Answers to Listening: Office Etiquette

Hi guys,

I have posted the answers to yesterday’s listening lesson with the transcript as well.

I’ve posted them back on the lesson page. Click this link to see the answers: Office Etiquette Listening Lesson




  1. Hi Liz,

    Thank you for your lessons and tips. I am learning a lot. I hope you can also help me with this? I’d like to ask you what academic words is best to use to paraphrase this? The table shows the sales at a small restaurant in a downtown business district.
    Thank you.

    • Always use accurate English and remember you don’t need to change all the words. “The table illustrates the number of sales of various restaurants in the central business district.” Usually you should list the names of the restaurants in your introduction or at least give the number of them.

    • Gus Timothy says

      Gus Timothy from Lagos, Nigeria
      I had my speaking test today 23/06/2017
      Part 1 : related to work …
      Part 2 Clue card: Describe a recent changed I had either in school or at job? When was that? What happened? And how do you felt about the change?
      Part 3: Historical place I visited recently
      Does people in your country use email?
      How often you use email?
      What do you think email will be used more in future?
      What will you prefer sending email or talking over a telephone?
      Am having my Listening,Writing and Reading tomorrow.. wish me well…Thanks.

  2. Hi Elizabeth,

    I got my results for IELTS GT(13 May 17).

    L – 9
    R – 8.5
    S & W – 7

    Thank you for your support especially with the tips for R & W.


  3. neethu sadanandan says

    Thank you so much ………… Its really useful.

  4. Thank you so much Ms. Liz. I find your lesson really useful and interesting!

  5. Hello Madam, thanks for the lessons. Please, did you have lesson on pte?

  6. Sonia simon says

    Hello madam..Could you please give some essay samples

  7. Poonkodi says

    Thank you Liz… is useful

  8. wow liz i hv got better from previous scores love u… :*

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