Answer to yesterday’s paraphrasing exercise 3

Yesterday, I gave you the essay question below to paraphrase:

Artists need a certain amount of freedom to develop their creativity. Some people think that artists should have total freedom to express any thoughts and ideas. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

On this page you will find

  1. model background statements for the above essay question
  2. good background statements posted by students
  3. a list of common mistakes
  4. a full model introduction
  5. useful link for writing task 2

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Model Background Statements

  1. As artists need freedom for their creativity, it is thought that there should be no limits to their freedom of expression.
  2. Some people believe that artists require freedom to be creative and therefore should have complete freedom to express any idea they have.
  3. Artists having complete freedom to convey any belief is thought by some to be paramount to an artist’s creative development.
  4. It is thought that without complete freedom of expression, an artist will not be able to be develop their creativity.

Interesting Background Statements from Students

  1. While it is generally understood that in order to be creative an artist must have some liberty to develop impulses and ideas creatively , some would argue that they should have full, and unrestricted, creative licence.
    1. Comment: This is a good background statement but too long. It’s a waste of time to write a long background statement and it won’t boost your score. But otherwise, this is well written with great vocabulary.
  2. It is considered by some that artists, in order to amplify their creativity, should be totally free to express their ideas and thoughts.
    1. Comment: This is the right length and well written. Just one mistake – the word “amplify” is incorrect. Avoid over paraphrasing – just use the word “develop”.
  3. Since art requires a level of freedom to be creative, some believe that artists ought to be granted all the freedom of expression they need.
    1. Comment: This is a great background statement. It’s written very well. The only thin I would change is the last word. I would change it from “need” to “want”.
  4. It is true that a level of liberty is required by artist to enhance their imaginative skills, but some people believe that artists should have unrestricted freedom in giving voice to their opinion and believe.
    1. Comment: I like this background statement. Nicely written. However, there are grammar mistakes: required by artists (plural needed) / to voice their opinions and beliefs (plurals needed).
  5. It is widely believed that artists ought to be given absolute freedom of expression, because freedom is essential in the development of their creative process.
    1. Comment: Well done 🙂

Common Mistakes in Paraphrasing

  • Artists = creators
    • this is wrong. The word artist means artist. You don’t try to paraphrase this.
  • Artists = people from art sphere
    • A mistake. It is obvious that paraphrasing the word “artist” is difficult. In fact, you shouldn’t try. Not all words in English can be paraphrased.
  • Some people = few people
    • this is wrong. You could write “a few people” but not “few people”. The term “few people” means “not enough people. It has a different meaning entirely.
  • It is always a topic of debate that
    • this shows the examiner you can’t write your own sentences and need to memorise phrases from a book. It will not help your score.
  • creativity = ingeniousness
    • completely wrong. Never paraphrase unless you are 100% sure. Mistakes will lower your score.

Full Model Introduction

Here is my model introduction. My thesis statement presents a partial agreement.

Some people believe that artists require freedom to be creative and therefore should have complete freedom to express any idea they have. In my opinion, while freedom of expression is important, art must be censored for violent or dangerous content.

Please let me know if you find this lesson useful.

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  1. It is very useful for writing introduction

  2. Being a creative artist requires complete freedom. It is widely thought that there is no limit of freedom for an artist to express what is going in his mind.
    What do you think Liz?

    • Is this the background statement? If so, the problem is that you have not stated this as someone else’s opinion/suggestion. People do not think there is is no limit = people think there should be no limit. You are presenting someone’s suggestions and then you present your own as a reply.
      Also see if you can write the background as one statement. This isn’t a rule – just a recommendation.

  3. Hi liz,

    This is very useful.. Thankyou

  4. Creativity picks up a greater height when the artists are empowered with freedom to think and express their ideas.

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  7. Seethal Michael says

    Some people believe that artists should get enough freedom to convey their thoughts and messages to the community.In my opinion although it is necessary to have freedom to deliver their ideas all art form should be censored to prevent violation of law.

  8. Giving a level of freedom to artists is very essential for them, so they could be able to express their opinions and beliefs in a creative and amazing way.

    What do you think Liz?

    • Some people are believed that giving a level of freedom to artists is very essential for them, so they could be able to express their opinions and beliefs in a creative and amazing way.

  9. Some people think that Artists require freedom to encourage their creativity, while many others believe that Artists ought to have no limit freedom to express their ideas and thoughts.

  10. The degree of freedom in which artists’ creativity can be developed has always been a controversy , while it is thought by some there should be no limit.

  11. Some people feel that artists should not be restricted by anyone in expressing their thoughts and ideas. While I agree that artists need a certain amount of freedom to develop their creativity, I feel that this freedom should not be absolute.

  12. Great and awesome lesson. Thanks you Liz

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    Hi! Liz
    Is it right to use ‘Succinctly’ instead of ‘To conclude’ or ‘In a nutshell’.

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  18. Neena Kamran says

    Please give suggestions! Iam still waiting 🙁
    Although some people think that expression of ideas and imaginations by artists should be under some limitations, others believe that it is required to improve their creativity.

    • I do not offer free marking service. I chose 5 introductions and commented on them. I will not give comments to 100 students.

  19. mary malondo says

    artist require freedom to a certain extend to build up there creativity,part of the population feel that artists should have complete freedom to express any mind and ideas.However in my view i don’t agree with the access to complete freedom

  20. memoona amin says

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  21. Ganesh kumar says

    Hello mam.I cant understand the fact that
    Crativity=ingeniousness is wrong.
    Please explain why it is wrong because I found creativity=ingeniousness in the

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  32. Hlo mam
    I’m little confuse that you are partial agree but you did not mention in introduction.
    And is it mandatory to mention in introduction part that agree or disagree?

    • You must give your opinion that is what the examiner is looking for. You do not need to use the words “agree” or “partially agree”.

  33. The government should allocate more funding to teaching sciences rather than other subject for country to develop and progress.

    After paraphrasing
    Although many would argue that other subjects has a greater role in education,i think the nation should assign more subsidy to science subject for its prosperity.

  34. Neena Kamran says

    Please give suggestions!
    Although some people think that expression of ideas and imaginations by artists should be under some limitations, others believe that it is required to improve their creativity.

  35. Anupama verma says

    Hi Liz
    I really like your tips and lessons. They help me a lot in preparing for the exam. My query is .. can we talk of both pros and cons in the ques to what extent you agree…

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  42. Nahida Akther says

    According to a few people there is no alternative of liberty to present artists imagination in the creative work. I think free thinking and academic knowledge are also important.

  43. Oh yay…I see mine there and I got the “well done”, thanks Liz, im quite encouraged…..but I’m still struggling with achieving the perfect length of introduction…. I’m still hitting about 70 words, I need to whittle that down to about 50words before 30th….will keep practicing…. Thanks again Liz

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  47. To those who didn’t spot their own background statement in this post (including me): don’t give up and be positive, practice makes perfect 🙂

    And thank you, Liz, for those valuable lessons.

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