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Below are the answers to the listening practice about the Natural History Museum.

Make sure you have finished the listening practice before you see the answers. You can find the listening practice on this page: Museum Listening

Most students got about 4 answers correct. That’s great. For students who got all 5 correct – very well done 🙂

Transcript and Answers

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The Natural History Museum in London is a museum of natural history that exhibits a vast range of specimens from various segments of natural history. The museum is home to life and earth science specimens comprising some 80 million items within five main collections: botany, entomology, mineralogy, paleontology and zoology. The museum is particularly famous for its exhibition of dinosaur skeletons and ornate architecture—sometimes dubbed a cathedral of nature—both exemplified by the large Diplodocus cast that dominated the vaulted central hall before it was replaced in 2017 with the skeleton of a blue whale hanging from the ceiling. The skeleton is some 25 m long and weighing 10 tons.

Notice: This information was from wiki. You can read more about the Natural History Museum on this page:,_London

  1. 80 million
  2. zoology (the spelling must be correct)
  3. vaulted central hall / central hall / hall
  4. blue whale
  5. 10 tons


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  1. 10 Tonnes instead of 10 Tons can be correct?

  2. Lalnghakzeli Pautu says

    I got 4 right answers, was a bit confused with Vaulted Central Hall and Dinosaur.
    Hope it is alright when using 80m (not eighty milion ) ???

    • 80m is not acceptable as an answer. You need to write 80 million. The letter “m” is a not a standard replacement for the word. However, 80mins is fine instead of 80 minutes. If you are unsure, always write the full word.

  3. Abayomi Osunsanya says

    1.Eighty Million
    2. Zoology
    4. Blue Whale
    5. Ten tons

  4. mariam sherif says

    it s right when i write eighty million?

    • If the answer allows for two words it is fine. But most numbers are written as numbers: 80,000,000 OR a number and a word: 80 million.

      • Paritosh Gupta says

        Hi Liz,

        Thanks for these wonderful videos. Need your suggestion for 1st and the last answer.
        I have written the 1st answer as 80 million and similarly the last answer as 10 ton. But in the answers, it is ‘tons’. Would request you to help me with this to better understand.

        • Ton – is a weight (it’s a noun) so it uses plural forms. 80 million – the million is used as an adjective – no plural form.

  5. I got these:
    80 million
    Dinosaur skeleton
    Blue whale
    10 tons

    Though I listened to the audio twice.
    Please Ma’am, how many times can one play the audio at the exam proper?

    • Mariyeh Mushtaq says

      Only once. You will be allowed to listen to the audio only once. So it’s important that you take your time to study the questions before listening to the audio.

  6. Amel GHANEM says

    I can’t see the answers , would someone post them for me please? Thanks

  7. Hey Liz ,

    I have a doubt with regards to listening. I want to know during the examination whether its fine and allowed to read ahead sections in the 30 seconds break provided between the audio. I want to basically use these break times to cover all mcq’s.

    • You MUST read ahead before the audio starts. The time is given for you to do this. You skim read the questions and also underline key words that will help you.

  8. Correct mam, got 5

  9. Harwinder Singh says

    Thanks for this listening I got 4 Right

  10. Thanks Liz. I got 5 correct answers!!!
    More practice tests please!

  11. Dear Liz

    I got 4, if I write : 80 millions, is it wrong?
    Thanks a lot Liz 🙂

  12. ify nathaniel says

    i wrote 10 tonnes instead of 10 tons. am i correct?

  13. Jake Bocado says


  14. I got 6 out of 5 , Liz

  15. kulwinder kaur says

    hi mam
    i did all correct

  16. My score is 4 mam

  17. I did 3 correct:(

  18. Hie Liz
    Thank you very much I got 4/5
    I missed blue whale.

  19. Mary James says

    Hi liz,i got all right.thanks for the practice test.

  20. All 5 correct 😃 thanks liz !

  21. Thank you Liz . Got four correct

  22. I got three wright

  23. I got 4 to be correct..thanks Liz for Ur excellent tips and really works

  24. Shikha Arora says

    Hey Liz.. thanku for this practice test..
    I got all 5 answers correct

  25. Is this okay to write 10 tonnes instead of 10 tons in the 5th answer?

  26. Thank u mam for correcting me

  27. HINA AFROZ says

    I did all correct

  28. my all answer is right

  29. Memoona amin says

    Hey Liz , I got all 5 correct with spellings..😊.really appreciate your work tips and strategies …please persist these exercises to enhance and improve our skills..

  30. Dear mam

    If hall is correct then only whale is also correct?

  31. Wow I got all right

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