IELTS Writing Questions July 2016

Here are some IELTS writing task 1 and task 2 questions for July 2016. These questions and topics have been reported by students who have recently taken the IELTS test. You can follow Recent IELTS Exam Questions by clicking on the link.

Writing task 2 Questions July 2016

1. Many people regard films as a less important form of art than literature and painting. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

2. Studies have shown that children are spending more time watching television and less time doing active or creative activities. Explain why this is the case. Suggest possible measures that can encourage children to participate in active or creative activities.

3. The responsibility to prevent and reduce global environmental damage is for politicians rather than individuals. How far do you agree or disagree?

4. Some believe children should have activities organised for them during their free time, whereas others think children ought to plan their own free time. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

Writing Task 1 Question July 2016

1. A table giving information about the number of students in 6 departments (Maths, English History, Modern Languages, Chemistry and Physics) in an Australian University in 2009.

2. A line graph showing the difference in incomes between men and women from 1978 to 2008.

3. A table giving information about the weekly expenses of retired single people and couples in terms of housing transportation, clothing, food etc.

4. A line graph and table: a line graph about the min and max temperature over a year, and a table about the amount of rainfall (cm) and sunshine (h/day) in every month. Both relate to Glasgow.

Both are for the academic test

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  1. Hi Liz ,

    I preparing for IELTS GT .
    Your latest IELTS writing tasks are really helpful for all of us. I mostly daily try to write on a shared topic . Is any way out i may write essays and you kindly may give your valuable advise to improve scoring and written by your observation

    I do not have anyone to assess my writing skills.

    Await your response.

    Thank you so much .

  2. Dear Liz, thank you very much for this website and all the assistance which you provide to IELTS candidates.
    Could you answer one question, please.
    What is the probability of receiving a DIAGRAM as a WRT1 in the coming month?

    I heard that this type question had been almost completely eliminated from the WRT1 and nowadays chances to get it are pretty slim. However, I would be very grateful if you could give me a hint according to your experience and expertise, whether I should expect such a task or not.

    Thank you very much indeed

  3. Arpitkumar Pravinchandra Patel says

    hi liz my name is Arpit Patel, i m weak in reading.. so can u plz help me as my exam is on 20th august…thanks

  4. how can i improve my writing test .

  5. Arya Naveen says

    Hai madam,
    I have a doubt that,in speaking section can we stat the section by saying “First of all thank u madam for giving me an oppertunity to speak about this topic”

    • You can if you want but it’s not necessary. The speaking test is informal so you don’t need to use academic linking devices.

  6. hi Liz
    can i discuss both sides in the body paragraphs instead of giving opinion in the introduction and conclusion in a “opinion essay?”

    • The instructions only ask for your opinion. The instructions do not ask you to discuss both sides. You MUST follow the instructions clearly or you will be marked down.

  7. alok Balsekar says

    Thank you so much Liz for your training sessions.
    Yours was the only blog / youtube channel I studied and referred to.

    I scored an 8.5 overall

    Listening: 9
    Reading: 8.5
    Speaking: 8.5
    Writing: 7

    I have requested a revaluation of my writing test score.

    I hope I have done better than a 7!!

    Thank you once again.

    • Well done! You’ve clearly got strong English but don’t forget that technique plays a big role in how you writing is marked. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for 🙂

  8. Daniel Yaw says

    Thanks so much Liz for the invaluable help you are providing prospective takers of the IELTS. I benefited enormously from the resources you have online during my preparation to take the test.Thanks so much for helping me to meet my required band for my study in Scotland. I will, on any day, recommend your site to all prospective takers of the test.
    Thanks once again!

    • I’m really pleased that my site has helped you. I hope you enjoy your time in Scotland – I’m half Scottish myself.
      Good luck with your future plans 🙂

      • No wonder, the Scottish are generally nice, you have no idea Liz, the positive impact your teaching is having on peoples lives worldwide.

  9. I got 6.5 is it pass

  10. Hello Liz, these examples are from previous exam, isn’t it? i have a question, i need a score of 7.5 but during my pratical exercises i cann’t reach that score. the exam will be very similar of the pratical tests or not?
    thank you

  11. Hi Liz,
    Thanks a lot for your great help, it is very clear and useful.
    Regarding Task 2, question number 2 given in July 2016, to what type os essays questions it should be refer to?

  12. hai liz, this is kartheek,I want to know that these type of questions will repeat again in the same month.thank you in advance

  13. thanks a lot

  14. thank you Liz teacher

  15. Thank you, Elizabeth(Liz) for giving important tips and structure or technique of doing essay for Task 1 and 2. I found the technique was very useful and makes me understand the technique easily.

  16. thank you Liz for your kindness, on having your time sharing your experiences, and your lessons which are helpful not only for me but for many others who still face problems with written English. I hope to taking advantage from these free lessons. I feel I need to improve my English, I have to read a lot, and also doing many exercises in order to have a good results on my IELTS exam which is the base for my future academic career ;
    thanks you so much

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