Answers to Review Questions

Below are the answers to the topic review questions I posted yesterday.

Vocabulary Review Questions

The questions below are from the topics: Advertising, Animals & Art. The length of the missing word is given in brackets.

  1. Companies that advertise on prime-time TV have maximum media e………………. (8 letters)
  2. Children often p…………. their parents to buy things they see advertised on TV.  (6 letters)
  3. Testing drugs on animals is one way to check for any possible s…… e………… (4 letters & 7 letters)
  4. Deforestation and intensive farming can result in a loss of h………… for many animal species. (7 letters)
  5. Some animals kept in c………. or enclosures live in cramped conditions. (5 letters)
  6. Some works of art can incite h……….. which can lead to violence. (6 letters)
  7. Locals should have free a………… to tourist attractions in their area.  (9 letters)


  1. exposure
  2. pester
  3. side effects
  4. habitat
  5. cages
  6. hatred
  7. admission

As soon as my e-book “Ideas for IELTS Essay Topics” is ready to purchase, I’ll post a notice for you all. I hope it will be ready in a couple of months.

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  1. Joy Agagwu says

    Thanks Liz, I just booked for my IELTS and am finding your work really helpful.

  2. I really appreciate your efforts 🙂 looking for your upcoming book of ideas for writing

  3. It is an approachable effort to acquire key points in connection to ieltsliz guidances, appreciated.

  4. I really appreciate your efforts ma, you have helped my listening and reading, thanks so much, looking forward to your E book.

  5. miss Liz, I have posted 2 questions for which I haven’t got any replies from name is Prahlad

    • You posted comments on the page “Recent Exam Questions”. There is a notice on that page not to post questions. Anyway, I’ve read your comments. Why are you surprised that your speaking test lasted only about 15 mins. What did you expect? Did you enter the test without knowing the length of time it lasts? The IELTS speaking test lasts between 11 and 14 mins – not more and not less. If you do not have ideas to answer a question, just say “I haven’t got a clue. I’ve never thought about that before”. The examiner will ask another question. You are not marked on task completion or ideas in speaking.

      • thank you miss Liz for the advice.Your IELTS videos and practice tests are a boon for us thanks for all this miss Liz

  6. Ajibodu SAKIRU says

    It nice to have someone like you who assist in solving issue concerning goes a long way in solving question especially those of us travelling abroad and helps in self development.


    I want this can I gather this book?

    • It isn’t ready yet. I hope to have it ready in a couple of months. I’ll post a notice when it’s ready to buy 🙂

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