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Below you will find the questions and answers for the IELTS reading lessons about medical robots.

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  1.  The accuracy and calculation of robots is unparalleled.
  2. Robots are used in medical practices in all countries.
  3. Robots can view a very small camera to coordinate movements.
  4. Medical robots have reduced the size of cuts needed on the body.
  5. More people recover from surgery when it is performed by a medical robot.


  1. TRUE
    1. With unmatched precision ………. one of the most useful applications of robotic technology.
    2. Unmatched precision = unparalleled accuracy and calculation.
    1. No information is given about using medical robots in ALL countries.
    2. “These robots are widely used in various medical practices” means robots are used for different medical reasons. This is not about how many countries use them.
  3. FALSE
    1. “The surgeon maneuvers the system’s robotic arms while viewing a tiny, high-resolution endoscopic camera…” This means the surgeon looks through the tiny camera to move the robot – not the robot looking through the camera. This means the passage shows the statement is wrong = false.
  4. TRUE
    1. “Successful surgery patients have therefore reported smaller incisions,”. Because robots preform the surgery, the incision (the cut) is smaller.
    1. No information is given about how many people recover. The passage does not show more people recover or less people recover.
    2. “faster healing time ” this is about how fast people recover – not how many people recover.

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  1. Amgad Saed says

    Thank you a lot Liz for these enormous efforts and useful articles.

  2. Samuel Tucker says

    I am really impressed with your contributions towards the IELTS exams; It actually shows that you want every candidate to be well prepared for the exam.Thanks very much.

  3. I got 5/ are so intellectual in vocabularies for clear explanations.Thank you.

  4. I don’t agree with answer#2 because writer says it is now being practised is several parts of the world, that means several countries.
    And question is that if its being used in all countries?
    So there is a a clear evedence that writer has mentioned this in content.
    FALSE would be a correct answer rather then NT.
    Can u please reply to clear my concept?

  5. Hi Liz,
    I have just finished my IELTS preperation test. There was a TRUE/FALSE/NOT GIVEN question. I found one particular statement tricky as it was not complete. In the text the statement was giving two reasons for a successful research which was the topic of this reading part. Then in the question, there was only one reason mentioned as a fundamental rule of a successful research. I didn’t know whether to put TRUE next it, as it was part if what the statement said, or to put FALSE because the other reason was not mentioned at all. Could you please help? Thanks

    • The whole statement and the whole paragraph needs to be examined.

      • Hi Liz,
        I have a question related to reading task .TFNG
        Sentence- The poison dart frog obtains its poison from its environment.

        Text- It generates its protection from its diet of poisonous ants, centipedes and mites.

        I gave false as the answer . but answer was true . can u please explain why it is true.
        Thank you

        • The “protection” refers to its poison. It takes the poison from other poisonous insects = from its environment. It is a match.

  6. Hi mam,
    Your app SoundCloud is not working when you give a link to listen audio. Anything is not playing on them. Pls fix this problem first.
    Thanks a lot

  7. All my answers are right ☺️
    I have my speaking on 3rd and LRW on 6th I’m really tensed 😭😭

  8. Can phrasal verbs be used in writing task 1 & task 2?

  9. says

    My qnswers were not match with your answers my all answers were wrong

  10. Kartik Monga says

    Oh gosh !! All correct, which i was not expecting so i already made up another reasoning for my 2nd question’s answer which i was expecting to be wrong. Now i’m confuse …
    But thanks for another lesson. Its helpful.

  11. deepak sharma says

    Got all correct answers…However I stuck in question no.2 with confusion between Not Give and False… Thanks liz for this exercise.

    • Should not the answer to question number 2 be false? Please refer to the last line of the first paragraph which clearly mentions “several parts of the world” and not “all countries”.

  12. I got 5/5 thanks for the help Ms. Liz.

  13. Thank you very much …It is very useful grow up our knowledge.

  14. Thanks Liz for wonderful lesson ,I got 3/5 and will trying to achieve more then it.
    I started IELTS preparation before few days back.
    Your blogs and website really useful , Your way of explained on each topic is amazing.

  15. Elizabeth Stein says

    1.In my view, accuracy does not include calculation…….Not given
    2. All countries is opposite to several countries……….False.
    Why are my answers wrong?

    • This has been explained. Precision in surgery is about calculation (calculation is not about only numbers). This word can be used in different contexts. You need to understand more about the deeper meaning of words.
      For question 2, I have explained this to another student already. Please read all comments on this page to find my explanation.
      you need to a) review the broader meaning of vocab b) not get distracted by similar words.

