Answers for Matching Paragraph Information

Below are the answers to the Matching Paragraph Information – Hobbies for the Elderly – which I posted yesterday. Before you check the answers, here are some words to help you with the reading lesson.

  • complicated = difficult
  • absorbing = interesting
  • rewarding = satisfying
  • via = through


1. C
New methods of communication is a paraphrase for the information contained in the last sentence of section C.
2. B
Socialise means ‘to meet and be with people’. This is a paraphrase for the last sentence of section B.

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  1. thank you liz

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  3. its awesome and very helpful

  4. Hi Liz! Glory to God for He has given you the gift of teaching. May He continually use you as a channel of His knowledge and wisdom to help his people be drawn closer to their dreams and to His will. Thank you for creating this website!

    Much love from Philippines,

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  9. Hello TAM,

    I think to socialize is more of meeting and being with people than sending wishes to people

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  12. I too think so.TAM u r right.

    Liz Can u plz explain?

  13. 2/2

  14. Thanks once again Liz. Had 2/2. But I find this task difficult and time consuming in longer passages. Especially in passage 3 (IELTS academics).

  15. may i know the difference between matching information and matching heading?

    • Matching information means you need to locate a specific piece of information and say which paragraph you found that information.
      Matching headings means you need to choose which heading is a good title for the paragraph. So, you need to understand the main point of the paragraph and choose the most appropriate heading for it.

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    This has given me so much hope…

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  19. Someone told me about this website yesterday and I’m finding it very useful. I only have 29 days to prepare for the IELTS test. Do you think its enough time to make at least 7 points? Thank you Liz! ☺️

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    I appreciate your lessons. i wish i knew you earlier, your lessons are really encouraging.

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  25. Thank you very much.Your tips are really very feasible.I always follow your tips but I need to know more about matching paragraph.

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