IELTS General Training Reading: Information & Tips

Learn about the IELTS General Training Reading Test. The IELTS GT reading is different to the academic reading in a number of ways but mainly due to the language and difficulty level of the texts. Similar to the academic reading, the general training reading test is 60 minutes in length and has 40 questions.

General Training Reading Sections

There are three sections in the IELTS GT reading. However, sections one and two might have more than one text. The sections get increasingly difficult.

Section 1

: This section is based on one, two or three texts about English life and could be, for example, an advertisement for a hotel,  sports center facilities or educational courses. The texts are not long and are factual rather than descriptive.

Section 2

: This section may also consist of more than one text and often relates to work about pay schemes, work conditions or machinery instructions.

Section 3

: The final section is usually one text which is quite long and it is the hardest.

IELTS General Training Reading Band Scores

Below is a list of the scores from band 2 to 9 for the GT reading test. The scores are not the same as the academic reading test. Click on the table to enlarge.

general training reading scores

IELTS Reading Question Types for General Training

The types of questions you will be asked in the GT reading test are the same as the academic test. Here is a list:

  • matching headings
  • true false not given / yes no not given
  • matching paragraph information
  • summary completion
  • sentence completion
  • short answer questions
  • table / flow chart completion
  • diagram labeling
  • multiple choice / list selection
  • choosing a title
  • categorisation
  • matching sentence endings

You can learn Tips on the Different Types of Reading Questions by following the link. You can also practice most of these types of questions on my blog on the IELTS Reading Page and learn more tips. However, most practice exercises are on the level of section 3. Also learn How to Improve your IELTS Reading.

For GT IELTS practice reading tests, please visit the BC IELTS page of practice tests.

IELTS True False Not Given Questions

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  1. Manjot singh says

    Hi ma’am,
    I love the way you teach ! 🙂
    Just want to know to, about how develope strategies for reading section (GT). I urge you to please help me I have done dozens of practice test but still not getting the command over reading section and my score revolves around 29-31, in the same way I gave an attempt of IELTS in jan I got 6 bands in reading and till now I am unable to develope sufficient self-confidence for another attempt, because I want to achieve 8,7,7,7, and I want to make sure that my second attempt is last one.
    Please help !



  3. Kaur armin says

    Good job mam… I appreciate u🙂🙂

  4. Joshua Oladimeji says

    Hi Liz,
    You are doing a fantastic job. My exam is booked on 22nd June 2019. I just learnt another technique on Reading exam that the question in a given passage comes in order. Thanks for this piece of information. It’s worth more than a MILLION.
    On the homework on reading, the answer is FALSE. Hope i am correct????


    Joshua Oladimeji

    • Not all types of questions have answers that come in order. Some types of questions do and some do not. You need to learn which ones by reading the page above carefully. Your answer is correct 🙂

  5. Hi Liz,
    You doing a great job to thousandths across the globe. More power to your elbow. Kindly let me have the ans to the 17th century homework on the reading session.

    Thank you.

  6. Hi Liz,

    While practicing few of the reading passages of the GT module , I came across the following question:

    ” A full-timer who takes a year off to have a baby can return to the same employer “.

    And the information given regarding this question is just this :

    “Upto 12 months unpaid leave for maternity , paternity and adoption related leaves”.

    I marked the answer as NOT GIVEN as there is no information about the SAME EMPLOYER!
    But the answer to the question is TRUE and I really can’t understand why is this true as in the entire passage there is no mention about the employer it only states the entitlements of the full-time employees.

    Could you pls help.

    • You are trying to match words instead of meaning. The statement in the question is written in such a way that the employer is obviously the same. If a company offers 12 months unpaid leave, then it is they offering it – not another company. It is not necessary for the company to say “We offer unpaid leave for you to have a baby and return to our company”. The final words are not necessary. I hope you now see that you need to use logical, common sense and also not match words.

  7. What a great presentation!
    Thank you, Liz, for helping me to improve my English skills for IELTS. Even when I feel discomfort about the difficult sections of the lectures, I smile when you smile. You really deserve Noble Peace Prize.

    • That’s such a kind comment – thank you so much. I’m really pleased my lessons help you understand IELTS and build confidence 🙂

  8. Hi,
    Today I have done reading test practice from Cambridge General Reading Test B.
    In that test, I have faced one issue in section 1 questions 8-14.
    In the summary, they are written, NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS. But, the eighth question’s answer is a NUMBER.
    I have right the same answer as it answers is 25 per cent.
    But my confusion is that, is the answer is correct as per the given summary.?

    • I don’t know which test that is. If you send me a link or tell me how to view it, I’ll take a look.

  9. varun singh says

    Hi Liz,

    During my recent IELTS testing, there were 4 sections for reading as against 3 sections.
    Looking to understand if this is common

    • Did you read the page above? There are three sections. However, section one might contain more than one passage. This means in one sections there is a passage with questions and then a second passage with questions – all in one section.

