Answers about counting words

Below are the answers to yesterday’s lesson about counting words in IELTS writing. See the qustions and answers below. Also notice I have added some extra links with more information so you can learn more about how words are counted in IELTS.

  1. Are small words counted such as “a” and “the”?
    1. Yes, they are counted. All words are counted. If you write “a man walked into a shop” = 6 words.
  2. Is “15%” counted as one word or two?
    1. It is one word. If you write “15 percent” = two words.
  3. Is this one word or two: “good-looking”?
    1. It is one word.
  4. Are commas counted as a word?
    1. No punctuation is not counted as a word.
  5. Does the examiner count all the words in your essay or does the examiner guess the word count?
    1. The examiner will see if your writing doesn’t look long. In that case, the examiner will count every single word. Each individual word must be counted precisely by the examiner.

Learn More

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