Multiple Choice Question in IELTS Listening

It is possible to have a multiple choice question in section 1 of IELTS listening. In section 1, you need to listen to two speakers and with this type of question you need to choose between various options in each answer.

Multiple Choice Practice

Questions 1-3
Choose the correct letter A, B or C.

1. Dinner is on

A. Friday at 6pm
B. Friday at 7pm
C. Friday at 7.30pm

2. Beth is

A. vegetarian
B. unable to eat anything made from milk
C. able to cheesecake

3. Beth will need to park

A. in another part of the street
B. next door
C. in a car park down the road

Hi, Beth. Do you fancy coming round to dinner sometime this week?
That’s sounds lovely I’m pretty busy at the start of the week but I’m free on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evening.
Great. Let’s make it Friday at 7pm then.
Oh sorry, I’ve just remembered that I’ve got a meeting on Friday and won’t finish until at least 6 so there’s no way I’ll make it for 7.
Shall we make it half past 7 then? Would that be better?
Yes. I’m sure I’ll be able to make it for then.
I was thinking of doing a chicken roast with cheesecake to follow. Is that ok or are you vegetarian again?
Well, I did go through a vegetarian period a while ago but I’m not veggie anymore. However I have just discovered that I’m lactose intolerant so I have to avoid any milk products which means I’ll have to pass on the cheesecake I’m afraid.
Oh that’s alright. I’ll just do something else for dessert then.
Great. Sorry to be a bother.
Don’t worry it’s absolutely fine. Oh by the way, you’ll need to park a quite a few doors down because there’s building work going on next door and our part of the road is occupied.
Ok, thanks for letting me know. See you Friday.
1. C
2. B
‘… I’m lactose intolerant so I have to avoid any milk products…’
The answer can’t be C because Beth says ‘…I’ll have to pass on the cheesecake..’ and this means she must say no to the cheesecake.
3. A
‘…you’ll need to park a quite a few doors down..’ because ‘…our part of the road is occupied .’ and this means further down in another part of the street.



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  1. Thank you for the practice test.

  2. Dear liz
    Thank you for your awesome videos, I am getting ready for IELTS exam and I find your teaching really helpful. I want to practice more about every lesson but I only found one practice for example for Multiple choice questions.
    i need more practice about it. can you help me please??? i do not know where can i found more practice that be standard and good to practice.

  3. Klint Gino Cutarra says:

    My result(s) – I also got tricked with Q3. So sad.

    Thanks Liz and more powers!

  4. hello liz,
    can you please help me with videos about tables, diagram and charts. I am lost with these types of questions, and really thank you for this blog its wonderful


    Thanks Liz, Im very grateful with you. Your web site is incredible. I will present the IELTS on July 30th and if I got a good band score is for your enormous help. I feel confident in listening, writting and reading, but sometimes the words don´t come out in speaking 🙁

  6. Santosh kumar says:

    Dear Liz,
    I’m just to the world of IELTS and luckily got your blog at early, and now i am quit confident to stick here – not to wander.
    I am highly thankful to you and yours generosity.

    Santosh Kumar

    Thank you for all this…

  8. Thanks Liz..I just started following your lessons..They help me alot

  9. thank u so much, we have very useful tools from your website

  10. v. good strategies

  11. Kim TaeYeon says:

    Yahhhh Liz
    Super thanks.You help a lot of people who are struggling with ieltssss

  12. Kim TaeYeon says:

    Yahhhh Liz
    Super thanks.You help a lot of people who are struggling with ieltssss

  13. Hey!
    “which is means I’ll have to pass on the cheesecake I’m affraid”
    should be ” Which means …” no “is” right?
    sorry to be a bother 🙂

  14. munirah says:

    hi Liz
    haw i can improve my listening skills?

    • Please see my tips lesson. Go through question types and paraphrasing and identifying key words.
      All the best

  15. Hi Liz,
    Thanks for all the useful lessons. I have been getting 6.5 in listening 🙁 would you please advice how can I improve my listening. I have an exam pretty soon. Thanks for your help.

    • Make sure you write a list of paraphrases which are used in all listening exercises. Having good paraphrasing skills is essential for IELTS. Go through the answers in all lessons carefully to make sure you see the paraphrases and understand how IELTS test your language skills. Have a strategy for all question types in listening. Work on improving your skills for section 1 to aim for about 9 correct answers. Sections 1 and 2 should have more answers correct than 3 and 4. In academic listening, work on following the recording and keeping your place.
      Good luck

  16. Hey Liz, i cant hear audio .What I do?

    • The audios are stored on a cloud so if your internet connection isn’t strong, it won’t stream well. Try again when the connection is stronger. Let me know if you continue to have problems.
      All the best

  17. Mahima jafrin says:

    hlw liz, why i cant hear ur audio ?

    • Hi,

      It’s might be due to your internet connection or you may need to wait longer for it to upload. The audio is stored on a cloud so it will be affected by the speed of your internet connection. If it doesn’t work, try again later when your internet connection is stronger.
      All the best

  18. Ali Mohamed says:

    Great practice, though i was tricked by the last one..

  19. It was little hard as the recording had echo type of voice. However, got 3/3.

  20. Diyorbek Hayitmurodov says:

    Thank you for providing us with multiple choice questions… But they are indeed piece of cake for candidates. It would be neat if you expounded how to tackle with multiple choice questions

    • Hi, please check my listening video regarding how to do multiple choice questions. You will find them under the listening section.
      All the best

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