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  1. When did Queen Victoria get married?
  2. Which date in May did Prince Harry and Megan get married?
  3. How many people were invited to their wedding?
  4. How old is Prince Philip?
  5. What is the approximate cost of the wedding?
  6. How long was the bride’s veil?
  7. How many people watched the wedding worldwide?
  8. What year was Anne Boleyn executed?




Use the transcript to listen and practice your pronunciation.

Royal Wedding Listening Practice

Two hundred years ago the colour white was used for funerals. However, in 1840 Queen Victoria decided to wear a white dress for her wedding to Prince Albert. Since that day, white dresses have been considered traditional for, not only royal weddings, but all weddings in the UK.

The wedding of Prince Harry and Megan Markle took place on Saturday, 19th May, 2018 at Windsor Castle. About 600 people were invited to the service and even Prince Harry’s grandfather, Prince Philip, who is 96 years old, attended . The cost of Prince Harry and Megan’s wedding has been estimated at over £20 million. The dress alone is put at about £300,000. It was a simple design with a 16ft veil. The ceremony was watched by about 18 million people around the world. Strangely enough, the date of May 19th was actually the date that King Henry VIII executed Queen Anne Boleyn in 1536.

Notice: This information is from this website: Reader’s Digest


Answers may be written in lower case or upper case. I recommend you all to USE CAPITAL LETTERS FOR ALL ANSWERS.

  1. 1840
    1. No other answer is possible
  2. 19 / 19th / SATURDAY 19 / SATURDAY 19th
    1. No other answer is possible.
  3. 600
    1. no other answer is possible
  4. 96
    1.  no other answer is possible
  5. £20 MILLION / 20,000,000 POUNDS / £20,000,000
    1. £20 million is the best way to write the answer. If you have written 20000000 – it is very hard for the person marking to see correctly. Always punctuate your numbers to help the reader.
    2. £20 millions is wrong – there is no “s”.
  6. 16ft / 16 FEET / 16 FOOT
    1. No other answer is possible
  7. 18 MILLION / 18,000,000
    1. No other answer is possible. “millions” is wrong.
  8. 1536
    1. No other answer is possible

I hope you found this lesson useful 🙂

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  1. Thank you so much Liz for these help full tips.

  2. My name is maryann,am so much interested in this execise,.thanks.

  3. Hi Liz,

    Hope you’re doing well .

    In the Royal Wedding Audio clip, the date it wedding was 19 May 2018, Saturday. But the answer you have wrote is 19/ Saturday. Can we write answer as 19 May 2018, Saturday? Was there any specific reason that you didn’t write month in the answer?


    • The question starts: “Which date in May…” – the word May is already given in the question and is not needed in the answer.

  4. Dear Liz, was it deliberate that you wrote your answers in block letter?

  5. Is it right to write 18M ( M for million)?

    • No. Write the word. It is fine to write “1 min” for one minute. If you are not sure, write the word.

  6. Divyanshu Garg says

    Can you please create more lessons like this

  7. Is it okay to write one word answer if the question says not less than three words…
    please advice

  8. Very good practice Liz one question the answer to Q 5 which 20 million do we need to write pounds what if we do not write would we lose marks? Please advise

    • Yes you need to write “pounds” or use the symbol £. The pound symbol was not given in the question, so you must provide it in the answer.

  9. Akinola abike says

    Its very interesting and educational, thanks

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  16. Swosti Shrestha says

    Thanks Liz, It was really fruitful 🙂

  17. Hi Liz,

    I think there is a mistake in the transcript. That is “About 600 people where invited…” It should be “were invited”?


  18. Amara Ibeawuchi says

    Thanks a lot, Liz! This exercise was quite helpful.

  19. Hi liz …i hd my speaking test today ….overall it was gud bt in cue card ,I wasn’t able to speak for 2 mins n also repeated my last line ….i spoke fr about 1:30 mins .do u think it ‘ll affect my score more than 0.5 band ?

  20. Thanks Liz. It was quite helpful

  21. Anunkor Chisom says

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  22. Nadasha Amal says

    The answer u gave about 96 years was a valuable point to me. I didnt know this before. Thank u so much mam. Ur classes are outstanding. U r the best ielts teacher I have ever seen. I have my exams on june 2nd.

    • Short answer questions and sentence completion questions have different rules for writing answers. Learn about each type of question.

  23. Rezki Dinda says

    Number 2 asked about date, why the answer just 19? Why not 19th May 2018?

    • Because the question already gave the word “May”. The year was not relevant to the question because it asked for a date in May – which means the day in a particular month.

  24. Thanks Liz, I’ve corrected my mistakes, you are the best.

  25. Millicent ejiro says

    Millicent says :
    Thanks Liz, understood.

  26. Hi Liz, if i answered the question No. 5 ,by over 20 million pounds ,is it true ?

  27. Thanks Liz…
    I have a doubt in question 4 instruction is one word or number.Can we write answer 96 years.

    • No, it would be wrong. A grammatically correct answer would be “96 years old” but that is not possible. We do not say “96 years” English.

  28. Hello Mam,
    Could you please explain me? why 1st answer is not “IN 1840”?
    and 4rth answer is not “96 years”?

    • You don’t use prepositions in short answer questions. For the second question, see the other comments as I’ve already answered this one.

  29. Thanks Liz, Your test are helping me catch up and be more attentive

  30. How about 20 million pounds. Is it correct?

  31. Jefferson Oghuma says

    I wrote 96 years @ no 4. Would this be different from simply stating 96?

  32. Thank you, Liz. It’s very helpful 🙂

  33. Rawia Obida says

    Thank you, Liz it’s really helpful.

  34. mam, is May 19th may consider as correct for the second question?

  35. 5/8.thanks …

  36. Riya Benny says

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  37. Thanks Liz, I’ve noted my mistakes.

  38. Gurpreet Singh says

    Thank you so much dear Liz. My speaking cue card topic hear a decision you have recently change . What is decision. What happened about. What feel that . Speaking test place in Indore India

  39. dont use symbols of currency.its wrong

  40. Ramandeep Kaur says

    1. In 1840
    2. Saturday, 19th,May
    4. 96 years old
    5. £20 million
    6.16ft veil
    7.18 million people
    8. In 1536

  41. Tharun Kumar says

    Yes liz, thank you…

  42. Francisca says

    8/8. Am glad. Thanks Liz. You are just awesome. In no.3, if one writes ‘about 600’ , will that be correct since that’s what the speaker said and it’s still a word and a number? Thank u.

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