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IELTS Current Essay Question Jan 2015

Below is a an essay question that came in the exam this week.

Directors and managers of organizations are often older people. Some people say that it is better for younger people to be leaders. To what extend do you agree or disagree?

This is an opinion essay which means you must give a clear opinion in the introduction and then support it and explain it in the body paragraphs. Let me give you some ideas for this topic. If you have more ideas of your own, please post them in the comments box below.

Reasons why young people should be leaders

  • young people are usually more up-to-date and in touch with the modern world
  • they are often more dynamic and forward thinking which means they are more open to new ideas
  • young leaders are stronger and healthier than their old counterparts and therefore more able to cope with the demands of leadership

Reasons why older people should be leaders

  • with age comes experience and this is critical for any leader
  • older people have more authority which is needed to lead and manage others
  • a sense of responsibility is needed to lead effectively which is found in older people and often lacking in the young

If you recently did your exam, please post your full essay question in the comments box below so we can all benefit from it.

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  1. http://Raman says

    Hi Liz,
    I’ve given the exam on 2nd June and my question for writing task 2 is ‘Nowadays for work reasons people move to other countries. Some consider it beneficial for children. Some says that children get harmed because of it.’
    Discuss both the views and give your own opinion.

    • http://osas says

      Some of the benefits of moving to a new location could be new language,different culture and new good friends while disadvantages lack of good educational facilities or facilities that support the interests and talent of the child. My opinion would be that, whether it is harmful or advantageous to the child depends on the age of the child. I hope this makes sense.

  2. http://Jav says

    – young leaders have fresher perspectives, whereas, older leaders are more credible.

  3. http://Richa says

    Directors and managers of organisation are often older people. Some oeople say that it is better for young people to be leaders. TO what extent do you agree or disagree?

    Dear Liz

    Iam at stuck at one point and I need your help and advise.
    IF such agree/disagree essay comes in writing part, can I just write in my opinion that I agree that young people should be leaders and start giving reasons in body paragraphs?

    Is it mandatory that I should write the reasons I disagree with older people as leaders?

    Please advice. I really need your help.


    • In this case, you can’t ignore that this is younger people vs older people. So, if you agree then you believe leaders should be young, not old – you need to explain all of that and why.

      • http://Richa says

        Dear liz
        Thank you so much for your reply.
        Have a great day 🙂


        • http://Richa says

          Could you please go through my essay and guide me if iam correct. I wrote it following your comments. Thanks !!

          In many organisations, the directors and managers temd to be older people because of their wisdom and experience. It is often thought by some that young leaders are considered to be better leaders. In my opinion, I agree that young leaders can be an asset to the organisation.

          One of the most important reason that young leaders are better is that they welcome change. in other words, they are more receptive to make changes in the ild techniques as tume changes. as a result of lack of experience, they tend to be more optimistic to embrace change. TAke as an illustration, Facebook helps everyone to be connected virtually which is possible by its young leader, Mark Zuckerberg , who is just 32 years and is CEO and charmain of Facebook.

          Secondly, young leaders are always in need of extensive feedback on their performanc. THis helps to make any necessary changes to be dine in their actions. Moreover, young leaders are more healthy and strong as compared to their old counterparts which helps them to accept challenges that leadership demands. Furthermore, tgese young leaders inspire otger people at work which helps organisation achieve its goals and objectives.

          FInally, young leaders make continuous improvement to keep up with new ways of doing work and learning new technologies which helps team to achieve difficult tasks. As an illustration, a young leader , Nishan Rao, MD LinkedIn, India, who has stretched the goals of the company to make online work profiles of people across the globe.

          In conclusion, young leaders are better as they are usually up to date and in touch with the modern world.

        • http://Lola says

          Hi Richa !
          I think you read my mind for answering this essay , as I have the same problem of if I agree , do I need to specify one body paragraph for why I disagree with older leader .
          I know Liz reply your answer but still haven’t got it .
          Thanks .

          • You can’t ignore part of the issue. If you agree with young leaders, it also means you disagree with older leaders. Always write down exactly what you agree with and what you disagree with in note form before you start writing your essay. That way, you will be sure to include all information.

  4. http://Kalum says

    Recent essay : Free education to children below 5 years will help to reduce powerty in thirdworld countries.

