Answers to Reading Practice Caral City

Below are the answers to the reading practice lessons about the ancient city of Caral. If you have not completed this reading lesson, please finish it before looking at the questions below. Click here to complete the lesson: Reading Lesson Caral City

Questions: Are the following statements True False or Not Given based on the passage above?

  1. The city did not include housing for its citizens.
  2. As far as the eye could see, the landscape was arid.
  3. The largest pyramid is 60 feet in height in Caral.
  4. Caral had a bigger population than most cities at that time.
  5. Caral is thought to have provided a prototype for subsequent civilisations.


  1. FALSE
    1. The passage clearly states there were “residential areas”. This means areas for citizens to live = housing.
  2. FALSE
    1. It does not matter where the person is in the city to view the surroundings. The passage shows that the city was “overlooking” a “lush valley”. This means a green, fertile valley was visible from the city. Arid means “dry” so the passage shows the opposite.
  3. TRUE
    1. “six large pyramids (platform mounds) …. The largest of the mounds … is 60 feet high”
    1. There is no information in the passage that compares the population of Caral with other cities.
  5. TRUE
    1. “Researchers believe the model of the city was used by many civilizations that came after the Norte Chico.”.

I hope you found this reading lesson useful. For more reading lessons, click here: IELTS Reading Main Page

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  1. I failed the first question instead of f i wrote t. finally i got 4/5. you have been so helpful. Tnx

  2. Please, Liz can I post some of my writing task 1 here so you can correct me.

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  4. Subramanian Suryanarayanan says

    Took my IELTS test (General) on 10th Feb 2018 in Dubai, UAE.

    My analysis is as follows :
    Listening / Reading – fairly straightforward (as long you pay attention & have practiced sample questions before)

    Writing / Speaking – not rocket science, but needs good time management, legible handwriting (to be practiced before the test!) and speaking cohesively (2 min speech – again, must practice before the test!).

    No matter how confident / good an English speaker you may be, unless you have practiced as per IELTS requirements, the real test will be challenging / unnerving. My advise to all – practice for all the 4 modules at least 2 practice tests before taking up the actual one.

    Coming to the questions (that I can recollect)

    Writing Task 1 :
    You were studying abroad, but had to leave the course in between and have now returned to your home country. Write a letter to your teacher
    – Thank him/her
    – Explain why you left the course in between
    – What did you enjoy about the course

    Writing Task 2 :
    In some countries, people who have plenty of money keep buying more and more things. Do you think this is a positive or negative development ?

    Speaking Part 1 Q’s (some of them):
    (a) What times of the day do you take your meals?
    (b) On what occasions do you eat at restaurants and why?
    (c) Has your eating habits changed since childhood?
    (d) Do you follow world news or news of your home country?
    (e) How do you read the news – newspaper or online? why?
    (f) Do you discuss news with your colleagues?
    (g) Would you like to be a newsreader someday?

    Speaking Part 2 Q (cue card)
    Describe a memorable car journey that you had undertaken. Cover the following –
    (i) When did you take it?
    (ii) Who all were with you?
    (iii) Why is it memorable?

    Speaking Part 3 Q’s:
    (a) Do you think training is required for driving certain types of vehicles? Why?
    (b) Do you think high school children should be taught to drive?
    (c) Future of transportation is driveless vehicles – what do you think about the advantages/disadvantages of this?
    (d) Do you think the driveless cars are more to hacking? Why?
    (e) Do you think our skies are going to get crowded because of flying cars and cause traffic jams there ?

    I am expecting my results by 24th Feb – wish me luck 🙂


  5. Ramkrishna says

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  8. 29th of Jan
    Speaking test, Nepal
    1. How did you spent your childhood days?
    2. What do you prefer to do in your Spare time?
    3. At what age children should be allowed for driving?
    Task 2
    Describe car travelling day you enjoy or memerise.
    -with whom you are travelling
    -why you are travelling
    -what did do you
    -do you enjoy or not
    Task 3
    tell me something about condition of public vechile in your country
    Changes observed from last 2 decades
    how can be the their condition improved?

    Writing Task 2(Feb 1st,2018)
    People going to settle foreign country needs to follow new customs and tradition?
    To what extent do u agree or disagree?
    Give example on your experience.

  9. Hi ma’am, while on holiday can we susbscrib to your classses?

    • I will not be posting any new lessons. All my past lessons are always available to everyone. My advanced lessons are always available as well.

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    I need guidance about the rechecking service of ielts.
    My recent score is
    S 7
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    Overall 8
    I need 7 for writing so,do you think its appropriate to go for rechecking in my condition.

  11. Grace Iheji says

    Your lessons are very helpful. I missed the first question though I got the other ones right.
    Do enjoy your holidays MA, I’ll be glad to have you back after the holidays.

  12. massive appreciation for you have been done for IELTS takers.

  13. #2 : city did not include housing for its citizens.
    The second para mentions “residences of the elite”.
    so does this mean the residential area is for the elite group and not for all its citizens.
    If so,answer should be ‘Not Given’ as its not talking about residence for citizens.

    Please correct me if i’m wrong.

    • The answer to number two is found in the first paragraph: residential areas. The TFNG answers come in order. Do not look down the page for an answer to question 2.

  14. Great lesson! Thanks a lot ma’am.

  15. sandhya Jayaswal says

    Thanks Liz

  16. I’ve got 6/6.

  17. 4/6 🙂 not bad for the beginning.

    Thank you 🙂

  18. Am beginning to understand how to tackle the reading TFNG ,thanks to your video on reading tips,thank you Liz and enjoy your holidays.

  19. That was a great lesson. I’ve recently started studying your sections, especially IELTS reading, since I need to practice this skill. I think you’ve done a great job. You deserve the best on your holidays.

    God bless you.

  20. Thank you dear Liz, I got 5/6 🙂

  21. Aftab Khan says

    Respected Mam,
    It was a very good practice of reading passage really. Reading portion is my weak side in ielts. Enjoy your leaves. God bless you.
    Regards, Aftab.

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    1st is wrong

    Mam, How much i can score with this reading skill ??

    Excellent job, thanks allot for your valuable lessons for practising.

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  29. Eduardo Frank says

    Damn I totally messed up on #3… actually had a doubt on #2 but went with the wrong answer “NG”.
    Keep up the good work, Liz. You are awesome!

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