Can you answer TFNG? Answers to Q1

What is your answer to the following? Think carefully before you check the answer with the explanation. Do you think the following is True, False or Not Given. Decide your answer, then check if you are right – good luck!

Passage: Workers are entitled to up to 10 days paid sick leave per year, however, more than 4 continuous days requires a medical certificate.

Question : A full worker needs a doctors note if he is sick for 4 days in a row.


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Answer and Explanation

Explanation & Paraphrasing:
Full worker – is this information given in the passage? Yes, it is because word “workers” refers to all types of workers.
Need = required
doctors note = medical certificate
in a row = continuous
for 4 days = this does not match. The passage says that someone needs to be sick for MORE THAN 4 days to need a doctors note.

The information in the statement is given in the passage but it does not match the passage because people do not need a sick note for being sick for 4 days – they need a sick note for more than 4 days.

Answer = FALSE

Well done to all students who got the answer right 🙂



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  1. thanks you liz i bought one of them and will see the others will

  2. It’s very complicated question. I understood the issue only when you explained it, Liz.

  3. the worker needs 4 days medical certificate is type of medical check

  4. False.Thank you Liz for your posting.its more helpful.

  5. brain opening mam ..thanks!

  6. False

  7. Really a tricky one thanks mam

  8. Hi mam,
    shalu here, I have lacking in more vocabularies and writing, reading. Please madam teach me import essay writing vocabularies.I hope u understood my problem

  9. not given 🙁
    but I got the trick… 😉
    thanks Liz

  10. Nithianandam says

    Very tricky question…………but its worth to know this.

  11. I chose not given because i thought workers were not clarified if they were full or part-timers, secondly, i didn’t notice the
    MORE THAN and assumed it to be right.

    My test is on the 24th of september, and i feel like both my reading and writing are poor. What tips and advice will you give me so as to improve this short time im left with.

  12. Not given

  13. True

  14. thanks, it’s helpful to know how to avoid tricky questions

  15. Good piece of exercise to deal with such type of question, Liz. Thanks.

  16. OMG! very tricky question. But the explanation helped me a lot. Thank u.

  17. Ashraf alkattan says

    4 days

  18. False

  19. False

  20. FALSE

  21. true

  22. False

  23. Wao! I mistakenly picked TRUE. But I have gotten the trick through the explanation. Thanks so much Liz

  24. it is true

  25. Really,i was thinking it true.
    It’s a very tricky question.

  26. عبدالنبي says

    The question is so tricky ,the statement I mean , but it does not match the meaning of the passage , by instinct . haha
    So for me it sounds FALSE

  27. True


    OMG, I mad a huge mistake answering TRUE, first I did not know the meaning of “in the row”, secondly I did not pay attention to one important detail ” more than”, anyway I can notice how much I need to improve.

    Thank you for your tip Liz, I am really suffering with reading section.

  29. Not given

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