Video Transcript for Part 1 Common Questions

Below is the complete  transcript for the video tutorial about common questions in speaking part 1.

Hello my name is Liz. In this lesson I want to look at a different types of questions that the examiner might ask you and IELTS speaking part 1. Now as you know you need to prepare lots of different topics so for example family hobbies going out birthdays but you also need to prepare the different types of questions. So even though the examiner will ask you about different topics the questions are often the same. Let’s have a look at some common questions for IELTS speaking part 1.

So let take a look at a common topic and that’s the topic of cooking. It’s a common topic to get in speaking part 1. Now you can see a list of  questions here so let’s take a look at these questions more closely. What you can see is that each question begins with a different question word and this is very important to understand about speaking part 1 because every topic that you get in speaking part 1 can have questions that start with these question words. So for example, how often do you cook? this is looking at frequency – the number of times you cook in a week or in a month. Who usually does the cooking? This is a person so either you or someone else in your family. Where did you learn to cook? So this is the place. Did you learn to cook in your own home or was it in a school or on a course. When did you learn to cook? This is for a time so for this you’ll need to give a date for example ten years ago or when I was a child. How long have you been cooking? Another common question, this is about the length of time so you could say I’ve been cooking for about six years and that means I started cooking six years ago. And of course what kind of dishes do you like? This is also a common question so for example do you like spicy dishes or chicken dishes – what kind? So these question words are very important and you need to listen for them in the speaking part 1 test so that you can give the right information in you answer.

And here are more question that are very common in IELTS speaking part 1. So you can see the first one which is a can you…? question. It’s very common to get this for any topic. Can you swim? Can you dance? Can you cook? You need to answer yes I can or no I can’t and add some more information. Also we’ve got do you like…? So this is what you enjoy it could also be do you dislike so listen out for that. What’s your favorite…? This is a very common question what’s your favorite book? what’s your favorite dish? what’s your favorite newspaper? It could be any question like this and again you need to express the dish that you like most. Another one is preferring so this is all about preferences. Do you prefer this or do you prefer this. Do you prefer eating at home or do you prefer eating out? You need to choose one and explain your preference. We’ve also got do you usually….? So this is about your common habit what do you do frequently. So do you usually cook for yourself? And you need to answer yes or no and again add more information. The next one, What do you usually cook? This is about what dish, so for example I often cook Chinese food or I often cooked vegetarian dishes. The next one is a do you ever…? and this is in the present tense so this is now. Do you ever order food delivery? You need to say yes or no and then explain why or give from more examples. And the next one is have you ever…? and with this question, this is actually a past tense question so that means we’re looking at what you’ve done in the past. So have you ever eaten any food from a foreign country? You can say yes and you can explain when or what kind of food it was. So again a very common question you can get in almost any topic. Now there are couple more so let’s look at the last few. Here are the last two types of questions for IELTS speaking part 1 this one – Did you ever cook when you were a child? Now it’s very important that you pay attention to this question because it’s a clear past tense question about your childhood and of course this is testing your past tense your grammar. So it’s very important that you to listen for the tense in the question because this is a language test so if you don’t give a past tense answer that might be a problem. And the next question. Of course speaking part 1 is mostly about yourself what do you like what do you prefer…? can you…? when do you…? what do you…? it’s mostly about yourself but you can also get questions about people in your country or about people in general. So here we’ve got a question why do some people dislike cooking? Now please if you get a question like this don’t talk about yourself. This is about other people so with this question you’ll need to explain why there are people who don’t enjoy cooking. Well that’s all for this lesson, I’ll see you again in another IELTS lesson.

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