IELTS Grammar: Connecting Sentences

Grammar is 25% of your marks in IELTS writing task 2 and to get band score 6 and above, you must have complex sentences. Watch this video to learn how to connect two sentences together to make one complex sentence.


  1. Hey Liz
    I need an advice from you. I want to say that I need help in writing section, i want to say that whenever I see any topic I always get stuck in its vocabulary, can you please suggest what I can do to increase the vocabulary of any topic of writing task 2.

  2. simran budhathoki says

    hi liz i want to buy your materials but i dont use paypal. I have my brother abroad who can pay for it. can i get materials payment done through him? please reply

    • Sure. No problem. When he clicks “Buy Now”, he will be asked to put in an email address and to choose a password. Both of these should be your email address and your chosen password. They will be used by you to log into my store to access your products. After that, he will go to the paypal gateway and from that point, he will use his own paypal id and password. Any problems, just email me.

  3. Hello Liz!

    Based on your professional knowledge, having to discuss two sides on an essay, do you think sounds appropriate to use ”on one side” (body 1) and ”on the other side” (body 2) to build coherence?

    What would you use?

    • Please go to the writing task 2 section to learn linking words. USE the RED MENU BAR to open that section.

  4. Hi Liz,

    I just want to understand a rule which is bothering me for a long time while connecting sentences.

    In the above example video, you used “it” as a referencing pronoun for “Building wider roads”, but it looks like there are two antecedents in the first part of the sentence, 1) Building wider roads, and 2) traffic congestion.

    I always confuse if “it” can refer to both antecedents and reader will confuse to whom “it” is referring to. Could you please explain why in your example “it” is not referring to “traffic congestion”?

    Another example sentence, “Take out the dish from the dishwasher and fix it”. Now in this sentence “it” can be confusing because reader will confuse whether the “dish” needs to be fixed or the “dishwasher”.

    Could you please help to guide a bit how to avoid such errors in IELTS when trying to construct the complex sentences using referencing pronouns.


    • “it” usually refers to the information in the main cause in the cases you have given.

  5. Mahziar says

    It was useful tips in the IETS writing test
    Thanks a lot LIZ

  6. Bishoy says

    Do You have book for these mateial

    • That is a funny question to ask. Precisely 2 mins ago I was designing the front cover of my new Grammar for IELTS Writing Task 2 E-book. I hope to have the book ready in a few months – possible November or December.

  7. Thùy Trang Đinh Ngọc says

    Hi Liz,
    In the essay, instead of writing all of the sentences with complex structure. Is it Ok if I write a few simple sentences in there?

    • A mix of simple and complex is typical of band 6 in grammar. It is still possible to get 6 in grammar with 7 or 8 overall in your writing test.

  8. Hi Liz,

    No words to say, I just wanna thank you for the website and the tips.

  9. Seira says

    Can I write…
    Constructing wider roads would aid in solving the problem of traffic congestion because it will allow the traffic to move more easily.

  10. Sumit Agarwal says

    Hi Liz, your blogs are really eye openers. These are giving me meaning insights on the exam tips. Thanks for all the tips and advices.

  11. Amber says

    Hi Liz.I have appeared twice in IELTS but could not surpass 6.5 threshhold in writing which is extremely heart wrenching.One of my instructors told me to use as much of high vocabulary as possible, however I am unsure regarding this approach.Moreover, he asked me to write an example in the format such as: “I discovered that 50% of the children in UK are battling obesity, upon reading an article in The New York Times” as he points out that the format has changed.I am so confused, having minimum idea about what should be done in the next exam. Please help!

    • Sounds like you are not getting good advice. Examples are not marked based on the source or statistics. You are marked on explaining and developing ideas. An examples given are to explain what you mean more fully. You do not need to state the source of examples and you don’t need numbers. As for higher level vocab, you use vocabulary that is appropriate. If you try to cram your essay with words because you want to impress, you will make more mistakes. MISTAKES = LOWER SCORE. See this page for model essays and tips: See this page for my paid advanced writing task 2 lessons:

      • Amber says

        Thanks Liz! One last question, can i write generic examples such as ” For instance, many adolescents in UK are becoming obese due to the consumption of junk food” rather than including “I read it” to prove my experience or knowledge?

        • You do not need to prove what you say in writing task 2. The examiner does not mark facts and does not spend time wanting to know HOW you know something. Just explain your opinion – that’s all.

  12. Mohamed Elshenawy says

    Do i have to write most of task 1 sentences in a complex way if i aim to get band score 7?

  13. lindama says

    Just start to read your blog. one of the best IELTS blog i have seen.

    Need your advice on below statement:

    “Constructing wider roads could solve traffic congestion which would eventually result in less traffic”

  14. I wanna know if statement is “do you agree or disagree” or “at what extent do u agree or disgree” if i have a mix opinion nd i write both opinions like
    (I will intend to delve into both view points with the resonable conclusion )
    Is it right ?

  15. Arvind says

    Could you inform me about the difference between ‘DO YOU AGREE OR DISAGREE ‘ and “TO WHAT EXTENT DO YOU AGREE”?



    • There is no difference. IELTS often paraphrases the instructions so that they are not the same all the time. But the essays are the same. You can agree / you can disagree or you can partially agree. Both instructions are for an Opinion Essay. If you need advanced training, purchase one of my advanced lessons: Good luck tomorrow! Make sure you can easily see the clock and manage your time well !!

  16. Hi ,I’m Ruby and I would like if u can prepare me to pass the ILETS exame thanks

  17. Widening of roads can be effective solution for traffic Congestion problems Bcoz it can make traffic to move more easily.
    How is it.
    Please rep

  18. Liz,

    Regarding writing task, in this video you have mentioned we can go and correct the sentences at the end of the test. So I think it better to use pencil than pen, so that we don’t need to strike off anything.


    • It is your choice. Using a pencil and eraser can be easier to correct errors but make sure the new word is easy to see.

  19. hiii liz
    iam rajkumar liz i have a problem in writing tasks ,i was done my ielts exam in couple of times but i got only 5.5 in writing task ,so plz help me and how can i improve my writing skills.

  20. Amber says

    Hi Liz

    Can you tell me which sentence is the correct one?
    1) There were corresponding dropped in…
    2) There were corresponding drops in…
    3) There were corresponding drop in…

    Thank you:)

  21. Kim Moreno says

    Liz, I have one question. Is the use of contraction can cause a penalty? For example, I used the word “don’t” in my writing task 2.

    Please advise.

  22. Hi Liz
    Instead of ‘because’ can we use ‘as’?

  23. Hi Liz,
    Can we use “not only-but also” in this sentence?

    • No, you can’t use it in this sentence. It is linked with the word “because” because it is giving a reason. “Not only but also” is not used for reasons, it is used for two points which support the same idea.

  24. Instead of writing it “Building wider roads “, can i write it as ” Widening of roads ” ?

    • You would need to write “The widening of roads…” or “wider roads” – but always check that the rest of the sentence is grammatically correct for this start.

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