IELTS Writing Questions September 2017

Here is a list of IELTS writing task 2 questions which students have reported this month, September 2017.

Can the same questions and topics be used? Yes, they can. Sometimes they are new topics and sometimes they are old topics which have been reworded. To prepare fully for IELTS writing task 2, you need to prepare both common and current topics.

September 2017 IELTS Writing Topics

Please remember, these are not predictions. These are IELTS essay questions that students have had so far this month. It is possible for topics and questions to be repeated. Your should prepare both common topics and the topics below. Get common IELTS essays questions here: 100 IELTS Essay Questions

  1.  Nowadays young people lack an understanding of how to manage their finances after they finish high school. Explain why they do not know how to manage money and how this can be changed.
  2. Many forms of advertisement are very powerful and they have a harmful effect on some people. Why is this the case? What solutions can be implemented to solve this problems.
  3. A very high percentage of television advertisements are aimed at children. What is the effect on children? Should there be more control of advertisement?
  4.  Advertising discourages us from being different and individuals eventually look the same. To what extent do you agree or disagree.
  5. English is now considered to be a global language. Do you think the advantages of the spread of English as a global language outweighs its disadvantages?
  6. Some people think that children should be punished when they commit crimes. Others think that their parents should be punished. Discuss both views and give your opinion.
  7. In some countries, the amount of garbage has become an increasing problem. What are the causes of these problems? What can be done to solve this problem?
  8. Is it important to have huge public spaces like parks and squares in towns and cities. Do you agree or disagree?
  9. Some people believe that development of business results in a loss of cultural ties between countries. Other people contradict this belief. Give your opinion.
  10. Some people believe that children of different ages should be put together in the same class .What is your opinion?
  11. Some people think that nowadays children have too much freedom. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
  12. Some people think all students should do some community service (unpaid). What is your opinion?
  13. Some people say that schools should teach good behaviour to children and introduce them to ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. Parents should not be the only ones responsible. Do you agree or disagree?
  14. In some schools, sports lesson are included in the curriculum. How important is it for girls and boys to do sports activity at schools ?
  15. Nowadays, people are doing work at home using computers and telephones. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this development?
  16. Some people get involved in sports that are dangerous for them. Why do some people get involved in such sports? What could be done to mitigate the danger involved?
  17. Some people believe job satisfaction is more important than job security. Others feel that one’s job need not be satisfactory and that having a permanent job is more important. Do you agree or disagree?
  18. Mobile phone enables us to take work or personal calls anywhere anytime. Do you think it has positive or negative impact on individuals and society?
  19. Some people think that university education is important to have a successful life , while others think it is not needed nowadays . Discuss both points of view and give your opinion.
  20. Usually directors are paid much higher salaries than ordinary workers. Some people agree with this but others believe it is unfair. Discuss both views and give your own opinion on this topic.

Model Essays: You can find model essays for questions #1, #4 and #9 on this page: IELTS Model Essays Sept 2017

IELTS Writing Task 2 Tips

You can find IELTS writing task 2 tips, model essays and free lessons on my main IELTS writing task 2 page.

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All of my writing task 2 lessons are for both GT and Academic IELTS students. My lessons are aimed at learning the right techniques to achieve a high score.

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  1. Samiksha lamichhane says

    1st December 2018
    Metro park,Nepal

    Speaking part 1
    Can u tell me your full name please?
    Do you study or work?
    Do you love working there?
    What things you would like to change about your workplace?
    Do you paint?
    What type of paintings do you like?
    Did you learn it in your school?
    Why is it important to have pictures in your home???

    Speaking part 2
    Describe an important decision you made with the help of others
    What it was
    Who helped you,etc

    Speaking part 3
    Do you think quick decisions are always wrong??why or why not?
    Will you take help of others in the future?
    Why do you think some people are unable to take important decisions of their life???
    What do you think the wrong decisions usually made by the youths ?
    Why do you think people of your country come to the Kathmandu city??!
    Why do you think it’s important to choose a proper subject for your career?

    Finger crossed for the result ….hoping for best

  2. please i can improve my writing task 2 you hlep me mam

  3. Hi Liz,
    I’m confused here.
    In WT 2 ; what extent do you agree or disagree?
    Here do we have to take an exact side and address the topic or..can’t we just state a middle opinion on both sides? !?!?

