Answers for Summary Reading

Answer for yesterday’s IELTS reading lesson for the summary “The Importance of Sleep”. Before you check the answers, here is some useful vocabulary to help you:

  • adolescents = teens(not academic) = teenagers
  • promotes = helps support
  • chronic = long term – continual – unending
  • lack of sleep = sleep deficiency
  • have an impact on = can affect
  • important aspects of our lives = think, react, work, learn & get along with others


Click below to reveal the answers.

1. quality
2. growth (any order)
3. development (any order)
4. chronic

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  1. Hi Liz,

    Got 4/4!

    Great learning with you!
    When u take lessons it feels that you are right in front of me.
    Thank you so much for your support.
    Really grateful.

    Warm personal regards

    • I’m really pleased. It’s important to gain confidence in IELTS as well as understanding. MY lessons will certainly help, but don’t forget to do full practice tests at home from the IELTS Cambridge test books 1-13.

  2. got 4/4

  3. Thanks Liz. It’s interesting and informative

  4. 4/4
    4 mins
    Too much time

  5. no 2=enough quality.. is it correct answer??

    • Do you mean question 1? That would be marked wrong. The word “enough” is given in the sentence. Your task is to provide the missing words (this means the word that are not given).

  6. adili blessing chikwado says

    Thanks ma

  7. adili blessing chikwado says

    Thanks ma,but is the question the same with the general reading or more difficult

  8. I got 4/4

  9. 4/4
    Thanku mam

  10. Ethar Mostafa says

    thank you

  11. Hi Liz,
    I started to study for ielts exam with your website and honestly you are amazing, wonderful and nice. Your style of teaching is the best I have ever seen, I don’t know how I thank you for your efforts. I read this article about sleep and as always it teaches many useful things to me, thank you soooooooooooooooo much Liz.

  12. Mallika Prakash says

    Hi Liz..Thank You

  13. Nawar Turk says

    Please correct the typo “deficieny”; “deficiency”

  14. Hi Liz, Shall i get Cambridge reading tests online???

  15. khalid Hamed says

    thank you for your great efforts

    I scored 4/4

    kind regards

  16. Santhosh says

    Will the questions in original IELTS exam be asked in the same level of difficulty like above Questions ?

    • For the academic reading test, it will be the same difficulty or possibly more difficult. Get a copy of one of the Cambridge IELTS books from 1 to 10. They are sets of test papers published by IELTS. You can use them for more practice because they are real tests.
      All the best

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