How I Increased my IELTS Score in 4 Months

An IELTS student increased her scores in each part of the IELTS test in 4 months. Her name is Priscilla. Below you can learn some of her tips for increasing your IELTS score.

Priscilla’s Results

April: L8, R7.5, W6.5, S7 (OBS 7.5)

August: L9, R8.5, W7, S7.5 (OBS 8)

Her certificate April:

Her certificate: August

Priscilla’s Experience in 2 IELTS Tests

April 20th IELTS preparation and examination evaluation
I was too excite and too confident mainly because I felt that since I spoke English from cradle, the exam should not be a big deal thus I practiced less.During the exam, I lacked understanding of the writing task 2 question. Generally I lacked structure, I just started writing and wrote too many words and even collected an extra sheet. In reading, because i lacked method, i took a lot of time for passages 1 and 2 which resulted to less time for 3. In listening, I got worried when I missed some points and i kept thinking about it. In speaking, I was nervous and i tried to impress the examiner. I was not generally natural, I used learned phrases too.
August 3rd IELTS preparation and examination evaluation  
I was calmer and took corrections. I learnt planning for writing task 2 and i wrote average words in the two tasks using only the sheets provided, no extras. I had extra time to go over my work. For reading, I found a method that worked for me and I held on to it. I solved the first two passages faster and had more time for the third passage still checked my answers. In listening, I anticipated answers, did not dwell on missed points and followed the conversation by tracing the questions with my pencil. While speaking, I spoke more naturally (no forming of intonation). I avoided impressing the examiner, i did not look for big words to use  and I answered the questions mostly sincerely as if my information would be verified; this prevented me from overthinking.

Priscilla’s Tips to Increase your Score

These are some tips that i think helped me. First, observe how calm Liz is when she teaches. Adopt that nature at least for the exam!

  • Don’t be too excited
  • Don’t try to impress the examiner
  • Read and Follow instructions
  • Understand Questions

In Listening: (9.0)
*Listen carefully and move on when u miss an answer.
*Sometime predict answers (this helped me a lot)
*Use your pencil to follow the conversions (it kept me on track)

Reading: (8.5)
My method:

  1. read questions fully
  2. read passage fully but fast
  3. then answer questions
  4. I finished passages 1 & 2 in 30 mins then 3 in 25 mins. Used 5 mins to go over questions and answers

Writing (7.0)
I practised sensibly. I learnt planning for my writing. This works like magic. I finished task 2 within 30 mins
Went over the two tasks and made error corrections.

Speaking: (7.5) I never believed I’d get this mark!
I was less excited, I spoke naturally. I wasn’t thinking of any big words to use.
I don’t know if this will work for another but I answered the questions truthfully as if I was in a non-English exam interview. I added details to short answers too. is perfect for learning. Don’t be in a hurry. Just give yourself practice time. I now tell my friends, study everything on LIZ first, then do practice tests a lot.

Message to Priscilla: Thanks so much for sharing your experience. It truly shows students that it is possible to increase their scores with the right techniques and practice. Well done to you for your great achievement !! Liz


  1. Thank you so much Priscilla for your wonderful and wise tips. However, Did somebody checked your writing when you were practicing?

  2. Martins Charles Dibo says

    Many thanks Priscilla for sharing these great tips here. Indeed, you’ve added to my preparations immensely. With this, I aim for higher score in all. My Speaking Test comes up on 6th of this month, while L, R & W comes up on 9th of this month. To Liz, I say great thanks and give you thumbs-up for such wonderful job you’re doing here. God Bless you.

  3. Thanks a lot Priscilla for sharing your helpful tips. And thank you, dear Liz, for your great website, I have the hope to improve my IELTS band score with the helpful tips and lessons in your website.
    And to add on, could you please give tips to the testing skills too.
    Best Wishes

  4. I’m very grateful from you Liz and Priscilla! Thank you for sharing beneficial tips!

  5. Hi liz, thank you because i was able to passed my IELTS exam. 👍👍

  6. Hi Liz,
    Your lessons here are amazing. I got L-8.5 , S-7,R-7, W-6…. This all happened because of you. You are great!!!!!

  7. Thank you priscilla for sharing such a great experience.

  8. Ammar Ghoshi says

    Dear All,

    I have fear to start practicing the writing exam as i feel that how to make a proper paragraph with all the tips of Liz in it. Well I was practicing from last 3 to 4 months for Listening Reading and Speaking and it Day by Day.Well the tactic showed by Priscilla in reading was awesome as i applied the same technique for the first two passages and had have time for the third one.While she also answered my question of not using advanced vocabulary in speaking and chat with the examiner normally.

    Please help me and provide useful tips so that i can start practicing for writing test as i have fear of my grammatical mistakes and making ideas that will impress the examiner for good marks. Also One more thing is there any way to check your improvement in writing ???



    Dear Liz ,
    First of all my heartfelt thanks to you for your wonderful work. I learnt and I am still learning a lot from your website. I am having my speaking test on 5th September in India.
    I am suffering from severe throat infection for the past 2 days. I have taken tablets and hopefully should be fine to give my test.
    If I cough badly on the day of the test or If i get struck due to my ill health , will I get any extra time for my test ? I am feeling bad as I have done some preparation and I dont want to miss it .
    Should I apologize and start my talk as I am having a bad throat or inform them in prior before the test ?
    Please let me know . Thanks in advance.

    • Unfortunately, you can’t be given extra time in the IELTS speaking test. You can certainly explain why your speech is slightly impaired due to illness but that’s all. You will need to build all your strength so that you use your 14 mins with energy.

    • Hi wen is ur writing test.

  10. Stella Chikwem says

    Thank you for sharing…
    Congratulations Priscilla!

  11. I promised to share my test results here it is.
    Speaking 8.0
    Listening 7.5
    Reading 5.5
    Writing 7.0
    Overall Band Score: 7.0

  12. Congrats Priscilla, you have indeed added something new to me, with using the pencil in listening test.
    God bless U

  13. Congratulations to Priscilla and also an encouragement for me.Thanks for the useful shared information.

  14. Congratulations Priscillia your achievements is splendid and also appreciate you for your tips. The tips you gave on reading just gave me a better clue on improving my reading abilities. Thanks a bunch

  15. Thanks for the useful tips

  16. Congratulations priscilla.thank you for information.

  17. Congratulations priscilla,Thanks for your information.

  18. Thank for sharing. I took my ielts exam last month and got the low score on listening and writing sections. I would like to apply your tips for the second attempt.

  19. Congrats Priscilla,
    I wish I am your luck too I am thinking that they are pushing us to invest time in learning for better result. I mean, you needed 4 months to improve. Can somebody improve in 1-2months with studying hard? Or they playing with numbers, like you can’t improve your writing so fast,you are not that clever or English is not that easy. I am strongly convinced that there is 0 objectivity in this exam.

  20. Congratulation Priscilla, and thank you for sharing this amazing story with us. Good luck with your future plans.
    I really found the reading strategy you mentioned before very effective for me, even I only score 7 or 7.5, I think I have to practice more to increase my reading speed.
    Interestingly, the technique you mentioned in speaking- about ignoring the big vocabs and only focusing on being truthful and sincere- is spurious for me. I used to be doing the complete opposite. Anyway thank you for sharing and I wish you happiness and success in your life.

  21. Wow Priscilla!

    Your scores are quite impressive. Congratulations girl!!

  22. Congratulations Priscilla.Thanks so much for the tips

  23. Sivakumar Kullan says

    Thank you Priscilla for sharing your experience and learning methods.
    This information very helpful.
    I appreciate your great work.
    Thank you both you and Liz.

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