    • Firstly, you are not always given two sides. Some times you are presented with one issue only. So, always identify how many issues you are dealing with. Secondly, you can choose a balanced view (which is a partial agreement) or a one sided approach. You choose which one you want to use when you read the question. Lastly, never sit on the fence. A balanced view does not mean agreeing with both sides equally. Get my advanced lessons if you need training:

  4. Hello Liz! First of all, I would like to say thank you for your site. I am learning a lot from it. I have a question with regards to the “Discuss both views and give your opinion” type of essay in writing task 2. I am confused because I am taught that my opinion should never be included in my introduction. It should only be only in the conclusion. I know that you are reliable and you can give me light to this. Thank you Liz. All the best!

    • This it not a rule at all. Examiners are not trained to mark you down for putting an opinion in your introduction. In fact, if the instructions ask for your opinion and your whole essays does not contain it, you will be marked down. There is a difference between what teachers think will help your score and the real facts of the marking system. Do not follow teachers who have not completed the IELTS examiner training course.

  5. Modh pankti says

    Can you send me the ielts recent topics of task 1 and 2 because i have exam on 2nd december

  6. Hi liz,

    Id like to ask you a question. I took Ielts recently and on task 1 I had maps. Unfortunately, my mind probably elsewhere, I dont know why, but I wrote the intro as the diagram illustrated the major changes instead of the word maps highlighting the changes. Despite that I strongly feel that I accurately identifed what was transformed and added from the old map into the new one. Would that be very detrimental to my task 1 score given the fact that I reported the right details and it was error-free in grammar? Do I get an automatic zero for that? Or would that be just a deduction?

  7. Hlo plz help me in vocabulary.

  8. Hi Liz! I want to appreciate and thank you for such a great help and insight in the form of this website. I scored 8.5 in listening and reading each, 7.5 in writing and 7 in speaking, with overall band score of 8. I only follow your patterns and guidelines. Thank you again 🙂

  9. Dear Liz, I want to ask can we regard schools as epitome of knowledge for children education…???

    Is my parapgrasping fine for essay 13…??
    It is argued by few individuals that educational institutes ought to infuse kids with the understanding of right and wrong as well as educate them to behave nicely. Mothers and fathers should not be the only ones accountable for this.

    Many thanks:)

    • The term “few individuals” is incorrect. It is not “few”, it is “a few” – there is a big difference – check it in a dictionary. Also you can’t use “kids” – it is informal and inappropriate to use. The word “parents” should not be paraphrased – your paraphrase does not make it better in any way. So, your technique is fine but constant errors with language. You need to aim for accuracy rather than trying to impress – errors will lower your score.

  10. Hi Liz, I took my GT test on 30th September and my Task 2 essay was:
    More and more companies now are opening their factories in countries other than their head office. Does this have more advantages or more disadvantages?

    -My question to you is: is this advantages-disadvantages essay or opinion essay?
    -I answered as an opinion essay explaining only the advantages. So, I did it correct or not?

    • There are two types of adv/disadv essay. 1) Where you are asked to present both advs & disadvs. That is a discussion type essay. 2) Where you are asked to decide which outweigh the other (which is more important). That is an opinion type essay.

  11. More and more companies are producing their products in a country different than its origin. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this practice.

    30.09.2017 – Toronto/Canada

    Good luck!

  12. My exam in December. So can I prepare your suggested saptembr writing topic.

  13. Hai Liz,

    I will attend the exam tomorrow.I have doubts about the approach towards this essay?”Some people say that schools should teach good behaviour to children.Parents should not only responsible.Agree or disagree?(

    What to do with this?

    Body one-Parents role
    Body 2-Schools role
    Body one- Schools role
    Body 2-answer of “why parents are the only one responsible?”
    You may feel it is an odd question…

    But helpme with correct answer FAAAAAAASTTTTT……!

  14. Hello Liz

    Please give me some ideas of “10” number essay.

  15. No 3

  16. Pls kindly write on number 20.thanks Liz

  17. Bukola ojuko says

    Dear Liz , pls write for questions 4, 9 and 17

  18. Hetshri shah says

    I choose 1,2,3 and 9

  19. 9, 17 and 20 please.

  20. Hi Liz,

    Could you write a model answer for the question number 9? Thanks. Your site and your lessons are just wonderful extremely helpful!

  21. Hi Liz,
    Can you please guide me about the question #1 ?is it a solution essay?

  22. Hi Liz, Question 1 and 4 will be very helpful , because of unusual topics. thanks

  23. hello liz thank you for your advice.
    can you give some ideias about topic 9. because i dont have any ideia.

    thank you

  24. I choose #4 and/or #9. Thank you Liz. 🙂

  25. Anne p eapen says

    Pls mind to Answer Que. No12 from the essay topic.Thanks

  26. • 1
    • 9
    • 17
    • 20
    Plz as I find it hard to write on those topics. Thank you

  27. Hi Liz ,
    Number 8 please

  28. Ausilia Manna says

    Please liz i’d like to have a look to models answer for questions #1 #9 ##17

  29. Idahosa Izedonmwen says

    I think a write up on 4 would be nice

  30. lily torrechilla says

    Hello please write topic number 1.. thank you

  31. AMANDEEP KAUR says

    Please write something about essay no. 3, 4 , 16 & 17 of the above list.