  10. Hi liz ,
    Your lessons are really helpful and amazing.
    I wanted to ask that in reading section during answering a question if i write the answer as : duplex printers and when i check it from the answer key it was (duplex) printers so is my answer right or wrong ?
    Does it make a difference if i dont use brackets
    Also the word limit was 2 words so i didnt cross that.

  11. Thanks Liz ,
    you are great

  12. >Hi Liz, first of all i want to thank you for this outstanding web page. I have 1 question related to Ielts general english:
    They gave an ad, which has the following information:
    Westley taxi services
    .cheapest deals in town
    .established since 1979
    .max 5 people
    .no destination too far
    .minivan available (max 9 persons)
    ($25 to Westley International Airport)
    ($50 to Eastley town centre)
    The questions are False, True, N.G:
    it will cost $50 for 2 people to go to Eastley town centre
    Westley taxi services will go to any destination.
    The answers are both true but i dont understand why? could you help me pls?

    • 1. the taxis take up to 5 people. This means from 1 to 5 people. The cost is $50 to Eastley. Answer True
      2. “no destination too far” this means all destinations are possible. Answer True

      • Karthika says

        “No destination too far” means “all destinations are possible”??????

        I thought, “taxi dont go too far”. So i chose “FALSE” 🙁

  13. Please, Mam, rate my letter of above! Anyone can evaluate and rate my letter. thank you

  14. Hi Liz,

    For your statement in the video “By the second half of 17th century, coffee had found its way to Europe” Question : Coffee arrived in Europe after the 17th century.

    Is the answer to this False? Please explain…


  15. ​Hi Liz, You advised in one of your videos for Reading that we should first read the passage very quickly in order to understand the text but we should only spend 2-3 minutes time doing this and then we should come towards the questions and start locating the information that question asks for.
    My question is that, is your above advise true only true for Section 3 or all the Sections in GT Module ?
    Section 3 only has 1 text in GT module which is longer and comprises mostly 12 questions while Section 1 and Section 2 typically have 2-3 text which are shorter in length.

    Look forward to hearing from you soon.


  16. Hi Mam,
    I love your classes and it helps me alot to prepare for ielts.Plz help me with a TFNG ,where i frequently loses my marks.
    passage:”The company pays my bills and makes me laugh”.
    statement:The reviewer of the company says that working there is both fun and earns enough money.
    i wrote NG but the given ans is true.How come it be true as the passage didn’t mention about enough money or not

    • “pays my bills” means to have enough money. You need to look at meaning not words. It is an expression in English “I earn enough to pay the bills” = I earn enough money.

  17. Hi Liz,

    I am preparing for IELTS GT and have downloaded Cambridge books(1-12 GT). I have gone through the academic reading tests available in the books as well. I was under the impression that I can use academic reading for GT reading practise. As the number of academic tests in the Cambridge is high when compared to the GT doing so would mean more stuff to work with. However now I am concerned that the efforts might have been in vain as academic and GT reading appear to be different.

    I wanted to know if it makes sense to continue using academic reading stuff in addition to GT reading stuff? Or would it be a waste of time?

    Also the Cambridge series has only two GT papers per book. Will it be sufficient to go through just those?

    Thanks a ton 🙂

    • The passages are different for GT and Ac reading. The layout is different and the content is different. However, the question types are the same and also the skills needed are the same. So, both GT and Ac tests contains TFNG and all other question types. All GT students should do plenty of GT reading tests in order to get used to the layout and content. However, it doesn’t hurt to also do some reading exercises, such as those on my site, to practice question types. There are not enough materials available for GT students, which is a shame. But you will have enough to prepare and practice 🙂

  18. Hello Liz,
    Thank you very much for the details of the scoring system.
    I am aiming for the IELTS general training module in some time. Here is one thing not going off my mind, the reading part has 40 questions and each question holds one mark as far as I can read on sample test paper from British Council or Cambridge English.

    If I score 35 in the listening module, I get 8. If I get 36 questions right in the reading module my score is still 7.5. Why do I have to get 2 more question right in reading part compared to listening when it says each question holds one mark.

    Thank you

  19. Hi Liz,

    In Cambridge book no. 9 , in general training/ reading test. One of the questions (( no more than three words)) it’s answer (( August 31st)) is this correct?.
    What about “31” it’s no. how can they wrote it ? .

    • Of course it is correct. “No more than three words and/or a number” = August 31st. Check the original source again.

  20. Anish khan says

    Hey Liz
    I want reading material for GT
    Where to find the material
    Please help

    • You will need to the buy the IELTS Cambridge test books which are real test materials. Make sure you check that the tests are GT tests.

