Fake Facebook Page for IELTS Liz: WARNING!

Hi guys,

Another facebook page has appeared selling a school using my name. Here is the link of the fake school: https://www.facebook.com/ieltseliz. It looks like me but it isn’t.  They are using my pictures, my name, my videos and also listing my professional details. Please report them and help me stop online fraud.

My Real Facebook

I have only one Facebook Page:  https://www.facebook.com/ieltsliz. Look carefully at the url address: it clearly says facebook.com/ieltsliz. Any other page is fake. I have over 50,000 followers at present and you can see a link to my real and only facebook page in the right hand column on this site.

All the best and thank you



  1. There is another page which needs to be reported fake,


    All of you report this page as spam.

  2. Harinder Singh says

    Can you tell me that how much hour I need to work in a day by sepreate module.

    • You must decide for yourself. You should study for one week and then do a practice test to see if you have developed.

  3. Dear Liz,am happy that the facebook scam have been sorted out and blocked hopefully,you’ve been a great source of help for us preparing for ielts and i wish to use this medium to inform you i got an overall band score of 7,thank you so much and i will continue to recommend your page to others preparing for ielts.

  4. IELTS Candidate says

    Actually you can request Facebook to verify your page as an ” OFFICIAL PAGE”. By doing this, we will know which page is real, and which one is fake. It is because we can see a tick symbol next to your page. For more details, please contact Facebook. Support you!!

    • IELTS Candidate says
    • Excellent!! I had no idea. I’ll follow your link – thanks a million 🙂

      • IELTS Candidate says

        Dear Liz,

        Glad that you take my advice, I can see your page has been verified. Congratulations!!

        However, I found another fake FB page and I have reported it. I suggest you contact FB directly and inform them your situation. I hope this problem can be solved. If you suspect people stealing your profile picture to scam others, you may contact the police force when the situation continues. Hope this will not happen again.


        • Yes, I followed your advice – thanks so much. I think this scam will continue so I know I need to tackle it in other ways. Thanks again for your tips and support 🙂

  5. Dear Liz,
    Your lessons are useful, and I’ve reached my purpose, thank Liz so much, You are the best teacher I’ve ever seen,
    Best regards

  6. Geraldine says

    It is well. I enjoy your teaching Liz, thank you so much.

  7. Yesterday I tried to log into my FB and report that page you informed us of but I failed because we experienced internet problem here.
    Today I got good news that the page is not available. I hope fb will block it forever. You are the best teacher, Liz.

    • Thanks so much for your support. It means a lot 🙂

      • Hi Liz,
        Just wanted to say that your blog is absolutely first class, nothing else even comes close to it on the internet. Thanks for all the hard work, dedication and attention to detail. You’re a true educator and a champion for IELTS students.

  8. Thank you so so much Liz,finally l scooped the bands that l wanted.Your blog is really helpful wil defo recommend your stuff to anyone who is looking forward to tackle ielts.My results are as follows L7S8W6.5R6.5 although l needed 6 in each band..Once again thanks

  9. I would like to thank you for your advice and the way how to teach you are wonderful and great teacher Liz your lessons helped me a lot in IELTs test and I am so happy with my score 6.5. Many thanks excellent teacher.

  10. CONGRATULATIONS Liz. I am so happy for you. May Allah bless all your efforts and keep you in his care.

  11. You are the best teacher forever👍

  12. Ruth Rivera says

    I feel bad on what happened after all you just want to help us and reach as many as you can .I owe a lot to you when I pass my ielts.My support to you 100 percent and I will do the needful.Take care and I will remember you in my prayer.

  13. Hii Mam
    I am very thankful to you. Actually few months back i gave IELTS test and scored an overall 7 band score. Your videos and your blogs helped me alot clearing the test.
    You are wonderful Liz.
    Thank you very much. 🙂

  14. Dear Liz
    All the best to you, my angle

  15. Dear Liz,
    I’m really sorry to listen such a thing. It is a kind of misconduct behavior. I support you completely and thank you for your efforts to teach us.

