Answers to Magnet Therapy Reading Exercise

Below you will find both questions and answers to the reading about Magnet Therapy. Make sure you finish the reading exercise before you look at the answers. Click here to do the reading practice: Magnet Therapy Reading

Questions 1-6

Complete the sentences using no more than one word and/or a number from the passage above.

  1. Magnetic therapy aims to ease ………
  2. It is possible to buy ………… to wear on the wrist that contain therapeutic magnets.
  3. Devices using magnetic therapy are considered to have only a …….. effect.
  4. The magnetic therapy market is said to be worth at least ……….. per annum.
  5. Magnets have been historically used to ………. disease from a sick person.
  6. The magnetic fields are unable to ……… human skin which is approximately …….. in thickness.


  1. PAIN
    1. You can not have two words.
    1. The word should be plural.
    2. The key word was “wrist” and this indicates the answer is “bracelets”.
  4. $1 BILLION
    1. You must have the “$”. Your task is to write what is missing and the “$” is missing.
    2. $1 = one number / $1 billion = one number and one word
  5. DRAW
    1. No other answer is possible.
    1. It is not necessary to use any punctuation. If you want to divide the answers using a “,” then it’s fine. You can’t write the word “and”.
    2. It is also find to write 3mm – using small letters.
    3. Both answers should be written in the answer box for question 6 – they are both required for one point.
    4. No other answer is possible.

I hope this lesson was useful. Find more reading exercises on my main reading page: Main IELTS Reading Page

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  1. Ramanpreet kaur says

    Thnku so much Liz…
    Ur tips r really useful for everyone..
    God bless u 😍

  2. Hey Liz thx for your tips.
    Liz I did my Ielts life skills on 25/01/2018 as you know we are paired two test takers when doing life skills but we were given topics each to talk about ok to ask questions eachother but the other test taker didn’t understand the question what I did I asked him questions according to the way he understood the questions won’t it affect my score?am all stressed.
    He was asked to tell me about that one thing that he always has everyday but instead he told me what he does everyday?he said exercises everyday meaning he misunderstood the question.

  3. Caroline Kaminya says

    thank Liz for the exercise, i got no 5 wrong.

  4. Hi Liz,

    For Q3 can we use sham instead of placebo. Is it ok to use your choice of words in the reading even though its not mentioned in the passage?

  5. Thanks Liz I got 5,I missed number3,thanks my great teacher.

  6. I got all questions right. Thanks Liz!

  7. pankaj sharma says

    Hi Liz,
    I have a question for you..Your essay tips say that they are good if we want to prepare for band 5 to band 8 essays..and the tips are really good. I appreciate that..but what if someone wants to target band 9.. What else can be done or does the structure change in that case?
    Please help..

    I want to target for Band 9.. as I have already scored band 8 overall.. Please help

    pankaj sharma

  8. Jenny sibik says

    Thanks, it really great tips

  9. My question may be unrelated!! Passage you are providing here on the portal are easy and i could secure 90 to 100% in these reading passages, however when i am trying to hit the book provided by IELTS for prep i am unable to secure more than 26 out of 40. Hence i have doubt that In general reading passage this is the level or the level in the IELTS Book. Please clarify.

  10. I have 4/5 right. Thank you for exercise.

  11. Thanks liz…. My question is that, are the reading and listening sheets checked by a machine or by manually?…… Am waiting for your answer.

  12. When question say”?not more than one word and/or a number” does it mean answer should be either just one word or a number? Or should the answer be one word and a number?

    • “not more than one word and/or a number” =
      one word only
      one word and a number
      one number only
      Both the “and” and the “or” can be used in the sentence. One word and a number / one word or a number.

  13. Should we put comma in between two answers ? For illustration ______ and _____ Reply quick i have my exam on 20th jan . . Waiting for your reply

  14. Good evening Liz. Could you please explain why the answers are in block form? Is it allowed in the test?

  15. johin k james says

    Thanks madam…

  16. Pooja goel says

    Hi Liz,
    Thanku so much for your writing lessons.It really helped me in improving my writing task 2. My Ielts exam is on 20 th January, can you please share some last minute tips.

  17. Olisa Anthony says

    Hello Liz
    I had my speaking test today. I was asked about the topic rain. Then for the general question part, I was asked about how mobile phones have helped people. Also I was asked how often do I use my mobile phone.
    Then for the task card I was asked to describe a time I was pleased to have my mobile phone. who I was with, where I was and what happened.
    I want to use this medium to appreciate your effort. Thank you for everything.


  19. Nafi jewel says

    Thank you Liz!. You’ve been quite helpful.

  20. Alaa Alshammari says

    Dear liz
    May I ask an unrelated question? I have applied for EOR since April 2017 and till now I didn’t have the result for it, and every time I try to contact the local ielts test center they keep telling me to wait. How long shall I wait and is there an official contact email I can complain about it?

  21. Rawia Obida says

    I got all the answers correct
    Thanks Liz

  22. Thanks a lot.
    I find writing difficult compare to other section in IELTS, so can you please help me to overcome the problems in writing(specially in task 1: diagrams or graph type questions)?
    How to write overview for such questions?

  23. Thanks Liz…I got one wrong, nunber 5 I wrote Alleviate instead Draw.

    I Should pay more attention to the question.

    Thank you again. I appreciate all the effort you did to brings us new subject!

  24. Hi Liz,

    Can we use the word ‘ ache’ in place of ‘pain’ for question-1 ??

  25. Will i get it right if i choose treat on number 5 question

    • It is incorrect. It is possible to “treat the body” but not “treat from..” Pay attention to the words in the question to choose the right answer.

  26. All my answer got right.
    i have little bit confused with q1 there are two possible words pain and health.
    finally i picked up pain….and its a right answer
    i am very happy.

    Dear liz,
    Kindly send me that kind of reading stuff more if possible for you.

    • It is not possible to say “to ease health” – this would be incorrect English. You can ease pain in order to gain health. This is about collocations – which verb matches which noun.

  27. Grace Iheji says

    The test was very useful. I’m happy I got all my answers right.
    Thanks Liz

  28. Thanks for the exercise

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