Answer to gap fill reading lesson

Below are the answers to the following questions.

If you have not finished this reading lesson, please do so before you look at the answers. Click here: Gap Fill Reading Mathematical Intelligence


  1. Finding links between items is possible for certain people by utilising their …………..
  2. They enjoy mental challenges and are skillful at ……….. which require planning and foresight.
  3. People with this type of intelligence are often good at going beyond the obvious by …………. and …………….


  1. logical skills
  2. games
    1. you can’t have the answer “chess” because the grammar would be wrong. “games which require” = plural noun.
    2. “planning and foresight” is a paraphrase for “strategy”.
  3. investigating  analysing (it is also possible to write “investigating, analysing”)
    1. “investigating and analysing” is WRONG. You are asked to provide the missing words. The word “and” is not missing. Be very careful not to lose marks in this way!

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  1. Hello Liz .
    Thank you very much Liz .. your website has a lot of benefit.

  2. Liz, you are simply amazing woman

  3. this site was recommended by a friend…thank you very much Liz for your valuable tips and review strategies.

  4. Hi Liz
    Thank you all the time:)
    I have a question with 2nd one.
    Is it possible ‘games involving strategy’?

  5. Thank u mam , I hope I am improving my reading skill.

  6. Hello Liz,
    As you told that we cannot change the form of the word, (investigation, analysis) is it applicable for all sections of the reading ?

  7. Hello Liz!
    Thank you for the post. I have a question regarding this reading exercise. Is it possible to write ‘investigation,analysis’ for the answer to question 3? Will that be grammatically correct?
    Thanks again!

  8. Diana Georgieva says

    Thank you very much, Liz, for your valuable help and lessons!

  9. logical skills
    deductive skills
    investigation and analysis

  10. I would have gotten all answers correct if not that I wrote ” chess” instead of “games”. All the same, I’m happy because this is my first time of trying. Bless your heart, Liz.

  11. I really appreciate your ielts information. It is almost correct.

  12. Parita patel says

    Thank you…

  13. thanks Liz for the commitment

  14. Yeahhh…. Tnks dear liz.. Keep on supporting us.

  15. May I have your email id? It’s me Nayeem

  16. Very comprehensive

  17. Hello liz , regarding above passage y it was not (deductive reasoning ) in ans no 2 . Thanks

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