Answers to Obese Vocab Lesson

Below you will find the answers to the lesson about using vocabulary: fat, overweight & obese. If you have not completed this lesson, please do so before looking at the answers – click here: Obese Vocab Lesson.

Remember that that your aim in IELTS writing is to produce accurate English without mistakes. Your vocabulary score goes up when you are more precise on your meaning and have less mistakes.


  1. Many people who have a sedentary lifestyle are overweight because they do not participate in regular exercise.
    1. It requires more than just a sedentary lifestyle to become obese. The word “fat” is informal and not suitable for this sentence.
  2. My next door neighbour got quite fat when she went to live in America for a year. I think she ate fast food most the time.
    1. This is an informal sentence and the word “fat” is most suitable. The sentence is gossipy in tone which is why the word “fat” fits – it is not a flattering word to use.
  3. 14 million children worldwide under the age of 5 were either overweight or obese in 2016.
    1. As you see, the word “overweight” has already been used which means the other word must be “obese”. We do not use the word “fat” when quoting official stats in a formal manner.
  4. Worldwide obesity has nearly tripled since 1975.
    1. In this answer you need the noun. “worldwide obesity” is a global issue.
  5. It is easy for people to become overweight if they do not eat a healthy diet.
    1. It is possible to use the word “fat” in this sentence, but the word “overweight” is more appropriate. It would depend on whether you were speaking informally or not, and whether you cared about being polite. Remember, the word “fat” is not polite to use when referring to people’s weight.

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    • I’m glad you are enjoying the lessons 🙂 See the HOME page to learn how to access all my other lessons and tips on this site 🙂

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  3. Thanks Liz! I understood the instructions better after attempting the questions. I’m just grateful.

  4. Chinwe Ukaegbu says

    I got 1/5,my First attempt.God help me to improve .

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  6. Thank you, Liz! Every single information you give us helps us improve our English. Moreover, all these details makes us aware of the huge difference between formal and spoken English.

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    • The aim of this lesson isn’t to check your score. It is to help you gain awareness so that you can continue to develop in the right way. If you have learned from this lesson that you need to be more careful of the meaning and usage of words in English, then you have successes in learning the right lesson 🙂 It is a step forward 🙂

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    I got 4 out of 5😊.I wrote fat in no 5 and it was mistake.Would you please tell me why it will be “overweight” not ” Fat” in no 5.I think,It shouldn’t be ‘fat’ because ‘fat’ is not polite to use when referring to people’s weight . Isn’t it?

    • The answer key explains the answer for number 5. It explains that while it is possible, that word is best not used for the answer to number 5.

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