  21. Harwinder Kaur says

    Hi Liz
    I want high scores in 8.5 GT Reading. How I can get these bands. I Want to know tips which help’s me in reading. Suggest some useful tips regarding reading

  22. Hi,
    Thank you very much for lessons. It is very helpful.
    I always score low in Reading and I don’t know why.

    I have a question in reading component. For answers, should words be exactly as in the passage or we can alter grammar to fit in the question and instructions?
    E.g. In passage “in the tomb of pharaoh” is the answer. However, instructions say “no more than 3 words” so to fit in this, can I write answer as “the pharaoh’s tomb”??

    • The words must not be altered. However, when you write dates, it is difference. We usually say “the sixteenth of July”, but we write “16 July” or “16th July” – we miss the “of”.

  23. hennesyhung says

    dear Miss beautiful Liz
    i’m new people .I want to more exercise about Reading General but i find on website that just academic only
    Many thanks to you
    god bless you

  24. Thank You veryyyyyyy much lizzzz…..
    I was so nervous but i feel cool now.
    I love u ……….. Liz ….

  25. Divya Gunasekaran says

    Hi Liz.. Is there any reading exercises for general training? All the reading samplers looks like academic version. I’m taking up the exam on may 13th.. Kindly help with general training samples.

    • My reading materials are written by myself so they are not academic or GT. They are practice lessons for learn skills. The question types are the same in GT and Academic reading so you can still benefit from some of the easier lessons. It’s best you get the IELTS Cambridge test books and use them for your GT practice.

  26. Thanku liz. You are awesome 🙂

  27. Enilda Rrapaj says

    Hello from Albania. I am fascinated from this website, I find it very helpful. It is very clear and concise information. Thank u Liz.

  28. Hi Liz !

    Is it possible to take a highlighter pen to the exam hall ?
    I will be using it to highlight the keywords.
    If I highlight using a pencil, it is not that clear to me.
    Do I need to ask for permission in advance ?

    I purchased your video lessons on writing task 2.
    Would like to thank you for them as well !


    • No, you can’t use a highlighter pen. You need to get used to using a pencil to underline key words. I’m glad my advanced lessons were useful 🙂

  29. Hello Mam,

    I am not good in reading section. I need to score 6 or 6.5 in reading but I got every time 5.5 bands in sample test.Can you suggest me to improve my reading band.

  30. Hi Liz, Thanks for all useful tips and material.
    I have a question:
    You said TFNG type come in order of paragraph, but how about below types.
    1.Summary Completion
    2. Sentence Completion

  31. Dear Liz,
    Thank you for your great help you provide. I just have one question for you.
    I believe that the current exams seem to be more difficult than Cambridge exams series 1-10!
    (specially the GT reading module).
    If so, what preparation materials precisely simulate the same hardness should I use?

  32. Hi Liz,
    Thanks for explaining the True, false and NG questions, that’s very clear and useful. However, I cannot open the link of BC Ielts page. Could you please help me check that link?

  33. Hi Liz,
    You said in above video that all questions will come in a pattern but i have taken ILETS, so T/F, Y/N, NG question are not in same pattern in reading passage. please clear

  34. Hi Liz,

    In case of “Multiple Choice” questions, if we write 2 correct & one is false option then do we get 2 marks for the correct answer or 0 marks – Please clarify

    Even I need one more clarification like if our section is expecting no more 3 words & in my answer if I have given only one word (matching) with answer then do we get marks – Please clarify

    • Each question that is answered correctly is one point. This means the multiple choice depends on whether it is for one question or three questions.

  35. hello liz,
    do we get same passages for both academic and general reading in the exam ?
    i have done almost all the academic reading passages from Cambridge 1 to 11 series. so shall i start practicing general reading passages till my exam?

  36. Ahmed Jabir says

    Hi Liz,

    First of all many thanks and appreciate for your great help through your lectures.

    I have a question related to reading section in Cambridge Book8->GT-A. I found answers
    in brackets in answer section, is that mean optional? or it is just for elaborating the selected

    For example:
    23: one twelfth(of annual holiday(s))
    25: (the) (annual) shutdown/(a) shutdown

    Ahmed Jabir

  37. Zainub Bahar says

    Hello Liz, Can I write all capitals for reading as well? You told a tip of writing all capitals for listening.


