Form Completion for IELTS Listening Practice

It is a common to be asked to fill in a form for Section 1 in IELTS listening. It is also the easiest type of question in the listening test.In section 1, there are two speakers exchanging information on a social topic. It is often a phone conversation.

Check what type of information you need to listen for and be careful of traps. Common traps are when the answer is given and then changed by one of the speakers.

This is a practice listening for filling in forms and is useful for IELTS practice.

Form Completion

Write no more than three words and/or numbers.

Oxford Orientation Summer Course

Name: (1) Maria ………………………………………
Date of Birth: (2) ………………………………………………….
Country of Origin: (3) …………………………………………….
Subject: (4) …………………………………………………….
Number of places: 1
Course Dates: (5) ………………………………………….
Accommodation: (6) shared ………………………………..
Flight Number: (7) …………………………………………………
Email Address: (8) ……………………………………………………


Hello, this is the Oxford Orientation Summer Course booking office. How can I help you?
I’d like to book a place on a summer course this summer.
Certainly, let me take some details and then I’ll reserve a place for you. What is your full name?
It’s Maria Bueno.
So that’s Maria Beno – BENO?
No, actually it’s BUENO.
When were you born?
I was born on September 12th, 1985.
And which country do you come from?
I’m from Spain.
Well, we’ve got two different courses this summer. We’ve got the orientation for art history and museums and also one for photography. Which one would you like to book for?
The latter, please.
And is that just the one place for the photography course?
Yes, that’s right.
The course you’re interested in runs twice this summer, from June to July and again from August to September. Which one suits you best?
I think the August to September.
That’s fine. Just a few more details and then we’re done. The accommodation we offer on the course is all shared so you can choose from a shared room, a shared flat or a shared house.
Oh definitely not the shared room. I’d prefer the shared flat if you have one.
OK. What I need now are your flight details and also your email address.
Well, I’m coming on Iberia Lines flight IB316 arriving on July 29th. And my email address is
Well, that’s you booked then for a summer course starting in August. Is there anything else I can do for you?
No, that’s all. If you could just email me confirmation of my booking, that’s would be great.
I will do. Thank you. Goodbye.

1. Bueno (capital letter not needed)
2. September 12th, 1985 / Sept 12 1985 / 09/12/85
3. Spain
4. photography
5. August – September / August to September (capital letter not needed)
6. flat
7. IB316



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  1. Omme_hashmi says:

    I wrote the b capital in her name in the email like
    Is that fine?????

  2. From the bottom of my heart*

  3. I am glad to express my feeling to you madam

    I really feel that I know you from along time ago.

    You are very friendly ..your smile made me comfortable when I am taking your lessons

    I love you from the bottom of my life

    I am glad that I found your useful blog and videos

  4. Klint Gino Cutarra says:

    My result(s) – A+ for me.

    Thanks Liz and more powers!


    Hi Liz! Firstly, I would like to thank you and praise for your accurate work- the best I’ve ever seen! It’s helping me a lot, I’m very very grateful.
    Now, below follow my doubts list about this listening test: (Should it be considered as a right if I write down like this?)
    2- 12th Sept 1985
    4- photography course
    5- Aug – Sept
    Many thanks

    • Answer 2 and 5 would be marked correct. Answer 4 would be wrong. They are asking for the subject. The subject is not “photography course” the subject is “photography”. If someone is asked “What do you study at university”, people do not say “history course”, they just give the subject “history.

  6. Nishika says:

    hi Liz,
    In question 2 can i write 12 September 1985 instead of September 12 1985. Are there commas required

  7. Thais Prioste says:

    Hello Dear Liz,

    I like your Spanish accent 😁
    Many thanks for helping us.


  8. Teacher Liz, your blog helps me so much. The way you teach it is so easy to understand. Thank you very much.

  9. Sohrab Kakakhel says:

    Which accent is best for IELTS.