  16. kuldeep sharma says

    hi liz

  17. Sassan Ahmadzadeh says


  18. Done

  19. Hi Litz….Mentioned about fake page which is trying to take undue advantage of your reputation….Dont worry, millions of people are with you…

  20. Nidhi Patel says

    Done mam,this is really bad to use other people identity.do not worry mam

  21. Vũ Thanh Biển says

    Ok ma’am.

    Their behavior really made me angry.

  22. Kamil Qureshi says

    Done 🙂

  23. Cung Hoa Hien Nguyen says

    Sorry that this happens to you, Liz! I have reported the page, hope it will be solved out soon.

  24. Aruni Naraine says

    You covered Liz !

  25. hii liz.. I reported the fake account as scam..

  26. Done liz

  27. Hi Liz madam
    Your works and way of teaching are unique and priceless, no one can duplicate your efforts. Your students can easily make out ur page with the fake one. I condemn these frauds and they should be brought to legal prosecution for using your label. I offer my sincere supports to you on this matter.

  28. Hi Liz
    The fake facebook acc. has been reported as a scam from me today. I’ve only given two choices as block the site or posts from the site hidden. I chose both. I feel sorry for you this such disgusting thing happen. Plz feel free to ask if any further support you need.

    Have a lovely day!

    jessica 🙂

  29. Done, i’ve already reported it

  30. Cheriewyn Galmo says

    Done Ms Liz. I feel so bad about this, you are a good person and they should not use you for their personal gain. Hope this will be resolve soon. Posting on my facebook is the least I can do to repay for the knowledge I gained thru your lesson!! All the best Liz and thank you for your brilliant lessons!!

    Sorry can you post this instead? A word was ommited

  31. Nwagor Obinna says

    It’s done Liz.
    let’s continue to expose them until Facebook finds a way to get hold of them

  32. Done dear..

  33. reported as a spam and wrote feedback..
    hope they ll close that soon..

  34. Done

  35. I reported it to facebook lets hope facebook will delete it. It is not understandable how some people want to exploit other people’s efforts worse again it happens to our friend Liz who’s dedicated her efforts to help all of us achieve high score in ielts. I feel sad about this imposter.

  36. Done 😊
    Don’t worry about that.
    You are famous😊

  37. I just reported that page as a scam on Facebook.

  38. anshul sharma says

    can you please guide me in writting and spoken .. i take a exam on 3sept. so plss help me mam

  39. Veselina Alvas says

    It’s done. Hope it will help somehow! Thanks for all your help Liz.

  40. Done 👍🏻

  41. Dear Liz,
    sorry to hear the fake. you are doing a great job. many merits. thanks.reported.

  42. Vinay Joshi says

    Hello Liz,

    I have reported to Facebook about page.

  43. Hi Liz, done.
    Your blog is so useful.
    Best regard.

  44. Done!

  45. Mutia Rahmah says

    Done Liz….😃

  46. Done liz,


  47. Leonard Mushonto says

    Noted madam thanks will definitely report

  48. Reported as you desired….But it is disgusting ……Its not fair to steal others name and fame.

    • I agree. It’s really bad, not only to use other people’s identity but also to cheat students. Thanks for your support.

  49. I also have done Liz. Thank you a lot

  50. Done, reported it as “it`s harassing me or someone i know”.

  51. Done Liz

  52. Omar Alvarado Alc says


  53. reported.

  54. Hi Ms. Litz,
    I am sorry to hear that such vicious people are doing the wrong things.
    I will definitely support you

  55. Done 😊

  56. Hi,Liz
    Don’t worry ,we all with you

  57. don’t worry,we all are with you,mam.

  58. zabed ali says

    we all are with you,mam

  59. Reported to fb for review

  60. Hi liz!

    Done, regards!

