2017 Questions Available for Download

Hi guys,

You can now download the 2017 questions for writing task 2 as a pdf file. Please don’t forget that these essays questions have been reported by students and are written as accurate as they can remember. Make sure you prepare ideas for all topics. Questions might change but topics can be repeated.

Follow this link and you will find the download at the bottom of the page: IELTS Writing Task 2 Qs 2017

Good luck to you all !!


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  1. Liz your lectures is great my name is ehtisham I am from Pakistan..

    Thank u

  2. Thanks for your prompt response. I have one more question if you don’t mind. In writing task 1, do we need to use more compare and contrast ?

    • When it is appropriate. For example, most diagrams which show one process can’t be compared and contrasted because there is nothing to compare it with. So, it is about learning when it is appropriate to do it and how often to do it in your report.

  3. Hi liz really you are very good teacher god bless you and thank you for teaching

  4. Patel Mallika says:

    Thank u so much maam.4 giving information nd help me.

  5. your great maam i dont have for appreciating

  6. thaNKU YOUY VRY MUCH liz .

  7. Liz you are amazing teacher God blees you

  8. Kenneth Ramos says:

    thank you so much maam. please continue to help others. God will surely bless you

  9. Kenneth Ramos says:

    thank you so much maam

  10. Hello,
    I attended speaking part of the Ielts in Istanbul on 13 February 2017.
    Task 1:
    What do you do?
    Talk about your hometown.
    Task 2:
    Talk about a gift you gave to someone.
    Task 3:
    What kind of gifts do you choose to give to children?
    Should be given to people homemade gifts or bought gifts?
    Do you like giving gift or taking gift?

  11. Hi liz
    Today I attended exam academic module in Oman 11/2/2017
    Task 2 was
    Some people throw a way their broken things but in the past people repair their broken things.
    Why is this the case ?
    What the are problems results from this ?

  12. Thank you very much Liz

  13. Hello Liz ..
    thank you very much , you are very kind.
    thank you
    thank you …..

  14. Hello Liz how are you doing? My name is Hak Khoem. I am from Cambodia and I am a professional truck driver. I would like to study English with your course because of my an English still poor like writing speaking and listening. So, I would like to start with listening reading and writting from the first. Thanks

  15. Tin Aye Kyaw says:

    Thank you very much, Liz.

  16. Hi Liz, Thank you very much.

  17. How to write complex sentences in writing task 2.??

  18. Sarvinoz Choriyeva says:

    Hi Liz ! You are very kind.
    Thank you for your being

  19. Ambily ulahannan says:

    thank you mam

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