Can you have 6 body paragraphs in writing task 2?

Hi guys,

A lot of students seem confused about how many paragraphs you can have in your IELTS writing task 2 essay.

How many paragraphs can you have?

  • A) three paragraphs
  • B) four paragraphs
  • C) five paragraphs
  • D) six paragraphs


The answers for this lesson are now available. Click here: Paragraph Answers


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  1. dil kumar lama says

    four paragraphs

  2. dil kumar lama says

    three paragraphs

  3. Sunnatillo says

    To my mind 4 to 5 paragraphs!

  4. According to me 5paras enough

  5. Eman Elshekh says

    B & C

  6. (A) three body paragraphs, excluding introduction and conclusion.

  7. The answer is : B
    Body 1
    Body 2

  8. M.HAROON KHAN says

    Four paragraph

  9. 5 .pragraphs
    1- introduction
    2- body (1)
    3-body (2)
    4-body (3)

  10. harman deep says

    I write only 4 paragraphs every time in task 2.

  11. HINA AFROZ says

    Four to five paragraphs constitute an essay of about 250-300 words. They essay contains an introductory paragraph, two to three body paragraphs supporting to the opinion and then a concluding paragraph which should have an optimistic approach.

  12. 4 to 5 paragraph must be there to complete your writing task 2

  13. 04 paragraphs
    Point 01
    Point 02
    And last Conclusion


  14. Umair khan says

    the correct answer is B

  15. Umair khan says

    the answer is B

  16. Sriram Balasubramanian says

    There are four different type of essay writing asked during the exams.
    1) Problem / Solution (Life Expectancy)
    2) Opinion Essays
    3) Argument or Discussion
    4) Discussion without opinion

    Question Type-1
    4 Paragraphs:
    Introduction, Problems, Solutions and Conclusion.

    Question Type-2
    4 Paragraphs:
    Introduction – Topic + Your opinions (either agree or disagree)
    First idea to support your opinion
    Second idea to support your opinion
    Conclusion: Repeat your opinion

    Question Type-3
    When you argue, you are trying to persuade the other person to agree with your point of view.
    When you discuss, you consider different points of view.

    Question Type-4
    Most discussion essays also ask for your opinions. Sometimes, however, the question doesn’t ask for your opinion. It might ask you to discuss two different views, or compare the advantages and disadvantages.

    I have shared my understanding slightly in detail. I shall, however, wait for Liz’s response to take some feedback.

  17. I think it is four paragraphs.

  18. Dianne Gansatao says

    B. Four paragaraphs.

  19. 4 paragraphs

  20. It was under my impression that according to new structure of essay it has total 06 Paragraph.This means that 01x Intro , 04xB ody and 01x Conclusion but I am little puzzled ,Liz you are requested to please guide

  21. Beyond four paragraphs, it’s possible the candidate may derail from the main point

  22. I would imagine 6 paragraphs would make every paragraph very short and you will lose marks for not developing your points fully. Or if you do then your essay will be longer than it needs to be and you may not have time to finish the exam.

    I would recommend 3-5 paragraphs with 4 being ideal. I’m not an examiner and I’m quite new to teaching IELTS so this is just my opinion. Quite keen to hear Liz’s answer and explanation.

  23. Four paragraphs

  24. It should have ideally four para, however it can reach up to five for agree/disagree type of Essay.

  25. First we have Introduction and then with unique topic sentences with supporting points, we may have 3 Body Paragraph. Finally, we conclude with strong opinion.
    So it would be 5. Am i right ?

  26. The answer is B or C.
    2 or 3 body paragraphs should be okay according to question.

  27. Hi, I seem that an essay may have six paragraphs. First, the introduction, second the amount of topics to discuss. These topics are the body of the essay and can be three. the last paragraph is the conclusion .

  28. 4 paragraph
    Body paragraph 1
    Body paragraph 2

  29. 4 paragraphs

  30. if it is regards body there are two types.
    if that is two sides of arguments two body paragaphs is correct.apart of that every one we should write three.

  31. mainly there are two types of bodies.for two sides of argument such as discuss,campare ,advantages disadvantages have to write two paragahs .apart of that for all other types essays we should consider to write 3 body paragaphs.

  32. I think the paragraph B would be the best; so 4 paragraphs is my answer.

  33. Sultana Razia says

    4 paragraphs :
    2 body Paragraphs and

  34. four is very OK if you put all your point together with it but five paragraph is the utmost you can use.

