Answers for Future Libraries Listening Exercise

Below you will find questions, transcript and answers for the listening exercise of Future Libraries.

I included the audio on this page so that you can listen and read the transcript at the same time. This is a great way to check your answers and also improve your pronunciation.

Questions 1-5: No more than two words and/or a number.

  1. Libraries provide creative spaces and learning ………..
  2. Libraries can help to improve technological ……….. in society.
  3. ………… to any given book becomes possible using Library Bookmark.
  4. Patrons would be able to receive books at home using …………….
  5. Fingerlink allows the user to combine …………….. with a printed book.

Source: Information was taken from Their article contained more ideas for this topic so take a look.


Today, libraries are not only about lending books. They are creative spaces, not only for individuals, but also teams. They are economic incubators and learning hubs. Most of all, the libraries are the entry points to the digital world. They are the way to embrace technology and avoid digital exclusion. Therefore, to improve technological literacy of local communities, libraries should be equipped with relevant technologies.

Here are some suggestions for future improvements of technology in libraries:

  1. Library Bookmark: First of all, the device would be a perfect companion when navigating through the library, by giving turn-by-turn directions to the book the patron wants. The device could also keep track of all borrowed books, as well as remind the user of the return dates.
  2. Delivery Drones: To get the book from a library, you can either go and find it, or you can let it find you. The future belongs to the unmanned flying machines, and just like Amazon drones can deliver the goods to customers, libraries could deliver the books to patrons.
  3. FingerLink: It is a project currently developed by Fujitsu that will let you use digital tools to work with a printed book. It’s a stand you can put on a library desk. It includes two elements: a camera to read the information from the real world, and the projector to display digital information in the real world.


Spelling must be correct to have the answer marked correct. Using all capital letters is recommended for listening and reading answers.

  1. HUBS
    1. Brackets are used in the answer key of test books to show possible answers. In this case, it is possible to have the answer “drones” or “delivery drones”. You cannot use brackets in your test – you must choose only one answer.
    2. It is not possible to have “flying machines”. The paraphrase of drones is actually “unmanned flying machines” but it contains 3 words which goes over the word count limit.

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