Answer about wanna and gonna in speaking

Here is your answer about using “wanna” or “gonna” in IELTS speaking tests.

Click to see answer and to get useful tips: Using Wonna & Gonna

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  1. Hi Liz,

    Thanks for your awesome website. Can we use gonna and wanna in our informal letters in writing task 1 GT?

    Thanks in advance

  2. Hi liz how can i improve my reading skills?
    What should i do?

  3. Hi Liz..
    I have a doubt ., in listening test is it ok if i write answers in cursive writing.

  4. Hi Liz
    I lack ideas while writing and speaking. What should I do?

  5. Peter Antony says

    Hi Liz, I’m getting my IELTS exams next month. My doubt is that, in writing task 1 for letter writing, do we have to write To address and from address or just start writing the letter.

  6. no it is not right…to use them

  7. Hi Liz,

    M having my IELTS exam on Jan 20th 17, please give some tips on writing task1 as formal, semi formal n informal letters. You have posted on You tube regarding this but I wanna know it more of introducing line n conclusion of letter.

  8. Thanks a lot!

    Best regards

  9. Thank you liz for these useful materials that you have give. I took my first IELTS GT exam on January and got L8 R7, W6.5 S 6.5. These individual scores were not wnough so I reviewed again, read ur topics and took the exam last Sept 30. My new scores are L8.5, R 7.5, W 7 S 7.
    Thank you so much. Your blog was super helpful! Continue to be a blessing to other students! Hugs!

  10. Hello Liz,

    I am know in my job i read its so I like this so much Liz I aproud of you.
    Best wishes

  11. Thank you very much Liz for the precious information
    Love you

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