Farm Listening Practice: Answers & Transcript

Hi guys,

I’ve put the answers, transcript and a list of key words for the Map Listening Exercise about a Farm on the original page. Click here: Farm Listening Lesson with Answers

Hope this was useful 🙂

All the best



  1. 1.missing it.
    2milk house
    3.matrinty pins
    4.feed storage

  2. you are great mam!

  3. Great job

  4. Great this will help many..I found this part of test tricky…

  5. Thanks, Liz

  6. Dear Liz, please respond to my message 🙂
    In the Speaking part of the IELTS, when I’m asked to tell about a friend, can I start talking about my dog? Please, I need your help!

  7. mam you are doing great great great job

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