Answers: Spelling Vocabulary about Zoos

Below are the answers with a pronunciation audio to the lesson about zoos that tested your ability to spot spelling mistakes.

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There are 14 spelling mistakes in the paragraphs. Check your answers below and listen to the recordings at the same time to improve your pronunciation. The words spelled incorrectly have been highlighted.

Paragraph 1


There are a number of reasons why it is wrong to put wild animals in zoos. Firstly, wild animals are not domisticated (domesticated) and should be free to rome (roam) around their natural habitate (habitat). Putting them in confinned (confined) spaces in zoos means that they will never be able to return to the wild again. Secondly, animals have natural instinkts (instincts) which they develop from living in the wild and pass down to their own off spring (offspring). These instincts will gradually fade and never return if they are kept in capivity (captivity).

Paragraph 2

On the other hand, keeping animals in zoos does serve some useful porposes (purposes). Zoos can serve a way to protect indangered (endangered) species. Many species are facing dwinling (dwindling) numbers due to the distruction (destruction) of their habitat or from disease so by keeping them in zoos, they are protected from extinction. Another reason why zoos can be useful is that they can serve as a way to educate the public. Most people will never come into contract (contact) with such a range of species in their lives. So, by having zoos, people are able to experiance (experience) seeing them and also learn about them. Hopefully this will help with the pretection (protection) of animals in the future as people will learn to appreciate animals.



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