  10. Hello Liz,
    Can I write the answer for 3rd question as ‘Spaniard’ ?

  11. Hello Lizz Mam,
    I am Navdeep i want to get some suggestions from you mam. Actualy i had ielts three times from 2014 to 2016 and every time i got 5.5. I want to get 7 atleast in listening and reading but every time i got 5.5 in both modules. When i practised the listening samples in home and in class i always get 6.5 ,8,7.5 but in test centre i always got 5.5. Please mam its a request tell me if you khnow what is the reason behind it. I am really very depressed because of my poor result. my teachers and family members every time expected me 7 overall but my result disappointed them too.

  12. Hello Lizz Mam,
    I had three times ielts and every time i got 5.5 . Even i practised your all sample in listening but still i got 5.5 in listening. i want to get atleast 7 in it . I am very upset please suggest me some techniques 😟

  13. Hi Liz,’

    For part 4, should the answer start with the capital letter, Photography – since it refers to a noun in this case ?

    Best Regards,

  14. Oh I remember Liz is on break…
    So any one else is there to help me plz…

  15. Hi liz,
    I have a querry about some patterns…for e.g In blank 5 ….I wrote Aug-Sept instead of full names is that OK????

  16. Kristhy Jean Arnaiz says:

    Good day Liz,

    I just took an exam today.

    The instruction was one word and a number

    Fill in the blank

    Birthday: 24-Aug-1979

    will this answer be accepted?

    • That is two numbers so the answer would be wrong. However, if the instructions were “one word and numbers” (plural), it would be right.
      All the best

    • It should’ve been just 24 August or something I guess. But Liz knows for sure.

  17. Hi Liz,

    Can I write the date of birth 9/12/1985?

  18. Answer number 3 is absolutely weird. I get that nationality is Spanish not Spain, of course. But you have been repeating all the time that you have to write down what you hear. So how come? This is exactly the opposite, you’re writing down something based on your logic.

    Another thing, question number 2 – is 12 September 1985 correct or do I have to write down September 12, 1985?

    • In this case, it is not possible to use the word given which is Spain. You can write dates using a comma or using American style as you wish.

    • Jacobson says:

      Exactly, often times she has been telling us “write exactly what you hear”, but look at it now.

  19. Dr. Syed Iqtidar Ali Raza says:

    HI Liz
    If I write Sept 12, 1985
    Is that ok?
    Coz it’s the same way the speaker is telling.

    What about these
    September 12th, 1985
    And September 12, 1985
    This comma is confusing me
    Kindly help

  20. Hi Liz,

    If my answer in question #2 was 12 Sep. 1985, will that be still correct?


  21. Hi Liz,
    Firstly I would like to thank you for the job you are doing for all of us.

    I took my IELTS back in July. My scores were: listening 7.5, reading 7.0; writing 7.0; speaking 7.5. I need a score 8 for my listening test. I am very nervous as tomorrow is my re-testing.
    I am going through all your practise tests. I have question on this particular test. If I would write the date of birth in UK version as 12/09/1985 would it be still correct? As on the answers it shows 09/12/85 which is US version of writing the dates.
    Thank you.

  22. Hello Liz,

    I have written September 12th 1985. Is it correct?
    This is without comma after 12th.


  23. Hi Liz
    Next Saturday is my IELTS exam I am nervous because this is my first time and also my last . can you give some alternative tips or way to improve my reading and listening bcoz i just realized i weak in both part although i done your exercise given in the blog and i still got another week …plus all your video in writing and speaking it was really helpful .

  24. Thank you Liz for the free tips and lessons. In the listening test, I decided to write my answer all caps. However, in your practice test there’s an email address. Is it still a correct answer if i wrote it M.BUENO@GMAIL.COM? Also, if my answer in the date will be 12TH SEPTEMBER, 1985.Is it still right? Hope you’ll answer my all caps concerns. Thank you.

  25. Kanwalpreet says:

    Dear Liz
    This side is helping me a lot.
    In listening test if I write down date like 07/07/1982, is that right to do the answer???
    And the other question is I have to write capital letters e.g Green Road ( both) not like this Green road.
    Thanks in advance.

