Answers to Cue Card Meaning

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I’ve posted the answers to yesterday’s lesson about asking the examiner the meaning of the cue card. Go back to original page to see my answers. click here: Cue Card Meaning

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  1. Hi Liz!

    I’ve a doubt regarding a question that is usually asked in the Speaking test.

    Once the examiner asks us about our hometown, could we speak about the city (country B) where we were born, raised and are residing; rather than our home country (country A)?

    This question has often sent most of my friends into a dilemma.

    Appreciate if your goodself can revert for the above at the next available time.

    Many thanks in advance 🙂

    • Your hometown is the town you were raised in as a child. I don’t understand your question. Why do you think hometown is different to the town you were raised in? What is your definition of hometown? A hometown means a town, village or city where you were raised – it is not a country.

      • Thanks Liz.

        What I was looking for , was what exactly does the examiner mean by the word HOMETOWN.
        I did get couple of meanings but wanted to be sure w. r. t. IELTS.

        Now that you’ve confirmed. Thanks again.

  2. Rupinder says

    Hi Liz, I have started preparing for IELTS and practice was going well with your given tips but today i tried to solve a reading test it was different and tough also.. Does the pattern changes or types of questions? Is it more difficult now? Should I practice only 2018 practice tests?

    Please reply, I am bit terrified.

    • You should get the IELTS Cambridge test books which contain real IELTS tests published by IELTS. There are about 13 books which contain about 4 tests each. You should also learn techniques and know as much as possible about the test to understand more fully. Go to the RED BAR at the top of this website and review each main page of IELTS.

  3. Hi Liz,
    for the ielts listening session of the test,its ok to write your answers in CAPS
    i hope to hear from you soon. thank you

  4. Hii Liz please share June 2018 writing task 2 topic.

  5. Should we include opinion in the question type:- do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?
    And please mention me further question types which include to give my opinion.
    Thank you


    Hi Liz, I’m following your vids in YouTube and must say they are really helpful. I can’t thank you enough for sharing such useful info. I have one question if you could help me with…is it okay to leave a blank line to differentiate between two paragraphs in writing tasks? Or v should just give some space (tab) before initiating a new paragraph?

    • There are no rules about this. As long as your paragraphs are easy to see, it’s fine both ways. I personally prefer to leave one line empty because it’s much easier for the examiner.

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