IELTS Reading Practice: Multiple Choice

Before answering the IELTS multiple choice reading questions, read through the passage and then prepare paraphrases for the multiple choice options.

Having an Ear for Music

It brings new meaning to having an ear for music. Musical aptitude may be partly down to genes that determine the architecture of the inner ear.
We perceive sound after vibrations in the inner ear are detected by “hair cells” and transmitted to the brain as electrical signals. There, the inferior colliculus integrates the signals with other sensory information before passing it on to other parts of the brain for processing.

Questions 1 – 2. Choose the correct letter, A-C.

1. What does ‘having an ear for music’ mean according to the passage?

a) a person enjoys listening to music
b) a person has an ability and predisposition for music
c) a person has special hearing

2. Sound is perceived when vibrations are sent to the brain in the form of ……………..

a) hair cells
b) electrical signals
c) sensations

1 = b (aptitude means an ability or predisposition for something)

2 = b (this answer is testing your grammar as well as vocab – to be transmitted as = sent in the form of)

Vocab Builder
  • aptitude = skill / ability / capacity
  • to determine = decide / conclude / establish
  • perceive = notice / observe
  • vibrations = sensations
  • integrate = combine / amalgamate / put together


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  1. Thanks mam, liz, are you help in ielts to me

  2. teresita masangcay says:

    I got 2/2. I found the questions slightly easy xx

  3. I got 1/2. Its is difficult to get the right answer.

  4. hello, i have a problem with first question. can u describe me why the correct answer is b?

  5. Hello,

    I would also add that “down to the genes” matches having “predisposition”.

    Thanks and best regards

  6. Hi Liz, when we click on War on Smoking: Sentence Completion, it bring us to this page, An Ear for Music: Multiple Choice. I believe this is what quang (from the previous comment) was trying to say.

  7. excuse me teacher, you got mistake of this page. the title named differently with the link

    • Yes, the link relates to the topic rather than the question type. But I prefered to use the question type in the url. It’s not a mistake 🙂
      All the best

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      I’m vietnamese,
      AND it’s nice to meet you, by the way.

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