IELTS Liz App Warning

Hi guys,

I want to warn you about any apps on google play that you find with my name are not me. My app will not be ready until July.

Beware of a company called KINISI HOUSE who have linked my site to their app without my permission. That app is not mine!

UPDATE: about the above Kinisi House app, Google have just removed it !! Fantastic! It’s good to know that Google do try their best to protect people from deceit.

I will release my app in July this year. When I release it, I will post a notice and also put a link to it at the top of this website. It will be called IELTS Liz and it will be by Elizabeth Ferguson (myself). It will have two functions:

  1. It will provide you with an app quiz about IELTS. The quiz will have 70 questions to check how much you know about the IELTS test for each section.
  2. It will provide you an easy to use gateway to my site for convenience.

All the best



  1. Thanks you very much

  2. Shaghayegh says

    Can’t wait to use the awesome App ,which I’m pretty sure it will be fantastic same as this website.

    • Don’t get excited. It will be a basic app. The app part will only be a quiz to check if you are familiar with the test – 70 questions to test your knowledge of IELTS. The other aspect of the app will be a convenient gateway to my site, my YouTube channel and my online store. I hope to have it ready some time this month.

  3. Thanks you liz

  4. Thankyou mam for giving this information

  5. Thanks dear liz

  6. says

    Thanks Liz for the warning about your app because I already downloaded the same and im trying to use it, luckily today i read the warning and uninstalled the same. please notify us when your app gets ready.

  7. Caseyshi says

    That’s so great.I can’t wait any more

  8. Enid Venter says

    Hi there Liz
    I think this is really disgusting. I would not want to do business with people like this – I will definitely not use that App. I suppose you could take it as a backhanded compliment. Thank you for your sterling work.

  9. Thank you,

  10. So sorry about this. The message is noted. Thanks.

  11. Perpetual says

    Thank you Liz for warning us.

  12. HI DEAR LIZ,
    I had my speaking test yesterday.
    1st part,
    Reagrding sharing
    *Are you interested to share you things with others.
    *what are the thins you are commonly sharing with others
    *have your parents taught you the importance of sharing.

    2nd part
    Talk about old person who is very interesting
    *how you met that person
    *what makes it so interesting
    3rd part
    * many people are self oriented it will affect the society.
    *what are the advices givenby elderly to the youths.
    *is there anything young people can teach older people.
    *what problems can happen if people are more interested in others matter.

  13. Enos lui says

    Dont worry liz, i will stick wif u And recommend u

  14. M.N Tutu says

    Hi Liz

    Thanks for the info,people are really bad, but not to worry, no one can take your place. If it’s not Liz,it can never be like Liz.

  15. So sorry Liz. You are the authentic and they must be reported as soon as possible. Thanks for alerting us.

  16. Noted Liz but do not worry no one can take away your talent in ielts and thanks

  17. David Ding says

    Thanks Liz, by the way , have you had app in appstore? Or it will be released at same time on July?

    • My app is begin made now and will be released in July. I will post a notice on this site when it is ready. It will be called “IELTS Liz” and will be by Elizabeth Ferguson. It will also have my picture in the app so you know it is mine.

  18. Thank you very much for letting me know about this.

  19. Priyantha says

    Thank you for informing. I have bought your lessons. I condemn copying and watch your originals only. Keep up your vital lessons.

  20. Ximena Rojas says

    hi Liz, please be aware that although the App was removed from Google play, it is still functional. In other words, people can still using it and can receive advertising material from this App.

  21. Ok,thanks

  22. You should report them. This s u fair

  23. Khushboo says

    Thank you Liz for your valuable information. I also request to report the fraud app.. Eagerly waiting for your app

  24. I think you need to report to google about the issue. It’s a copyright violation of your website.

  25. hi Liz,

    Thank you for informing us about this app, i suggest to report the app on Google play store as copycat.

  26. Akhabue sarah says

    Thank you so much and God bless u.

  27. Thank you Liz!

  28. People are getting business by your name with such statistics. It’s not good, we must report that app. Elizabeth is our good teacher, we must stand.