  38. Hello Mam…
    I’m very happy to contact with you..
    my speech became better than before

    thanks a lot

  39. Hi Liz,
    I recently appeared for IELTS GT and score above band 7 in all the section except reading (6.5).
    I wanted your valuable comments on the following queries.
    I usually complete first 2 sections in 15 mins each hence I get 30 mins for section 3.
    But plausibly because of anxiety, stress, ticking timer I got nervous and hence inspite of having good time in my hand I couldn’t satisfactorily answer Section 3 hence the lower band :(.
    Is it advisable to pick up section 3 first and other sections later on.
    or just go with the sequence?
    Q2. The passage in section 2 had asked to answer the questions in NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS and questions were in Question format.
    So my query is , for example the Q is Where would you find the details of dress code policy?
    the passage had content ‘…dress code policy….the staff manual….’ so should we answer
    I’m confused because the question is in a form of Question and not in sentence completion type, so should we include THE or not?
    Your site has loads of valuable passages for reading, writing but could you please suggest me some sources where I can get mock question papers for reading having similar complexity like that of exam. It would be of great help

    Zarina Siddique

  40. Yasir Afridi says

    Hello Liz, I just want to ask that sometimes in GT reading we face questions in which we have to choose two advertisement for example A and E, B and G so what do you think if one of the letters in a question is correct not both then what will happen? Will they Mark me full or half? I need your reply ASAP please

  41. Hello Miss. Liz

    Hope you are in good health

    I just need a favor from you, is it possible for you to check my essays and provide me your valuable suggestions

  42. Muhammad Ahsan says

    Hi liz

    Your website is very informative. I really learn alot from it.
    Actually I need some toughest material to practice and polish my self before appearing in exam
    Can you help me in this regards???.

  43. Muhammad Ahsan says

    Hi liz

    Your website is very informative. I really learn alot from it.
    Actually I need some toughest material to practice and polish my self before appearing in exam
    Can you help me in this regards???

    • Get the IELTS Cambridge test books from 1 to 10. They are the real exam papers.

      • Hello Liz

        I have through almost all the Cambridge IELTS books and in fact some answers I has been stored in the my memory as well that is why I need some more material so that I can practice and polish my skills before appearing in IELTS exams

        I hope you can help me out.

        • There are other practice test books which you can purchase. Look in your local shop or online.

        • Can I get Cambridge Books from 1-10 Free from Some one
          Ashan..I read your blog on reading all books , can you help me get the Xerox of all pls ?

  44. aseef ahmed says

    i have done my ielts in london today. i have a query regarding my reading section. there were a section for asking TRUE/FALSE/NOT GIVEN. I wrote the short form T/F/NG instead of writing the full form of TRUE/FALSE/NOT GIVEN. Can anyone please inform me is that acceptable. thank you

  45. Hi Liz, i have an exam next month (Nov 7) and I want to study hard this month to have a score 6.5 , my level in English not very good .
    Please , What should I do this month to have this score ?

  46. Dear Mam,

    I did IELTS test , but i could not achieve the target Band .cloud you help me to improve my english reading and writing task skills.

  47. Hello Liz

    Thank you for this course, this is indeed helpful, i am planing to pass General IELS exam on 24 th of October
    Can you send me example of General reading tests???

    Best regards

  48. Deepika gurung says

    I’m getting panic for my ielts exam Can u please help me for it..

  49. After being immersed into IELT´s for few weeks, one of the main problem is that there are too much material and way too many people “In the Pool”. I just realised to whom I should follow and that´s Liz, Hands down! Amazing work !
    Thank you Liz

  50. Hi Liz. You have amazing content but I’m quite confused navigating your website. I noticed that after clicking, say, one link about Writing Task 1, I am redirected to a page that does not appear on the main menu and a there is a whole new set of links found in that page which are not also found on any menu. What I mean is, I’m having a hard time knowing under what category does a page fall into. Or maybe it’s just me. Could you please recommed a way how to follow through a topic from start to end? Thank you very much.

  51. very good lesson.

    Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Hi Liz, This is a very clear explanation. thanks

  53. Priji John says

    Hello Mam,

    I had came to know from your True/False/Not Given Section that the Answers Comes in Order. Is this will be always be in order. I had seen some practise questions sheets which is not in order.Can you please make it clear.

  54. Hellow Mam,
    Plz sent me a link for english pronunciation..

  55. Thank you very much. Really helpful

    • You traveled by plane last week and your suitcase was lost. You still have heard nothing from the airline company. Write to the airline. In your letter
      a) Explain what happened
      b) Describe your suitcase and tell them what was in it
      c) Find out what are they going to do about it

      Answer :

      Dear Sir/Madam

      I am writing to you regarding the unexpected incident which took place during my journey from London to Kathmandu last week.

      Six days ago, on December 18, 2017, I traveled by your company’s Airbus A1 Qatar Airways flight No.B77 from London to Tribhuwan International airport Kathmandu, Nepal. During this trip, unfortunately, my luggage was lost which contains very important documents including my passport and academic transcript. The suitcase has black color and rectangular 4/6 size. I had informed immediately about this issue when I got to Kathmandu airport, however, I have not received any information from the authority so far which is embarrassing.

      I have been desperately waiting to be informed from your side, so, I would like to know what your company is doing regarding this issue. I would like you to inform me as soon as possible.
      I look forward to hearing from you anytime soon.

      Sincerely yours

      Kuber Rai

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