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IELTS Conclusion Paragraph for Opinion Essay

This lesson looks at how to write an IELTS conclusion paragraph for an opinion essay given below. Before you practice the conclusion, make sure you have completed the other lessons for this topic:

Every one of us should become a vegetarian because eating meat can cause serious health problems.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

An IELTS conclusion paragraph should summarise the main opinion that you gave in your opinion essay – both in the introduction and the body paragraphs. The conclusion repeats the main points in brief and maintains your position.

This is the introduction for this essay: Eating meat is considered by some to damage our health and for that reason they believe all people should adopt a vegetarian diet. In my opinion, although a vegetarian diet is certainly a healthy option, having a balanced diet, which contains vegetables and some healthy meat, is the key.

The above introduction explains the main points and the position of this essay. Now you must restate the main points again for your conclusion paragraph. Use the tips below to help you.

Tips for an IELTS Conclusion Paragraph
  1. Paraphrase the main points introduced in your introduction
  2. Don’t put new main points in your conclusion
  3. Don’t change your opinion in the conclusion
  4. Don’t write over 40 words
  5. You can write either one or two sentences
  6. Can you have a concluding statement which is a predicting if you wish

Write your conclusion before you check the model. Model Conclusion

In conclusion, by balancing both vegetables and healthy meats, for instance fish and chicken, people will be able to adapt their diet more easily in order to benefit their health.


To conclude, by balancing mainly vegetables with fish or chicken, people will be able to adapt to a healthier diet more easily rather than become vegetarian. If people are educated about eating healthily, there will be less health problems in the future.

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  1. Hi Liz,

    Is there only one ideal answer for each question?

    For instance, while attempting this essay, I wrote on the affordability aspect as well – not all societies can easily turn vegetarian as for many poor people, meat offers the best and the cheapest form of nutrition. And isn’t the affordability of food is also linked to health?

    • Well this is about diet and health problems. I’m not sure that affordability of food is relevant. Sometimes it depends on how you present your ideas. It’s how you link them to the issues in the question. No, there is not one possible answer. But if your ideas are not 100% relevant, then you will be marked down.

  2. hi liz ,,would really aprreciate if u cud help me in formulating this phrase,,,what was outdated yesterday is a fashion in the tomorrow world,,,,is it correct or is there a different way of putting it,,thank you

  3. Hello Liz, I think there is a typo somewhere at the very last sentence in the second option above. ‘a healthily’ Kindly help me and check it. Thank you Ma.

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