IELTS Writing Task 1: Bar Chart

A free video lesson on an IELTS writing task 1 bar chart.

Describing a Bar Chart Step by Step

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  1. Really ielts liz is the best website ever for ielts

  2. Rajdeep Ghotra says

    thanks for your video mam

  3. hi im from iran thanks for your help

  4. It was really a nice video. The description was clear and Ms. Liz, you are a fantastic teacher.

  5. Liza no one is Sincere like you.

    I have no words to thank. You are great. God bless you.

  6. Deepa Subramaniam says

    Hi Liz ,
    I scored a overall score of 7 but lost in listening. Can u help me with some more listening practice tests. Have worked out those on your site.

  7. Hey Liz,
    Thanks for doing such a wonderful job. It is very simple and easy to follow your lessons.
    I scored 8 overall with writing-7, reading-8, listening-8 and speaking-8. May God bless all your endeavors.

  8. Dear Liz,
    Your tips are very good but I have one more doubt: at the light of your lesson, it is not necessary to write a conclusion to end the assessment?

  9. Hi
    Can I ask a quesstion ?
    If l want to do an academic IELTS paper for writing task 1 , shall I do all the types or can I choose one ?
    Thank you beforehand!

    • If you do academic writing, you will get one type of task 1 given to you. You can’t predict which type it will be so you must prepare them all.

  10. Thanks a lot…

  11. Abdulhameed says

    thanks for the video
    could you please assess my introduction:

    the chart gives information about the consumer goods expenditure in France and the United Kingdom through out one year period.

  12. Hello , unfortunately there is written as “this video is covered” by youtube so I can not monitor that 🙁

  13. Hi
    How can i sign in to view some videos?

  14. how to activate this video?

  15. Very good

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