IELTS Writing Task 2 Band Descriptors

Hi guys,

When you prepare for IELTS writing task 2, you need to understand the scoring system for your essay.

IELTS have published the IELTS Writing Task 2 Band Score Descriptors which show you the four marking criteria (each 25% of your marks) and also the requirements for each band score in those criteria. As you know the four marking criteria are:

  1. Task Response (your answer, position, ideas, relevancy and ability to develop ideas)
  2. Coherence & Cohesion (organisation, paragraphing, linking)
  3. Grammar (this is both your range and accuracy)
  4. Lexical Resource (the range and accuracy of your vocabulary)

To see a copy of the band descriptors for writing task 2 published by IELTS, click here: IELTS Band Descriptors WT2

I have also made my own page which explains the scores and also gives you tips for improving your score. Click here: Liz’ Band Score Information & Tips for Improving

Take your time to get to know the differences between the band scores. Most people who do not get the score they want, often do not fully understand the scoring and requirements.



  1. Sunny Pathak says

    Thanks a lot m’am.

  2. Rev.Kumara says

    Dear Liz
    I’m a study from Myanmar. I really appreciate your IELTS lessons. In addition, I’d like to purchase some of your writing lesson but unfortunately Myanmar is not included in the list of countries. So I’ve already tried so many times. I need your help. Thanks!

  3. Hi Liz,

    I am so happy after viewing your paid lessons it really open up my mind and teach me how to do well in exam and where i was lacking. I want to made a request here if u could add problem/ solution and two question and answer videos as well that are much needed for me and i hope for others as well. I have my exam next month plz share those videos if u can. Your are so great and knowledgeable person i have ever seen on any IELTS website uptil yet, God bless you 🙂

    Dr Sonia 🙂

    • I’m so pleased my advanced lessons helped you. Unfortunately, due to poor health, I am unable to make more video lessons. Hopefully later this year or next year I might be able to make more.

  4. Thx mam for giving tips….

  5. Hi Liz,
    I got my desired score. Thank you so much for guidance and help. I am referring your website from day 1 when I started preparing for IELTS. The way you explained things is simply awesome. Your lessons were also so helpful. Most wonderful and surprising thing is you are doing all of this free of cost. You are a best teacher.
    Here are my speaking questions –
    Part 1
    Have you ever done part time or full time job
    What do you wanted to become when you were child.
    Which job location people should prefer.why
    Do you like writing
    Do you like to write by hand or by keyboard
    Do you like writing by hand when you were child
    Part 2
    Talk about your photograph taken by someone
    Follow up question
    Do you like to take photographs
    Part 3
    Why do you think camera is important in mobile phones
    Do you think camera is only used for selfies
    What do you think people like to see digital photographs or physical copy of photos?
    What do you think in future people will only prefer to watch digital photographs?
    If people can anytime print digital photographs then why will they keep physical photograph copies?
    Do you think choosing a professional photographer is necessary for important occasions ?

  6. Dear Aman,
    I am also a student for IELTS and my advice to you is that, if you want to improve your score from 6.5, the discount videos are worth buying. Just find a question which is similar to the one Liz is explaining and go with her step by step right from paraphrasing the the question, pose the video and do the same for your question. Then when she gives her opinion you also do the same to your question. Just go along with her explanations as you go to the planing do the same by the end of the video you will have written an essay that is similar to Liz’s video for you own question .
    Do this for a number of questions and by the time you are ready for your next exam you will be perfect. for example if she is answering a question about giving advantages and disadvantages, find a question which is asking for the same and go along answering it. Don’t watch the whole video to end and start your question you will forget some bits, just go along. I hope this will help and it will be worth your money.

    • Thanks for sharing your tips about my advanced lessons. I will add this tip to the next advanced writing task 2 lessons I make and dedicate it to you, Catherine 🙂

  7. Hello dear Liz . Firstly I want to thank you to do such work for the people who want to improve their English in everything. The reason of my writing to you is my having problems of not to do tasks because of my children and I want to ask you please not to block me for my not answering the tasks and not to send them .Thank you for all.Though it is my first time I have written to you but I acknowledge to you my love and greatest respect.

    • I will continue posting lessons for the next few years – so don’t worry. There are over 300 pages of free tips and lessons accessible through the red bar at the top of the website. Take your time to go through them 🙂

  8. Papakhaing says

    Thanks a lot dear Liz.

  9. Hello ma’m,
    I really appreciate your ielts lessons.I got 6.5 in my writing though my writing test had gone very well. I’m not able to find out where i ‘m lacking in order to achieve 7+ bands.kindly guide me where should i more concentrate at.

    • Gaurav Ranjit says

      Hi Liz,
      I am using your advanced lessons videos as a guide for the writing module and I have finished the first video already. There’s going to be some time needed for practice before I move on to your next videos. I was wondering when the guides for the two missing topics are going to come up. Please let me know if it’s going to be available soon as I have my test on the 7th of July.

      I am totally freaking out as to how fast the date is looming.

      (It would also be great if you could point out any mistakes in the text above 😀 Thanks!)

      • I won’t be making more advanced lessons for a while. I become seriously sick and had to stop making videos.

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