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Below you can find the transcript and answers to the villa listening lesson.  I have also posted the audio again so you can listen and read the transcript at the same time. This is a good way to improve your speaking skills and pronunciation.

If you haven’t done this listening lesson, please do it now before you look at the answers. Click here: Villa Listening Lesson


This spacious 3 bedroom villa in the south of France contains not only an infinity pool but also a sauna and gym. The gardens are quite extensive and are well managed by a gardener. It is situated on the outskirts of a small town but within easy walking distance of both shops and restaurants. On offer in the area is skiing in the winter, while in summer there are plenty of cycle paths, lake swimming and canoeing, as well as horse riding. And don’t forget that this area is also famous for its top quality golf courses. This would be a perfect villa for a family aiming to escape from the hustle and bustle but also have plenty of outdoor activities on offer. The only downside is that it can’t be rented by the week. It is on offer as a long term rental property with a minimum of a one month stay.




    1. You can’t have the answer “pool” only because the article in the sentence is “an” which means the next word starts with a vowel. Always check your grammar!
    2. You can’t have “garden” because this list is about facilities.
    3. Look at the picture on the listening page to see what an infinite pool looks like – there is no visible edge to it.
    1. What do brackets means? This means you can use the word or not. Both answers are fine: easy walking distance and walking distance.
    2. You can’t use brackets in your test. They are used in books only. One student used brackets – their answers would be marked wrong.
    3. You can’t have the word “outskirts”. The sentence does not allow for this word to be used. The sentence must be grammatically correct. So, you are choosing answers not only for meaning but also grammar.
    1. The spelling must be correct.
    2. Horse riding is wrong because this is about lake activities.
    1. You need all three words and they must be spelled correctly.
  5. 1 MONTH
    1. You can write the number 1 as a word if you want because it is possible to have up to three words in your answer.
    2. You can’t have the word “stay” in your answer because it would make the sentence wrong.

Answers have been written using all capital letters – it is not a requirement but I highly recommend it.

I hope this lesson was useful.

All the best



  1. I hv got 4/5 in first time of my listening .it is really helpful to me achieving my band requirement.

  2. Sadhana shrivastava says

    Dear Liz
    Thanks a lot. its really very helpful.

  3. thanks a lot

  4. katayoun Ahmadi says

    It was so useful thanks

  5. Mohamed Zoair says

    thank you liz

  6. Fatemeh Mohammadzadeh says

    Thanks ALOT Liz. this lesson was so useful as same as your others lessons.

  7. Hi mam,
    In Cambridge practice materials some listening options are written in brackets, so can we use brackets in man exam.
    Thanks in advance 😊

  8. Vigneshwaran says

    2,4,5 got them correct.
    canoeing seemed to be a new word to me.”infinity” pool too.
    Thanks Liz 🙂

  9. Hi Liz..i am mandeep..18 jan Was my exam of plz give me answer of this reading and listening….The passages was…1. Hypermill. 2.basic concept of slow food and 3.history of Millenium people

  10. Thanks. I wrote hustling and bustling.
    Is that correct too?

  11. Wao! I got 4/5, thank you so much Aunt Liz. God bless u

  12. ThankYou So Much Liz, it was my first listening practice through your web. Highly grateful.
    I got 4 answers correct, no 3 because u have mentioned above that in last answer there is no need to write “stay” and “1 month” would be the correct answer. So, I guess 3 out of 5 answers of mine are correct. But I will improve this thing in near future. Thanks, Appreciated.

  13. Hi mam, What can be the reason for withholding the result? 5 of my students’ results are withheld.

  14. Anunkor Chisom says

    Thank you very much ma for the listening practice sent to me today. I am enriched with the practice. I got 4 answers correct . i would have got all five correct but i didnt really hear the horse very clear. Thank you very much ma, am grateful

  15. I wrote hustles and bustles. Is that correct?

  16. hi Liz, i must appreciate your effort .
    my question is , can we write the answer in capital letters ?in this way we can play safe with any capital and small letter mistake.

  17. I hope A MONTH is also correct, not just one month.

  18. Manpreet kaur says

    I got 3/5.

  19. Thank God all my answers was correct

  20. Thanks Liz . You are awesome.. Tomorrow is my exam LRW …

  21. Ezzatrahimi says

    Hello liz
    I received my first ielts lesson
    It was very helpful for me
    Thanks a lot

  22. Chintan Patel says

    I got 4 answers, Thanks Liz for sharing.

  23. I believe the correct word for the pool is an INFINITY pool and not an INFINITE pool.

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