  32. #3

  33. Isha Nanchahal says

    Essay no 2, Advertisement

  34. 4pls

  35. Topic 1 for me, please

  36. 2 and 19

  37. Hi Liz. please help me 6 and 19. Thank you.

  38. Mojisola Nwankpa says

    Hi Liz thanks for your help,pls help with number 19

  39. Essay number 10 please
    I don’t know about this essay??

  40. Priya Tripathi says

    Hi Liz ,
    I would prefer if you could write 2 essay’s instead of one it would be really great. Question number #4&9 both are equally tough, so if you’re unable to write both, alternatively, if you could share how to approach to the question (whichever one is you can’t write) in your blog would be great.


  41. Hi Liz! I am planning to take my ielts test in yhe month of December though I have enough time to prepare best but I got stuck in reading could you please help me in reading .
    Could you please write letters no 16 , 19.

  42. Thanks for your efforts.
    Kindly write on question 9.

  43. KINJAL RAULJI says

    Hi Liz,
    please write the model answer for #16

  44. Dear Liz

    # 4, please


  45. Hello, Liz
    Can you write model for 1,9, 17 please
    Thank you

  46. #4,#9,#17.please help am writing this weekend

  47. Hi Liz, could you write topic #9, please? Also, I have a question, is it mistake if I write 2000 insteade of 2,000? (example – from 2000 years ago)

    • It is fine and it isn’t a mistake. However, all students should try to use commas for numbers because it is easier for marking and avoids problems.

  48. Hi Liz, could u write a model essay for no.20?
    Thanks in advance !

  49. Please answer question 17.

  50. No 9 pls. thanks Liz.

  51. Jitendra Desale says

    Hi Liz,
    Could you please write essay # 4?

  52. #4

  53. Hi Liz,
    If you don’t mind, write for essays 1,4 or 9

  54. 7 and 9 please

  55. Number 11 please

  56. 1 and 4

  57. #9 , please.

  58. Hi Liz. My exam is on 14October2017. Please help explain no. 6, 16 and 19. It’s been awhile I didn’t use my vocabulary, proper English. I’m 41years old already. Im going to take general exam. I’m a working mom with 3 kids and not much time for me to study more and not yet really confident to take the exam soon. Many thanks. Best Regards, Grace.

    • You’ve got over 2 weeks to prepare. Take your time to write a list of what you need to know, what you need to improve on. Then start working through your list. As your time is limited, you need to be more systematic than other people. A great score is still achievable with the right strategy.

  59. Pls,do write on essay questions 9 and 4.

  60. marbel gotora says

    Please assist me on topic number.i tried to write it but i think i didnt do it well.

  61. mary malondo says

    please write on number 4

  62. Shumaila Rasheed says

    Plz write essay 3.. advert for children

  63. Catherine Cruz says

    Hello Liz!

    Please write a model essay on topic #4.

    Thank you so much

  64. Fatima Al taie says

    Please write a model about number 13

  65. Number 4.Advertising discourages us from being different and individuals eventually look the same.To what extent do you agree or disagree

  66. Hi Liz
    Kindly write on the 4th essay .

  67. Plz give me answer 1or 3

  68. Hi Liz, number 2 please.Thanks

  69. Zeenu Baweja says

    Hi mam,
    I need your help in improving my writing task 2 to get 7+ band. I would like you to write on 9 number topic. So that I can improve my writing too by seeing ur essay. Pls help me.

  70. Neena Kamran says

    Hi, Liz…
    Pllease write either 9 or 16 , it may give us more ideas and vocabulary .

  71. Sabeena Jithin says

    Hi liz., Pls write model essay for topic 4

  72. Nadia Alrahbi says

    Hello Liz
    If I could not understand the meaning of one word or the full meaning of writing task ( 1 2)or , it is OK to ask the examiner about it or not allow?
    I appreciate your great help

  73. Nowadays young people lack an understanding of how to manage their finances after they finish high school. Explain why they do not know how to manage money and how this can be changed.