  35. 4paragraph is ok

  36. B four

  37. Four paragraphs.
    One for intro
    Second n third to.discuss different options
    And fourth for conclusion

  38. Four paragraph
    First Intro of topic and your view
    2nd may be favpur or not
    3rd another view point or not favour
    4th suggession and feedback

  39. 2or 3 body paragraphs

  40. SUNNY SINHA says

    4. 1st should be opening/introduction, 2nd should be in favor with supporting, 3rd should be against with examples and Last will be the conclusion.

  41. 4 paragraphs is OK but you may also have upto 5 paragraphs

  42. The answer is B:
    Statement, BP1, BP2 and Conclusion.

  43. 2 or 3 body paragraphs

  44. Four paragraphs. Sometimes it may be five Also

  45. Four paragraphs only
    Introduction, two bodies paragraphs and conclusion.

  46. Diana Georgieva says

    Four paragraphs are preferable or maximum five, as I know.

  47. It’s supposed to be four paragraphs
    But I’d like ask you a question Liz …
    If you write two reasons to explain your opinion in 2 paragraphs and the finically u want to add a contrasting opinion (a short paragraph about what others think ) before the conclusion, is that acceptable ? Or is it better to immerse it with the 2nd reason paragraph ? To increase the word’s count…. sorry it took me too long to explain ^^ and Thanks a lot

    • There should be NO short body paragraphs. Each main point needs to be sufficiently developed. Under-developed ideas will lower your score. An opinion essay is about your opinion – it is not about other people’s opinions – keep on task.

  48. I believe there are no limits on numbers of paragraphs if information are connected or cohesive, however, it is better to write 4 paragraphs only.

  49. 4 paragraph

  50. Sunny Pathak says

    I think it depends on the topic that is asked in the question. According to me,4-5 paragraphs are sufficient.

  51. Typically A. Three paragraphs. I
    Would have chosen
    2 but there is no option for 2 paragraphs.
    First BP for causes..
    Second BP for effects and
    Third BP for solutions. OR
    If there is a agree disagree statement and if you partially agree like 70 % you agree then 2 BP for agree and 1 BP for disagree.
    This is a mere guess. I’m just a beginner in ielts not a
    Qualified teacher.

  52. 5-6 para

  53. 4 paragraphs

  54. Either B or C is okay but definitely not more than 5. Thank you.

  55. The answer is B, 4 paragraphs.

  56. Felicitas Ochibe says

    The should be a maximum of 6 ( six) paragraphs.This is my opinion because you are able to express yourself meaningfully and exhaust ively.

  57. Alhassan A. Alhassan says

    It depends. But considering the direct nature of the question Liz asked, I will chose B

  58. Four pheragraphs

  59. B and C

  60. B.

    1st Para – introduction.
    2nd Para – Body1 (Supporting point/opinion)
    3rd Para – Body2 (Supporting point/opinion)
    4th Para – Conclusion

    Still expecting your advice on number of paragraph as per question type.


  61. Alueshima Ayoo says

    I think one should be able to express his or herself satisfactorily in 5 paragraphs.
    An introductory paragraph, 2 paragraphs each for and against the argumentative essay in question and finally a concluding paragraph.

  62. 4

  63. Md Saiful Islam says

    Thank you Madam.
    I respect you so much.

    • IELTS Stan says

      I was under the impression that four is the norm(introduction, 2x body, and conclusion), however, as the “Cambridge Complete IELTS series”, specifically repeats the requirement for six(although, I think this is for a specific essay type), I can see where the confusion lies.

  64. Vishal christian says

    For me it’s an obvious choice….Four paragraphs–intro,body1,body2,conclusion..

  65. 3-4

  66. Four paragraphs are good.
    If each line contains avg. 7 words then
    1st Para as Intro of 6 lines
    2nd Para of 12.5 lines with 4 key points (2 points combined as complex sentence, so 2 complex sentences)
    3rd Para of 12.5 lines with 4 key points (2 points combined as complex sentence, so 2 complex sentences)
    Last para of Conclusion of 6 lines

  67. I think at least 5 paragraphs divided in: Introduction; Body1; Body2; Body3; Conclusion. Although, I think that writing 6 paragraph (which means adding Body6) won’t cause a point loss.

