Answers for Listening Answer Exercise

Hi guys,

Here are your answers to yesterday’s listening exercise about choosing the correct answers.


Answer using no more than three words and/or a number.

  1. John can’t have  ……………or …………….
  2. Mary will need  to buy …………… for the car park.
  3. The car park will close at ………………………

Possible Answers:

Choose below which are the correct answers for these questions

**  You can choose more than one correct answer. In some cases, there might be two or three correct answers. **

Answer to Q1:   a) milk or butter         b) milk, butter           c) milk  / butter      d) milk  butter

Answer to Q2   a) ticket      b) a ticket     c) the ticket        d) car park ticket

Answer to Q3   a) at 9.30pm     b) at 9:30pm     c) 9.30pm     d)9:30pm


Click below to reveal the answers:


Q1 = You could choose b, c or d. All three were correct. Answer a was wrong. The word “or” was already given in the question and shouldn’t be used again.

Tips: When you have two words as an answer for one question, it is best to just leave a space between the words. For example, “milk   butter”. You can separate the words if you want using punctuation but it isn’t necessary.,

Q2 = You could choose b. The other answers were wrong.  The sentence must be grammatically correct to be marked right. So, you needed to write “a ticket” as your answer.

Q3 = You could choose c or d. Both of them are right. The answers a and b are wrong. The word “at” was given in the sentence so you should not repeat it.

Tips: When you write the time, there is no set rule for this. You could write 9.30pm or 9:30pm. As long as the person marking understands, it will be marked right. 




  1. Dear Elizabeth,
    should I include a space between the time and the AM/PM? Which one would you prefer, 9:00 PM or 9:00PM? Grammarly says that the former is correct.

    • You do not need to think about that for listening answers. Both options would be acceptable. Please be careful using that program.


    Good day Liz,
    I took my test recently and one of the question was to fill in a birthdate. The instruction was to fill with not more than two word with or number. In the script, the date was pronounced as twenty second , seventh, nineteen eighty five. How do we fill this? I wrote : 22nd-7-1985.

    Whats the best approach to answer this question? Thanks

  3. Oluwatoyin Jiboku says

    Thank you Liz,I got all the answers.

  4. Deepshikha says

    Ma’am please tell me that. Is there any differnece between british council or idp . I booked from idp as the dates in british council was not available.

  5. Muhammad Shahid says

    Hi Liz, all of your exercises worth billions. I am sanguine that I am in no need of joining any institution for preparation, except to go through your exercises. lots of thanks for helping us

  6. Mam, please tell how to write date in listening test for example if they say ” Thirtyfirst May” ,How we have to write 31 May or 31(st) May similarly if they say 15 july then how to write this in answer sheet 15(th) July or 15 July.

  7. Thanks for the tips!
    I appreciate that!

  8. Evuka Mascot says

    I’m writing on 30th September

  9. Evuka Mascot says

    Good day Ma! Your assignments re wonderful and I have been working on them seriously. With all these, do I still need handy materials for the exam?

  10. Thank you Liz and we all appreciate your help. I have recommended your website to all of my friends who are planning to take IELTS.

  11. Huyam mohamed says

    Thanks for your replay, I choose the answer for the Q:1 a because it was written in the topic or same as in the answer a and I didn’ think that will be a repetition. Thank you for clarifying that.

  12. I think you meant c and d for Question 3. Not c and b.

  13. Hiral Chanpaneri says


    Yesterday,I did practiced for listening section filling the blanks and in it speaker said two different ways.

    And as a aanswer I did written two different but in answer it showed 2 different

    Now I am confused how to rectify it? Which can be write in exam?

    Please,help me.

  14. Umang Pincha says

    3/3 hurray !!! Thank you ma’am . Your assignments are amazing .My exam is on 19th August hope it will help me. 😊

    Thank you

  15. For question three i think you mistakenly write b instead of d.
    Thanks for wonderful exercise.

  16. Jomon thomas says

    Thanku Liz

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