  29. Thank for warning about the plagiarism done by that man without permission.

  30. Ana Raquel Pereyra says

    Hello Liz, Thank you so much to alert us about the scammers! Congratulations to your app and your page, you are excellent!!!

  31. Dr Mukadi says

    Thanks for letting us know
    Dr Mukadi

  32. Thank you liz.

  33. Oh my. Sorry to hear. All the best Liz.

  34. We’ll be aware of such Scammers 🙄 thanks liz

  35. siru sharma says

    Thank you Liz for providing this email to us. I have already seen that application and thought you gave the permission and i also downloaded that but you know that was directly connected with your this original page and I immediately uninstalled that application.

  36. I believe you have already done it, but in any case I suggest to report this app to Google. Regards.

  37. dear Ma’am, Noted.

  38. That is so unethical. Thanks Liz for the info.

  39. Thanks for tbe info

  40. Sujata Manjhi says

    Hi Liz,
    I downloaded this app only because your name was mentioned there.This app has lot of advertisement, because of advertisement I uninstalled it. Thanks for letting us know that it is not yours.

  41. Thanks for the info

  42. That is not nice to this without your permission.

    • I’m not only worried about me. I’m worried about people who are buying products from a company who are confusing them. I really do not like any form of dishonesty.

  43. Ipoade Damilola says

    Thanks for the warning

  44. Thanks Liz, for bringing us to speed with this information.
    Surely some idiots must have spotted your success story and have decided to capitalise on it.
    Can’t see them succeeding.

  45. Jagdeep kaur says

    Yeah liz mam, i have dwnload it and all the ielts material given by kinsi house.

  46. Ok. Liz, i will visit only your site, not others apps
    My ielts exam is knocking
    Please give some suggestions.
    I am waiting for your response.

    • Start making a list of everything you are 100% sure about and then everything you are not completely sure about. Use the RED BAR at the top of my site to select the section of the test you want to learn more about. There are over 300 pages to learn from, so be selective and use your time well 🙂

  47. Hi liz

    This mail is timely like I sensed there was something wrong with the app

    I downloaded the app last week and tried using it.i felt something isn’t right when I was asked to log int my Gmail account to access all YouTube videos from Liz…that was when I decided to I delete the App.

    Please tutor,as the blog is getting more awareness, someone on the other side is trying something funny. Please help create more awareness aside emails, you could create a minor banner on the homepage telling about this however this is just a suggestion.

    You are doing a great work ma’m

    Thanks once again

    • Sorry you had that experience. I’ve put a notice at the top of this website for app users to open and read. Hopefully Google will take it down soon so other people don’t have your experience.

  48. Rakasi Sudharshan Reddy says

    Thanks Madam
    For giving such information for our safety.

  49. MD TAZUL ISLAM says

    Recently I installed that app and as soon as I understood that, it’s just a link of your site, I uninstalled the app. Release your app, all my friends are using your site, if you release your app, that would be more useful for all my friends. Please keep option for speaking with native English speakers with less price than other such kinds of sites.

    • I hope to release my app in a couple of weeks. It will be a comprehensive quiz to test your knowledge about IELTS – that is the app part of it. It will also be an easy gateway to my site – but divided into each section of the test. It makes it easier to find the things you need. I’ll post a notice when it’s ready 🙂

  50. Fake app Liz IELTS noted.

  51. Noted ma’am

  52. I have 2 more apps with IELTS LIZ name mam. Not sure how to share screenshot. I installed it thinking its urs

  53. Sorry it has happened to you. Looking g forward to have your app 🙂 Good luck 🙂 Dana

  54. Nixon Mathew Shajan says

    We’ll report it right away!

  55. Oh. The state of the world. How uncool.

    • I completely agree.

    • Can’t believe it lizzz..
      I did install tht app right way this afternoon after I saw your name on the app and I get your email this night (indonesia time)
      However after i checked it out, the app is dysfunctional so uninstalled few seconds after I installed 😂😂😂 (but i do feel sooooo happy if you consider making your own app)

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