  68. MD Mahabub Alam says


  69. I think 5 paragraphs

  70. 4 normally
    5 in rare cases


  72. 4-5

  73. I think that A or B. It depends if discussing two opposite points (4 paragraphs – 2 for body) or to show a point of view (3 paragraphs – 1 for body).

  74. Uttam Rathod says

    there can be 4 or 5 paragraphs

  75. B/C

  76. B or C

  77. Aarzoo Sadiora says

    3-4 is max.

  78. We can have 6 paragraphs, in my opinion, 5 paragraphs are sufficient for a better essay although lexical resource and vocab matters most than the length.

  79. Chintan Patel says

    B and C any of them

  80. Mangal Kabadi says

    Total 4 paragraphs are justified, essay shouldn’t be too lengthy and at the the same time that supports to writers questions hence in my perspective B should be the correct answer.

  81. In my opinion, 5 paragraphs are suffecient for a better essay although lexical resource and vocab matters most than the length.

  82. Dr Abdullah says

    I think 4 paragraphs are sufficient to write an essay

  83. Hi Liz,
    From reading your previous explanation for ILETS task 2 writing it’s 3 body paragraphs , introduction and conclusion.

  84. Pooja Saini says

    4 paragraphs or equal to 200-300 words

  85. Zeynep Yıldırım says

    4 paragraphs ( introduction, 2 paragraphs main body and conclusion).

  86. B or C

    Four or Five paragraphs is fine. One for the introduction with the background information (question paraphrased) and the thesis statement (overaching statement i.e agree or disagree and summary of your answers). Two or three for each answer. Each of these paragraphs should start with a sentence that clearly states what you are about to discuss. And finally the last paragraph which is your concluding paragraph that summarises your entire write up. This final paragraph can also have your overaching statement.

  87. A certain essay consist of 15 paragraph.each paragraph consist of 110 words but not more than 120 words.

  88. B

  89. Four paragraphs better to describe the essay.

  90. Atleast 4 paragraphs

  91. jagjot kaur says

    may be , 4 to 5 paragraphs

  92. Ahmed Emam says


  93. (B)

  94. I feel 3 I enough …. Intro…body….conclusion

  95. B or c

  96. I think three or four will do

  97. Three Paragraph

  98. Ramandeep Kaur says


  99. Mary Ailenotor says


  100. Tamim Ahsan says

    In my opinion B)Four Paragraph is the correct answer.

  101. Four is ideal

  102. I think 4 or sometimes 5

  103. Priya sujith says

    B or C… depends on type of question…4 paragraph is essential for a balanced view.

  104. I think the number of paragraphs does not matter in writing an essay for Task 2. Although the ideal length of the essay, I believe, is 5 paragraphs, the most important part of it is its content. Regardless of how many paragraphs there may be for as long as the information/reason/opinion is carrying weight in the substance of the writing, it’ll be good!

  105. B and C

  106. C or d

  107. B and C are both correct. Body paragraphs can be from at least 2 to at most 3, so that total paragraphs can be either 4 or 5.

  108. I think if I have to write an essay on Task 2, I will do that in 4- 5 paragraphs.

  109. five paragraphs is okay but six is not bad as well.

  110. B

  111. I feel 4

  112. 4

  113. Syed Kamran says

    I think it mainly depends upon the topic, we have been given to write upon. However there should be at least 4 paragraphs.

  114. introduction
    main body paragraph 1
    main body paragraph 2

  115. I think we should stick to having 4 paragraphs including 2 body paragraphs, reason being is that it saves the time to structure an additional body paragraph. If you are an exceptional writer then it does not matter as you will be able to manipulate your data in anyway you desire.

  116. A minimum of 4 paragraphs:
    1. Introduction
    2. Body 1
    3. Body 2
    4. Conclusion

    Not more than 5 ideally.

  117. I feel 4 or 5 should be fine. The paragraphs will also depend on the type of essay asked.

  118. Division into 4 paragraphs is a pretty good way to express ….
    Rest no issues if it goes to 5 even

  119. Honey chadha says

    First introduction
    Three body paragraph

  120. Paragraphs

  121. Four paragraph

  122. 4 or 5

  123. Mainly, we may have fuor paragrapgs, but it depends on the writer plans. For more support we probably have five paragraphs.

  124. B

  125. B or C

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