IELTS Test Toilet Breaks

Yesterday, a student called Tamara posted a great little tip about toilet breaks in IELTS.

Her points were these:

  1. It’s important to drink water because you are nervous and the exam is long. But inevitably you might need the toilet.
  2. IELTS do not provide toilet breaks. So, you need to choose the best time to go to the toilet.
  3. Don’t go during your listening test. The listening test will not stop because you have gone to the toilet. You will miss answers and you will get a lower score as a result.
  4. Go to the toilet during your reading or writing test.
  5. The writing test is usually really hard to complete on time, so for most students, it’s best to go to the loo during the reading test.
  6. Be prepared for your IELTS test. Sleep well, eat well and be ready to concentrate.

Tamara did very well in her test, getting band score 8.5 overall. Brilliant!! Well done to her 🙂 See her score and read her tips as well as tips from other students on this page: IELTS Results Page

Get On the Day Tips by click on the link. My on the day tips cover listening, reading, writing and also speaking. So, read them all well.

Good luck everyone!! 🙂



  1. Hi, Liz, you are posting sometimes the latest IELTS questions form your students, is the chance is high that those questions will be repeated on the coming exam in the same country or different countries? is it good to review these latest exam questions?


  2. This world will definitely be a better place with people like Madam Liz, keep on the good work; you are affecting generations of people around the world from your corner

  3. what is the order of sections? is it fixed ?

  4. Dear,
    I would like you to show me how can I find tests with transcripts and download it on internet, please?

  5. My test will be on 14 October. I’m very nervous 😐😦.

  6. You are really doing a great job
    I need to begin my IELTS training .
    I would like to know about your course details.

  7. Chintan Patel says

    Thanks for sharing liz

  8. Do that invigilators snatch the paper immediately after time ends? Like in IGCSE

    What’s the duration of the reading test

    And thank you liz, you’ve been very helpful to me

  9. Thank you so much ma’am for ur immense support and care..going to take my test tomorrow..fingers crossed!!

  10. I do not recommend waste your time in the toilet. For me is better just have your bottle and drink in the last part of the test.

    • True. It also distracts others. During my last test everyone wanted to go to the washroom one after the other. There in enough time before you enter the hall. Keeping a mint or chocolate would help to avoid drinking water.

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