  26. Hi Liz,

    Recently couple of weeks back i have written the IELTS exam and my scores are
    Listening : 6.5
    Speaking :7
    Reading :7
    Writing : 6.5
    I am not satisfied with my listening and writing section scores , so could you please give me any tips in increasing my score levels in listening and writing section.
    I shall be very glad to receive your response.


    • Hi,

      For listening, you need to be very clear on your strategy for each type of question. You need to be good at paraphrasing and listening for specific information. You need to do some practice tests and go through each answer to find out why you got it wrong or right – it’s the only way to know why you are getting band score 6. You need to see if you are loosing marks because of vocabulary and understanding or because of your technique.

      For writing task 1, make sure you have a clear overview with all the key features highlighted. Get used to writing complex sentences for each type of chart that are accurate – errors will lower your score. Remember that you don’t need to compare everything all the time. Many charts only require you to report information rather than compare. So select the best way to present a logical report.

      For writing task 2, make sure you are addressing the task fully. That means following the exact instructions and giving an opinion when asked. You must make sure you are addressing all the issues in the statement and planning your essay very carefully before you start writing. Also check your paragraphing and linking techniques. Finally, check the accuracy of both your grammar and vocabulary to see if there is any reason you might be lowering your score.
      All the best

  27. Mahima jafrin says:

    hello madam
    I want to know that how can i get lot”s of listing practice .

  28. Mohamed Mami says:

    Hello Liz,
    Many thanks for you helping us Liz. Could you please tell me how I can improve my Listening and Reading in short time? Because I have prepared for the IELTS exam since August 2014 and I got overall 5 and reading 4.5 so if you have any idea for improving my reading PLEASE let me know.
    Kindest regards,

    Mohamed Mami

    • Hi Mohamed Mami,

      There are two main reasons that students get low results in IELTS. One reason is that they have a low level of English and can’t possible get higher. The other reason is that they have not prepared skills for each different type of question, they have not understood paraphrasing, their speed in reading is too slow or they try to understand everything in listening rather than listening only for answers – all that means they have not developed IELTS exam skills.

      If you only have a very short time (for example, a couple of weeks), before your tests, then you should probably focus on the following:
      1. work on building speed locating answers rather than build comprehension.
      2. work on your T/F/NG, sentence completion, matching headings and short answer questions – they are the most common types of questions.
      1. practice section 1 until you can get 9 or 10 out of 10. Section 1 is the easiest to improve in a short time. This is based on listening for specific personal or common information.
      2. work on your skills of paraphrasing common words
      3. work on multiple choice, sentence completion, form completion and note completion – these are the most common question types.

      Divide each day into working on the above points and also doing practice tests. Good luck!

      • Mohamed Mami says:

        Hello Liz,
        Thank you for your reply and I’ll try that. I hope doing better than before next exam.


      • hello madam
        I am trying to improve my skills but i cant reach my goal. I was took part the ielts exam in 2 times and i got the same result. 2 times i got reading 4.5 listing 4.5 speaking 5.5 and writing 5. now i become hopeless and cant get any solution what i do now? pls mam tall me. i am studying nearly to 1 year for ielts. i badly need to band 6 for applying uk university.

        • Hi Shaila,

          You need to analyse and find out the reason for your low marks. Each time you do a listening practice test, you must check your answer and mark down if you lost the point because you didn’t understand the words or you lost the point because it was confusing or you lost the point because your technique for the question was not good. Do a practice test and find out what you main problems are.

          If you are losing points because of your English, then doing more and more IELTS tests will not help you. You will need to work on your English language

          If you are losing points because you get confused when you listen, then you need to do more listening exercises. I don’t mean more practice tests but more listening in the English language – news, documentaries, TV programs etc.

          If you are losing points because of your technique with exam questions, then you will need to train yourself on each type or question. Spend days working just on one type of question and work your way slowly through the different question types.

          So, find your weakness and plan your development. Good luck!!

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