  5. http://chirag says

    Ok cool

  6. http://chirag%20acharya says

    Hi, Liz

    How are you,

    ok I need some help from you, I need to give general IELTS, and I need 6 bands in GENERAL IELTS, but my problem is Iam not fluent in english because i had not studied in english medium, i will start my coaching for IELTS,
    need your help that how will I achieve my GOAL.

    thanking you

  7. http://dax says

    hi Liz,

    I took my 1st ielts last April and I am planning to retake the exam this Nov. my previous score for ielts is L=6 w=6 R=5 S=7 total average is 6, and I need to get 6.5 to have my visa screening cert. My question is about combining score? How does it work? what grade should I get to have 6.5 average if I combine my prev score. Thank you.

  8. http://Ahmed%20Atef says

    Hi Liz , my IELTS results just came and I would like to tell you are a Rockstar , thank you for every article/video you shared with us, but unfortunately the Speaking section’s score was a bit low 6.5 , the others , listening-8 , reading-8.5 , writing-7 , I was thinking of remarking the speaking section , what do you think ? please advise .

    • In your situation with just 0.5 to gain, you could try for a remark. However, only do so if you finished both task 1 and task 2 and you wrote over the word count in both tasks. Good luck and let us know if you succeed in gaining the extra 0.5.
      All the best

      • http://Hatem says

        he got 6.5 in speaking not writing ..
        I think many Egyptians have problems in speaking coz our education system focus on writing more

  9. http://raj says

    Hi Liz, I have appeared in ielts 4 Times in acedamic version and I scored below 7 overall each time.This time I need to clear general test and need 6.5 in three module and 7.0 in listening and I got 7.5 in listening last time so I am not much worried about listening part but this I need you to help me in writing part by giving me some tips so that I can score at least 6.5 this time.Thanks in advance.

  10. http://raj says

    Hi Liz,I found your site very helpful.

  11. http://uday says

    Hi, I have give Ielts twice in this year on both time i got overall band of 6.5. My listening score is 8/7.5 reading 6.5/7, speaking 6.5/6.5. However, on both occasion my writing score was 5.5/5.5. I need to score at least 6 to apply for PR. Please suggest me how i can improve that score. Further, also suggest if I apply for remarking what will be probability of mark up gradation as I believe my writing is not as bad as my scores are. please suggest.

    • http://Liz says

      It might be possible to get 0.5 more in writing with a remark if you are sure you wrote over 150 words in task 1 and 250 words in task 2. If you wrote under, it is not worth getting a remark. Also you need to be sure you wrote a conclusion for task 2 and an overview for task 1. If you did these things, it might be worth considering a remark. To improve your score, you need to be sure that you are producing accurate language in writing and avoiding errors. If you are aiming to impress the examiner – that might be a reason for too many errors. Also you need to learn about the structure and content of writing task 1 and task 2.
      All the best

    • http://nitish%20gupta says

      Hello Uday

      I am also looking facing the same problem. As I am looking for PR, I need to score & in all.
      Can you share your number or email me at nitish228480@gmail.com

  12. http://Anzi says

    Hi Liz,
    I just have a question. If i agree with both the ideas of the question and i don’t want to agree any of them then can i describe about both the ideas? I mean to say irrespective of the age any potential person can be a leader. Is it ok if i explain in such a way.

    • http://Liz says

      This is called presenting a balanced view. You need to be careful about doing so. You can’t agree with both sides at all. A balanced view is not about saying any person can be a leader at any age, it’s about presenting an alternative perspective. You need to say rather than looking at age, leaders should be chosen based on personality. You must give a clear position.
      I hope that helps.

  13. http://Mabrouka says

    Hi Liz,
    Although it is just now I stumbled into your website, I am happy tohave found it.
    I have a somehow puzzling question:
    Many charity organizations are asking people for money nowadays.
    What are the causes of this, and what can be done to change the situation?
    It might be as not difficult as I aniticipated it, but I was not sure of how exactly they want us to answer it!?

    • http://Liz says

      You need to answer the questions in your essay. One body paragraph explains the causes of charities having to ask for money. The second body paragraph explains how that situation can be changed. It’s quite straight forward if you follow the instructions and answer the questions directly. Work your way through all my lessons to learn more about writing task 2: http://ieltsliz.com/ielts-writing-task-2-lessons-tips-and-information/
      All the best

      • http://Mabrouka says

        Hey, Liz
        Thank you for the rapid reply. I am familiar with the essay structure, but I meant with confusing is what the examiner expectes me to write about it? I mean the causes:
        For me I’ve written two main reasons:
        Increase expenses such as catering, storage, and workers.
        The larger the charity programs the more complicated the situation in terms of adminstration and the accomplishment of the goal they work for?

