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Hi guys,

I have posted a list of problems for the candidate’s letter and also a model letter with notes to help you see what you need to do. This is all posted back on the original page. Click here: Improving an IELTS Letter

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  1. Urvisha says

    Hi Liz

    Hope you are doing well. I have read somewhere on your website that by end of April you are posting one book for IELTS task 2 idea generation exercise.

    Could you please let me know from where can I purchase that book ?

  2. thank you for advertisement

  3. Abzal Iskendir, Kazakhstan says

    Task 2: Nowadays people have many choices, state your agreement or disagreement of that view?

    My answer:
    The actual day, people say that human being has too many choices in reality. On that reason both my agreement and disagreement of view to the topic would be given. By my assumption, we should clarify selection point for what kind of profession they wish to obtain.
    To begin with, today people’s view is a little bit weird. Therefore, I wish to begin with education system. The main driver of being free, is to study abroad or in Kazakhstan. Foreign countries are offering scholarships or grants with their universities, thus the students have choice either to study in outside of their motherland or in hometown.
    The second reason of options is related to medicine. The treatment of disease is curied or treated in any developed countries, such as Israel or Korea. If you are wealthy person, there are no obstacles to have medical check-up on you in those mentioned countries. Only money plays an essential role on that procedure.
    The next point is related to food consumption. Today the boundary of many countries are free to have an export-import relation with neighbors. So products, such as meat, chocolate or fruits can be transported between countries. Nowadays there is huge variety of products you can easily buy at shops and markets.
    In conclusion, today people have many diverse aspects of life than they used to have.

    Lis, may you check my essay and give suitable IELTS score on it. Any comments are welcomed. Thank a lot.


  4. Chetna SP says

    Hello Liz,

    I would like to ask which if the below two sentences are correct :
    When I speak and say:

    Feels like doing it.


    Feel like doing it. (I think that this is correct , however my friends disagree and tell me that both can be used when I’m speaking .

    • Both are wrong – where is the pronoun? Where is the subject?

      • Chetna SP says

        Yes, it should start with an “I”
        But, I would want to know which one of the two is correct in terms of sentence format.
        Thank you so much Liz for reply to everyone’s comment you are super sweet😇😋

        • Let me check I have understood. You want me to tell you which is correct:
          I feel / I feels
          Is that what you mean?

  5. Shaziawajahat says

    Thank you liz , your explanation was very helpful to understanding the exam requirements.

  6. Dear Liz, thank you it is perfect. So clear ,useful ,organize

  7. Hycent Nwabeze says

    Thank you very Liz for your lecture tips and materials

  8. jogi joseph says

    Hi good evening.
    thank you very much for your support. I think it would be a great help for all the IELTS students.

  9. Hi Liz,
    You are exceptionally awesome.I like your teaching styles,easy to understand.pls, I still need more tips on all the exams is coming up in June.warm regards

    • There are over 300 pages of lessons and tips on this site. Please read the HOME page to learn how to view them.

  10. Hi Liz, is your ebook out yet ? I’d like to order it.

    • I’m in the final stages of preparation to put it in my online store. Hopefully one more week – two weeks at the most. I’ll let you know when it’s ready by posting on this website.

      • Thanks for your super quick response! I’m eagerly waiting for it.
        PS : I’m completely smitten by your smile. 🙂

        • But you won’t see my smile in an e-book 😉

          • Md. Nizam Uddin says

            what does that mean??
            we always pray for our smiling face.

            • I will be releasing a book, not a video 🙂 Thanks for your prayers 🙂

              • Hello Liz, you are indeed a blessing to all. I have a question and it’s all about the best way to place a subscription to a letter. Where exactly is it meant to be placed at the bottom of the letter? Is it the right or left? Especially when handwritten. Thanks.

  11. Thank you soo much Liz..your explanations are really helpful..

  12. Eze Jonas says

    I really learned a lot from this, thank you so much ma.
    May our good God in his infinite mercy continue to bless and protect you.

    Please, does age affect someone’s grade?

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