    Hi mam …mam i dont know what i write in this essay please help me …can you send me solution of this essay …please i have exam next month i need ur help…

  74. Osunsanmi opeyemi says

    Kindly write on the 4th essay topic.

  75. Osunsanmi opeyemi says

    Kindly write on the 4th essay topic

  76. Please describe #4

  77. Mam I first passage which suitable example related to this passage

  78. Hello Liz,

    Firstly thank you so much for your valuable efforts I have learned alot and gained more confidence since i joined your site 3 weeks ago and purchased the lessons for writing task2, hope to get my required bandscore in my exam 5 Oct.

    I wish you can provide us with a model for question 10 regarding children from different ages in same class, I’m out of ideas..

  79. Hi Liz ,
    Please write a model essay of topic 9 . Thank you

  80. kindly write either about 4th or 20th number essay.

  81. Hi Liz

    Thank you so much for sharing these latest topics.
    I could not get many ideas for topic no. #4, so could you please provide some ?


  82. Salman Habib says

    #4 please

  83. Hi Liz,

    Can you write the essay for number 20?

    Thank you.

  84. Hello Liz,
    Could you please send the modal answers for topic 4 and 6

  85. Hi Liz. Please write a model essay for number 16. Many thanks.

  86. Hello mam my test is on 5.10.2017.but I cannot joi coaching classes due to some reasons. Your posts provide me lots of information .kindly oblige me with your precious services..
    Thanks .

  87. Kiruthika Rajan says

    Hi Liz,

    Q5. “English is now considered to be a global language” this is background statement.
    I paraphrased as “People started accepting English as a international language. ”
    Am i correct ?

  88. Hey Liz. I am glad that I know about your blog. I need to ask that among the writing topics you uploaded 3 of them has been asked what are chances that rest can come in my examination.
    I am from India.
    I have examination on 30th sept.

    • There is no way to say which type of essay you will get. However, you will learn essential techniques for essay writing from my advanced lessons even if the exact essay type doesn’t appear. The lessons are by far the most detailed and clearly explained that you can find.

    • Hi Dhruvil,

      Even i have exam on 30 sept. I wanted to check how are you preparing for the examination.
      book your using.
      You can email me on

  89. Abegayle diaz says

    Hello ma’am ,

    How have you been? I hope this message may find you well. I just want to ask about guidelines in speaking as I am struggling on this subject.
    And,kindly ma’am add some useful techniques in reading and listening too,as well as in writing subject.

    Thank you ma’am and hoping for the immediate response at your convenience time.

    Yours truly,
    Abegayle Diaz

  90. Hi mam liz.. just want to ask your opinion about my first paraphrase to one of your sample question posted for writing task 2.
    “Some people think that the government is wasting money on the arts and that this money could be better spent elsewhere. To what extent do you agree with this view.?”

    => Nowadays, almost all people are having a problem in the broken road and water drainage,and the government had no actions about these but instead they are spending money more on arts. In my opinion , I strongly agree to all the people thinking about on focusing to the public problem than spending time, effort and money into arts.

    This is my first time mam liz..please check my grammar..i am not good in grammar and vocabulary..please help me i want to pass ielts academic with band score of 7 in all areas..thank you so much in advance

  91. Arshiya fathima says

    Hey liz your content is really helpful thank you so much,I can’t find the listening answer sheet to download,their is some error. Plz help me out.

  92. Hi LIZ,are these questions for Academic module ? or for General ?

  93. Hi Liz.. I got my IELTS results today. I am so happy about my score l- 8.5 R- 7.5 S 7.0 W 6.5. Thank you sooo much for all your valuable videos and practice materials… 😊😊

  94. Hi,Liz. Thank you very much for the sharing !

  95. Hi Liz. Would definitely recommend your site to anyone who is preparing for IELTS. I had given the test in July and got scores R-9, L-7.5, W-7.5, S-7.5.
    However I needed an 8 in Listening. It was then that I discovered your website. The resources like common topics for speaking and writing really helped. So did your excellent videos on each aspect of Listening and the practice tests.
    I gave my Test again in September and got R-8.5, L-9, W-8, S-8! Thanks to your blog and website.
    Wish you all the best and thanks again!