        • http://Liz says

          I think you should consider more about the reasons. Your reasons above are actually just one reason which is that charities cost more money to run these days. That’s one reason. It’s a good reason. Another reason could be that there are more people who need help and therefore more money is needed to help them. Alternatively, a different reason could be that due to TV and the internet it is easier to get donations from people which has resulted in more charities asking for money. Always make sure that your ideas are completely different and you don’t repeat yourself.

  14. http://Nel says

    Hi Liz, if you could happen to have a bit time to skim it through and give an approximate band, I would appreciate a lot! Going to have test after few days:S Thank you!

    In vigorously transforming world some may question now still prevalent state in institutional and organisational management where the boards consists of elder individuals. Agreeing strongly that ‘young blood’ is needed, I still remain somewhat sceptical about this viewpoint.

    One of the main reasons why to advocate leadership by young entrepreneurs is the fresh ideas they bring along to a company. Innovation is highly needed in current business climate, providing the competitive advantage for succeeding. Mature CEOs can often be seen bound by old beliefs and somewhat redundant education, keeping their companies on risk averse so-called ‘path dependency’ situation. Therefore, many sky- rocketing firms today have quite young owners. One of the remarkable ones is Tesla Company that is driven by a proactive leader who has a capability of thinking outside the general realm.

    On the other hand, lack of experience in the real life circumstances can be an obstacle for effective business building. Start-ups created by younger generation often meet its end promptly. This is supported by the study conducted by the World Bank in 2014 that showed that about ninety five percent of firms built by young professionals went to bankruptcy during their first year of activity. This fact could prove the well-known belief that institutions, companies steered by older demographic group are more stable, hence also more resilient.

    In conclusion, it is clear that for rapidly changing environment often young energy is necessary and could bring firms and society onto new dimension. But, most of the traditional companies still benefit more from wiseness of older principals.

    • http://Liz says

      “In vigorously transforming world some may question now still prevalent state” this has no meaning. Don’t overload your essay with irrelevant, inappropriately used vocabulary. This essay is about young leaders and older leaders. Paraphrase the essay question and no more for your background statement.

      This is an opinion essay. What is your opinion? I can’t see it clearly. You have changed this into a discussion essay and you have discussed both sides. This will reduce your score significantly. You either agree or disagree. Alternatively, you have a specific opinion about which companies need young leaders and which need old leaders. You can’t sit on the fence and discuss both sides.

      You have the ability to do well if you give a clear opinion and use relevant vocabulary without trying to impress the examiner with unnecessary language. More errors = lower score.


      Good luck in your test.
      All the best

  15. http://Pareshkumar%20Shah says

    In continuation to my earlier mail, please find below a essay for your perusal & advise please. You are also request to kindly inform the level of my writing in term of BAND SCORE if possible and area of improvement.
    We are living in a fascinating and constantly changing world and we must continually learn and acquire new knowledge if we want to adopt and keep up with changing events. In my opinion, I think, younger individuals are the better choice for leading position in companies.
    One of the main reasons is, young people, usually are more advance and kept them self up to date for the information on latest techniques & developments. Further more, new ideas and dynamic approach of youngers can complete the work more efficiently and less time consuming. As a consequences, end result will be favourable towards the employers with a versatile effort of energetic employees.
    Moreover, young managers are stronger and healthier than their counter part and this will be ultimately generating a winning situation while demanding the leaders. In addition to this, because of the better physical fitness, youngers are more competent to handle the complex activities, all together, with a aim to successful final output as well as ensuring that noting is going to be wrong in the interest of companies.
    For example, In formation Technology (IT) Revolution in India was a gift from a young and dynamic Prime Minister of India, Mr, Rajiv Gandhi. Because of his strong visibility for the future demand and versatile approach for development, India is now hold a equally stand in IT sector in compare to the other developed countries.
    To Conclude, It is strongly recommend that youngers, being leaders, can fortify the development of companies and countries as well. This approach will be ultimately deliver a bright future to the coming generation.

  16. http://Pareshkumar%20Shah says

    Dear Madam,
    I am Paresh from India. I would like to have specific guidance for essay writing under Task : 2 of General Training section . Actually, my problem is like , I am from a place in india where English teacher, specifically who know the examination pattern of IELTS is not available. Moreover, I have to achieve a band score 6 for my immigration.
    Grateful if you permit for posting a easy and subsequently, you marks commets with advice, single time only.

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