  16. I got 3/5 so i should read with much care next time. Liz you’ve done a great job by giving us these excercises…and help us all to focus on the real meaning

  17. The tips given by you are very helpful. Gratitude for all your efforts. Thanks a lot. Got 4/5..☺️

  18. 2. several parts of the world—does not mean all countries. how could the answer be NG. why not False. The sentence is not completed if we consider taking “These robots are widely used in various medical practices.”

    Please help me clear my doubt.

    • This answer has already been explained to another student. Please review the comments on this page to find your answer and details.

  19. Monika Galeva says

    Got them all correct! 🙂

  20. Fatusin Bolatito says

    Thanks Liz! I can now understand why I missed the second question.

  21. Thank you Mam

  22. Hi Liz,

    For second question – As in first paragraph last statement ends with saying ” These robots are widely used in….. in several parts of the world”.
    On the basis of above sentence, I marked it as False as it oppose the question’s statement which says “Robots are used in medical practices in all country.”. But, your answer says NG. Can you please explain it?


  23. Sanjeev Kumar says

    Hi Liz, thanks for the answers. It is helpful.

    I still have doubt for second question. Passage says robots are used for some medical practice in “various parts of the world”. Shouldn’t the answer be False because it doesn’t say all parts if the world but various parts.?

    • Can you check the comments to the other students because I’ve already answered this – thanks 🙂

      • Sanjeev Kumar says

        Got it, thanks Liz!

        This type of questions create confusion for me. I though Robots made changes in several parts of the world because it is used in several part if the world.

        But I will take care of this next time. Thank you so much!

        • IELTS don’t like to say that they use “traps” but this is a test. It is testing your ability to focus on meaning and not get distracted by similar words in the passage. If you see similar words, read carefully and also read the surround sentences rather than just one sentence (as you see in this case, the similar words were in the second of the sentence but the answer was in the first part !!) 🙂

    • Sanjeev Kumar says

      Correction in last line of my reply:

      Shouldn’t the answer be False because it doesn’t say all countries of the world but several parts of the world?

  24. Hi,
    For the second question, the passage does state that ” robots have completely revolutionised the speed and efficiency of health care services in several parts of the world.”

    So, isn’t “serveral parts of the world” is opposite to “all countries”, shouldn’t the answer be “False”?


    • *** About Question 2 ***

      The statement is not about revolutionising or the speed and efficiency. This is not about the effect of robots or about how robots have changed medical practice – it’s about whether all or only some countries use them. Keep on topic and don’t get distracted by matching words. This is about how many countries use them – not about the effects in those countries. Although some countries have been changed by using robots, we still don’t if it robots are USED in all countries or not.

  25. Quite a useful lesson Liz.

  26. Hello,
    in the 3rd Q, I suspected that surgeon points to actual human surgeon but a prior sentence “Nowadays, it is no longer surprising to learn that a hospital’s top performing surgeon is not human.” caused me reason differently, suggesting that here surgeon might be the robot, as well, and that the statement is true. How would you avoid these types of mistakes? 🙂

    • Why are you looking at the first sentence for an answer to the third question? 😉 These are TFNG questions and the answers come in order. The answer to question 3 can’t come before the answer to question 2 – it must come after. The order of answers does depend on the question type – but with TFNG, you know they come in order. See this page:

      • Thanks a lot! it makes great sense to follow the order. In the sentence relating to 3rd Q it is not directly suggested that the surgeon is a robot, so it is the human. I inferred instead of looking at the direct message. I’ll keep cautious eyes on it!!!

        Thank you very much again for your great advice!

  27. 5/5 in 4 minutes. Thank you Liz for the lessons, nobody that passed through your site extensively should fail. I love you.

  28. Jiji Prakash says

    Thank you Liz.

  29. My all answers are right😀 thank you Liz…

  30. Saadia Osman says

    Hi Liz
    Thank you for your kind help that you give us i am really pleased with you .

  31. I was worried reading the endless comments from yesterday, and could only find about 3 answers like mine. But now I’m so happy! Got all of them right!

    Liz, could the answer to number 2 be not given because in the text it states that those “robots have revolutionised the speed and efficiency of health care services in several parts of the world”, and therefore it’s not clear that they’re not USED neither in all countries nor in several countries, it just mentions the revolution. That’s why I thought it wasn’t FALSE either. Am I correct?

    • Can you check the other comments on this page because I already answered that comment 🙂 As you see, the answer for Q2 is NG.

  32. I found it very helpful.
    Thank you

  33. okoro Emmanuel says

    Nice one Liz. Your answers are in tandem with mine. Many thanks for bringing this to us.

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