IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topics: Video Tutorial Transcript

Preparing topics for speaking part 1 is essential and knowing which ones to focus on is even more important. Here is the transcript for the video tutorial below (click picture to watch) about speaking part 1 topics for IELTS. Transcript

Hello my name is Liz
in this lesson I’m going to look
at the types of topics
that the examiner could ask you
in IELTS speaking part 1
and at the end of this lesson
I’ll give you a link so that you can
take a look at the topics and questions
for yourself
the examiner will probably ask you
about 12 different questions
in speaking part 1
and these questions come from usually
3 different topics these topics are all
familiar topics they are topics that
are common to everybody
throughout the world
now the first topic of these three
usually come from one of these
work study home and hometown
you will probably get
one of them for your first topic
work or study now if the examiner
decides to ask you about work or study
the first question that
the examiner will ask
is “do you work or do you study”
now the examiner is asking
this question
only because he or she needs
to know which
topic to choose to ask
the questions so with this question
you do not need to expand your answer
you can just say very clearly
“I work” or “I study”
now if you’re a students and
you’ve finished university
but you aren’t not working either
then you need to tell the examiner that
and you need to say “I’ve just finished
university but I don’t have a job yet”
and the examiner will then continue
and ask you about the topic of study. Now with
these topics the common questions
which the examiner could ask you is
where do you study or work
why did you choose that subject or job
the examiner might ask you about
your first day
about the people you that
you work or study with
and other things about your work
or your study
Now for the topic of home
this topic is all about where you live
so it could be about your house
or your apartment
and in that topic
the examiner can ask you
about the rooms in your house
how they are decorated
so what you can see on the walls
or what you kind of views you have
from the windows
the examiner might also ask you
about the people you live with
or the area and street that you live in
And the last topic hometown
now if you get the topic of hometown
this is about the place
where you were born or where you
spent your childhood
and for this topic
the examiner often asks you
about places in your hometown
for example buildings or
old buildings in your hometown
the examiner might ask you
about the weather
or transportation
in your hometown
or if you plan to still live
there in the future
so those are usually
one of those will be your
first topic
for IELTS speaking part 1
but you have 2 more topics
after this so lets
have a look at what kind of
topics you can get next
Here is a list of 18 different
topics I would like you to
have a look at the list and decide
which ones you think the examiner
you might be asked about
in IELTS speaking part 1
do you think the examiner
might ask you about all of them
or only some of them
well lets have a look
we’ve got family
friends hobbies weather happiness
sport food clothes school flowers
shopping computers going out
newspapers childhood
holidays dictionaries holidays
dictionaries transport
do you think it’s possible to
get all of them in IELTS speaking part 1
Well I will tell you that all these topics
are possible in IELTS speaking part 1
I know that many people
may have read or heard that
topics in part 1 are all easy
unfortunately they are not all easy
you can see here the topic of
happiness or flowers or dictionaries
sometimes the topics can be challenging
so one of the keys to preparing
for IELTS speaking part 1
is to prepare topics and that means
to prepare ideas and vocabulary
for all the different topics
so this is a list of some of the topics
you can get in part 1 for speaking
if you would like to see more topics
and questions as well please follow
the link here and that will take you
to my blog
and in the blog you will find the topics
and questions for part 1, part 2
and part 3 of the IELTS speaking test
well that’s all for this lesson
I will see you again
in another IELTS lesson

speaking part 1 topics


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