  96. Indra Kusyanti says

    Hi Liz, are Map and Describing process still tested in this current year? Please let me know because some sources have told me that I don’t to waste my time to study for them

  97. prithijayaram says

    Hi Liz,
    I took my IELTS general test on sept 9 and my score is Listening 7.5, Reading 7.5, Speaking 7, Writing 6. I thought I did pretty well for a score of 7 and above in writing instead I got only 6. It’s the second time I’m getting similar score in writing.I’m struggling a bit to analyse myself my weakness and where to improve. Please give me some advice

  98. Hi Liz,
    I found you are amazing teacher. I followed your tips and I got achieve marks in 3 sections however I still did not get mark in writing.
    I want to join your writing classes. I need 6.5 in my writing. My current result is lis 6.5, speak- 7.5, reding 6.5 but writing only 5. Could you please help me out. I want to submit my writing so someone could fix me or provide me feed back. I really need guidance to improve my writing skills.
    Thank you

  99. Vijeta Manhas says

    Hey Liz,

    I had only two days for my test when i found your website. I must tell everyone that you are amazing IELTS teacher. I had gone through your writing task tutorial just a day before my exam and that tutorial helped me alot. And I am feeling so delighted to let you know that i scored 7.5 overall.
    IDP: IELTS Test Result of 09 Sep 2017, is L=8.50,
    OverAll=7.50 scores.

    I just wanted to have your suggestion about speaking section. I did well in that part too and was expecting 7 atleast because i had already scored 7.5 when i appeared an year ago. According to me , out of all 3 sections , i did great in two parts which are introductory and follow up sections. I got stuck in part 2 which was about speaking on a given cue card. I finished describing before the time like 5-10 seconds earlier than the time. Is that because of this readon i scored less in speaking? Should i gp for revaluation ?
    I know a guy who was not good with his speaking skills , I am 10 times better than him but he scored 7 in speaking. So this is upsetting me alot and i was required to score 8,7,7,7 but i scored 6.5 in speaking for which i am losing 60 points. Could you please guide me?

    • If you feel you showcased your English language by offering a range of grammar tenses and flexible vocabulary and also if you used clear pronunciation and expanded all ideas, then try a remark. Finishing 15 seconds before the 2 mins in part 2 will not impact your score. Good luck!

      • Vijeta Manhas says

        yes Liz! I rarely commit grammatical errors and i did use good vocabulary as well. I was just not sure about finishing before the time thing. Thanks for boosting up my morale. I am going for revaluation for sure now! Will let you know about my improved score! 🙂

        One thing more… can they reduce my marks as well ? What if they make 6 ? 🙄

  100. I really admire you and i wanna get the score as yours😊

  101. Hi, Liz!
    I´d like to thank you for your lessons! You really do a great job!
    Could you give me an advice? I’d like to know how many hours a day I must practise and for how long I must study for Ielts before taking the test for the first time. Is it possible to have an idea about this?

    • There is no time frame because each student is different. You should spend time learning, developing analysing your weaknesses and practising – then you do a practice IELTS test at home. If the score is not what you want, you continue. Obviously you don’t know your score for writing or speaking, but you can use your score for reading and listening as a gauge for your development.

  102. thanks Liz for sharing the questions.

  103. Hello mam,

    I have a little problem of stammering. So please give me information about this problem.

  104. Dear Liz,

    I truly want to say thank you for creating this useful website. I had barely a month to prepare for my exam and I just received my result. Overall, I scored a 7.5 ( writing-8, speaking- 8, reading-6, and listening-7.5).
    I took the general test and for the writing task one I was asked to write a letter to my boss about an equipment I need; describe the equipment, why you need it, and make a request”. For writing task two, the question was around introducing physical activities into high school curriculum and the benefits of boys and girls participating in those activities”.
    I would have done better in my reading but i struggled with Y/N/NG questions and for the listening, there was a lot of distractions in the classroom as the audio was aired for everyone to listen at the same time.

    I will really employ everyone to prepare adequately using Liz’s website, this website touched on all aspects of the test. You can never go wrong using this.

    I am not taking credit for this but truly thankful to God and for the great resources made available through your website.

    Thank you once again!

    • Well done getting band 8 in writing and speaking – not an easy!! I’m really pleased to hear your score 🙂 I think you made a good point about the listening test – students really need to check that their test center uses headphones. Still, you’ve done amazingly well 🙂 Thanks for sharing your results 🙂

    • Lucia Ngoddy says

      hello Olutosin,
      Well done on your exam. Where did you do your test. I am in Nigeria and don’t mind using headphones for my listening.

  105. Amrit Pal Singh says

    Hi Liz,
    My question is can we use I, My and so on in writing task-2 .
    For example, I agree with given statement or In my opinion .
    Please revert on this ASAP.

  106. Dr shah nawaz says

    hi LIZ
    yours TIPS are well appreciable!

  107. Good morning Liz, thanks.

  108. Mukhtar Jaballa says

    mine was talk about is it important public parks for rural or suburban and cities, hoe eextent agree with statement

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