  61. Marissa Garcia says


  62. Hi Liz,
    Reported Scam page, go to more and select scam.

  63. Alma Rami says

    Don’t worry Liz we are with you

  64. Its done.

  65. i reported it

  66. Done…

  67. Hi Liz
    I have reported it as a Scam. You are doing a very noble job in helping out millions of candidates who struggle to get access to the right tutorial site for free.
    I sincerely and thankfully appreciate your diligence in meticulously drafting all lessons taking into account, from syllabification of words to complex vocabulary.
    Hats off for your great work!
    I owe you a great deal of gratitude for your service.

    I recommended my friend about your site and will report this issue to FB from his account too.

    (Hari)prasad Jeyaraj

    • Thanks so much for your help and kind words 🙂

      • It’s indeed very nice to hear from you that the post is purged within a day by FB. Every single person following your blog reaps great benefits from your videos and tips.

        You’re a benevolent GURU for all of us and we will surely be happy help you for the magnanimous service you are doing.:)

        :)Thank You!!:)
        (Hari)prasad Jeyaraj

  68. Done as well

  69. Liz! i always wants to say thanks to you, but i really didn’t now how…you desearve the bests thing than you can imagine! is not so many people who helps without wanting to profit.thanks for everything, and sorry about my english! and i swear for good that i really had a amazing development in it! so don’t try to imagine how bad i was when i started!! thank you again!! =D

  70. Hi Liz,


  71. Sorry to hear that you have such problem.
    No worries, we all are with you and the fake ones will disappear soon.
    I’ve just reported it.

  72. Hi liz
    I did it
    You welcome
    Thank you for helping us

  73. Its very very bad, don’t worry I will take it up,people are looking 4 money at all cost,using another person brain is not an option.may God bless u and ur work.thank u

  74. Reported…
    Don’t worry mam.. All of ur students will report that page…

  75. Hien Annie says

    I don’t know how to report. There are 4 types but what can I do to let Facebook know?

  76. I reported it as a scam. I am hoping that facebook will block the impostor account.

  77. Chinnu Jeevan says

    Done 👍 🙂

  78. Done again from the account of my husband

    Kind regards

  79. Hi !
    We are trying hack this account with my friend .But if we won’t can do we will report this fake page .Be sure !

  80. done 👍

  81. Just did it, hope it works!. It looks exactly the same !! thanks for all the great material 🙂

  82. I pressed the button that’s it’s ‘scam’ (on the right-up corner, at the dots). Is that the right one?

  83. Thanks a lot we will b carefull ur material is awesome especially writing

  84. Hi Liz,

    Please don’t worry. We all will do our best to report and block that page. I just did it. If many of your students like me do it. Facebook will block it.

  85. harmeet singh says

    Pls provide us ur original facebook address…where wecan post our suggestions…

  86. All done dear Liz

    May Allah bless and protect you

    My greetings from Iraq


  87. I feel so sad by sharing this with us.
    Actually it’s a plagiarism.
    It’s absolutely wrong.
    They should get punished for this theft.
    Please report this to police to take action.
    It should not happen again.
    Youaare talented teacher& some body is using your name. It’s ridiculous.
    I feel you must be shocked.
    What should I do,please send me a mail to help you.
    I would be happy to make you feel better.
    Thank you.

  88. Done.

  89. DONE!

  90. How can I help you? Can you talk in detail?

  91. Sure, will do.

  92. Dear Liz
    Sorry but I opened the said facebook page, How can I report against it, actually there are like, message and more when you click on more you will find ; save, suggest edits, report page, block ,share,,,,
    Is it this one ?

  93. But this is your page on facebook, please
    Send me your facebook name and I will report this one, just to be sure

  94. Shaminny Silvarajan says

    Done , Ive reported it as scam , hope they will take action soon

  95. Liz, change your password asap.

  96. Barkat Khan says

    Hello Liz,
    We are any time present, because you are great. Please would you like to send me your facebook Phage link, I mean true one?


  97. Hi Liz,


  98. Sure mam… You have been such a help and inspiration for us.

  99. Francesjill says

    Hi liz. I fall short in my listening test last july 9. All other areas passed whats required. Would you recommend for a remark?

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