Answers to Sugar History Reading

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I’ve posted the answers to the reading lesson about A History of Sugar. You can find the answers posted on the original page. Click here: A History of Sugar Reading Exercise

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  1. Today was my academic speaking n start question were
    – do you work or study?
    – where are you from?
    Not remember all questions
    Bt in part 2 topic was
    Describe a plant grown in your country
    – changes in agriculture n farming
    – Is it possible that more changes will occur in future
    – do you like plants

    N I’ve given answers for all the questions bt I think didn’t completed my 2 minutes of cue card … that’s why m little worried .!! I don’t know that I will get good band score or not??

    • There is no task completion or task response in IELTS speaking. It makes no difference to your score if you complete the cue card or not.

      • So wether u answer all 4 questions or just one, it doesnt matter?? As long as u finish the 2 minutes allotted time for the part 2, is that right?q

        • There are no questions on the cue card. Your task is to speak for as long as you can or until the examiner stops you – not because your task is to complete 2 mins, but because you want to boost your score for fluency. Please read the band score descriptors to learn more.

          • Thnku Mam bt m still worrying about it ….

            • Your score is based on fluency, grammar, vocab and pronunciation – nothing else matters. It can’t be estimated by any person who has not heard your speaking test. You really need to wait for your results. Good luck!

  2. this is very helpful .most of my answers are correct .

  3. Hi Liz,i just want to say thank you for all the tips. Your website is the best ever. I had my speaking test yesterday and the questions were as follows;
    Part 1
    Do you work or study?
    What do you like about your work?
    What does your work involves?
    Is there any suggestion you can make to improve your work quality?
    Do you look at the stars? Why?
    Which part of your house do you enjoy watching the stars?
    Part 2
    Describe a perfect house
    Where its located
    What features is has
    Why is it ideal?
    Describe why you its perfect
    Part 3
    Was more about why people live in city centre of the town?
    How can people improve their lifestyle in town?
    I’m very frastrated becouse i answered part 3 wrongly.. i misunderstood the question.i instead talked about how i would want my perfect house look like.. i only came to realise when she asked me at the end “where did you see that perfect house” i answered outside the town in a ruaral area… im so sad. Im writing my other tests tomorrow

  4. 1NG 2no 3 yes 4 NG 5 no 6 NG 7 NG

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