Answers to Mammoth Listening Lesson

Below are the answers, transcript and useful vocabulary for the IELTS listening lesson about Mammoths which focuses on multiple choice pictures.

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Vocabulary Builder
mammoth = prehistoric animal now extinct similar in shape to an elephant
physiology = make-up / structure
prominent = major / outstanding
parts of an elephant and mammoth = tusks, trunk, large ears
huge / colossal = enormous / extremely large

There is evidence of much change and development in the mammoth. We can see the Ambelodon 20 million years ago, the Stegodon 12 million years ago and finally the Stegotetrabelodon which existed somewhere between 7.5 to 4.5 million years ago. There seem to have been a number of changes in the physiology of the mammoth, the most prominent were in the height, the size of the ears and the shape of the head and tusks. Today, I’m going to be focusing, on the one most of us associate with the ‘so-called’ classic shape and size of a mammoth and which is most known for its huge curving tusks and colossal size.

= B
‘Today, I’m going to be focusing on….. which is most known for its huge curving tusks and colossal size.

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  1. B

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    Difference between today’s music and the earlier.
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    How did you feel like
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