. 1- it’s either agree or disagree
    2- it’s also agree or disagree
    3- completely aor partially agree
    4- discussion essay depends on the question

  22. First three are about agree or disagree essay and last one is about opinion essay

  23. They look similar but technically they are different

  24. Nikhil bhatt says

    Before venturing my opinion in to the air, this essay will discuss both the ways/sides/views.

  25. All are opinion essays, you can have one-sided or balanced approach in all of these.

  26. All are same

  27. Surely, it is different because when the question ask us about do you agree or not that is meaning I will write my opinion if I agree or disagree this issue with explaining and examples. Other questions, asked to write both views and what is your opinion about that.. Is that correct dear Liz?

  28. No all have same answer
    We have to give our opinion and support it with examples

  29. They are all same.

    All instructions ask for our opinion.

  30. Hi Liz,

    Please find the answers below.

    1. Do you agree or disagree
    -> We can’t be partial in answering this. We have to either agree or disagree

    2. Do you agree?
    -> Same as above

    3. To what extent do you agree.
    -> completely agree, partially agree

    4. What is your opinion?
    -> Chose either positive or negative side.


  31. 1.Do you agree or disagree?
    Means I have to choose if I agree I have to write the essay about reasons why I agree,and if I disagree, I have to write my essay about the disagreeing reasons. u agree?
    Means I have to answer this question in my essay. I have to say: I agree. Or I should say:I don’t agree.and give the reasons for each.

    3. To what extent you agree?
    Means I should answer also the question by saying: I completely agree, or I completely disagree, I partially agree.and give reasons for my choice.

    4. What’s your opinion?
    It is pretty much like choosing between agreeing and disagreeing. However I should say in my opinion…… Or I can use: I believe that…..

  32. Israel Iyamu says

    1&2 are the same .
    3. Is different from 1&2 above.
    4. Wants to know your opinion on an issue.
    Dear Liz,
    Please, how do one approach advantages and disadvantages questions? Which should come first in paragraph 2&3. How do I conclude it?

  33. Hey Liz,

    It is glaring that 1 and 2 are the same in instructions that can result in a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answer which would need to be justified by reasons.

    3 and 4 are a lot different from 1 and 2. Why?
    3 implies the degree of endorsement or justification for its associated answer.

    4 implies personal position which is nit imposed by IELTS examiners.


  34. Hey Liz,

    It is glaring that 1 and 2 are the same in instructions that can result in a ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answer which would need to be justified by reasons.

    3 and 4 are a lot different from 1 and 2. Why?
    3 implies the degree of endorsement or justification for its associated answer.

    4 implies personal position which is nit imposed by IELTS examiners.

  35. First two type questions​ ask to take one side,
    Third is for partial agreement or disagree ment,
    Last to give clear personal opinion

  36. yes all are same as the mentioned list belonged to opinion essays

  37. They are all an opinion instruction, the side you belong would determined your own opinion.

  38. Generally they are the same as they all require opinion essay in response.

    For any one of the other Q forms either a balanced or one-sided view will be OK.
    However, I suppose it will not be proper to offer a balanced view for the first question (1. Do you agree or disagree) as it directly asks about agreeing of disagreeing, so perhaps one-sided opinion is inevitable. Or perhaps this is one of the myths in my mind 🙂 . Anyway, I would like to learn more as it puts down a lot of stress from me dealing with my thought when writing a task 2.

    (Liz, I really experience a lot of stress at this task. I feel heat at my cheeks and rising heart beats while writing. Four years ago, I was 6.5 in writing and ever since I was 6.5 at all other tries, as well. I never had a good source of learning other than your blog in recent over 1 year. I understand that it is all those my girlish feelings. They are perhaps not necessary but they are all there because I am never convinced with the way I put my ideas into words. Unfortunately, I rarely had a teacher who could give me personal instructions. But believe me, all those institution which has promoted a name in my country are not doing well or perhaps are good for people who just aim for below 7. I wish there was a way for me to get more confidence and discipline on this exam preparations. any advice?)

  39. Can you offer 1$ for 1 day to access your advanced writing task 2 essay videos?

    • My lessons are extremely high quality with tips and techniques that have taken me over one decade to gather after having completed my IELTS examiner training. I won’t be selling them at that price.

  40. they are all the same

  41. 1. Only state if you agree OR disagree, not both
    2. Mention yes or no if you agree with the statement
    3. You can state both ,agree in the first BP and why you disagree in the second BP or vice versa.
    4. You can mentioned if you agree, disagree or both

  42. Same

  43. I think these questions are the same. Whenever you agree, you can’t help but mention the opposing sides (the disagreement). To send the message across, your opinion is supported by your reasons; hence, examples and illustrations are necessary to make your ideas clear.

  44. Hi Liz!!
    All instructions are same. S.No.1-3 too ask for your opinion besides S.No.4

  45. They are the same

  46. HI liz,
    #3 is different because it is asking about the EXTENT .

  47. All of them are the same.

  48. 1: Asks if we agree or disagree
    2: Asks if we agree only
    3: Asks the level to which we agree
    4: If we agree

  49. They all are same.

  50. Maharshi dalwadi says

    Yes all are different. As in 1st it is asked to you wether you are agree or not. In that either you can write agree or disagree. In 2nd you must need to right just if you agreeging to that topic. In 3rd it is contradictual, but you have to write some points as well that why you are agreeging to that topic. And in 4th it’s totally up to you just because you are asked to write your opinion so you can write in one way as well.

  51. They are different

  52. First three would fall under agree disagree category hence it is same
    Last one is an opinion essay.

  53. They are different.

  54. Good morning Liz, they are all the same. Give your opinion. Thanks.👍

  55. Joseph Ogbekhiulu says

    Hi Liz,
    Many thanks for your materials and lessons.
    They are four different question.
    I have made several attempt to purchase your writing materials for task 2 but to no avail. What can you do for me. I am in Nigeria.

  56. Yeah! It’s different.

  57. wisdom Ocansey says

    They are the same

  58. I think they are the same
    For all of them we have to make a clear postioning of our opinion in the introduction and illustrate it throughout the essay and just restate it in the conclusion.
    Thank you for all the tips
    Your blog is very helpful and your advanced videos are invaluable..
    Thanks indeed

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