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  1. Hello Liz today i have done speaking thnq Liz for your tips and advice.
    Part 1:-
    about myself
    Study or work
    about patience
    Part 2:-
    about an incident that you felt proud of your friend success
    part 3:-
    Questions about success
    I have small doubt when Ian speaking cue card question in the middle he stopped me so have not answered all the questions does it effect my band score.
    and I have done my LRW test on 13th June
    writing task 1:- about maps
    Writing task 2:- in some countries people who visit art galleries are reducing.
    What are the reason for this.
    How can we solve this problem.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

      • Vamsireddy yakkanti says

        Hello liz
        when I am speaking my que card question in the middle the examiner stopped me so I didn’t answer complete que card question does it effect my band score.

        • The examiner cannot stop you in the middle of part 2 before 2 mins have passed. The examiner will stop you after 2 mins have passed. No one is allowed more than 2 mins for their talk.

  2. Hello Liz,
    Thank you for guidance. Today I had my computer based exam .
    Writing task 1:
    Write a letter to a friend mentioning that the product which you borrowed from his/ her got accidentally damaged

    Writing task 2
    Why do students prefer doing part time jobs during their studies.
    Do you think this has more advantages or more disadvantages?

    For writing task 2, i mentioned as it has more benefits over drawbacks and dedicated an extra paragraph for disadvantages.Even though it is of 2 liner i am worried whether
    it will reduce my score.
    Please reply.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ When you explain that the advantages are more and the disadvantages are less – it would mean two body paragraphs. All body paragraphs must be equal in length. There is a limit on the band score for Task Response if some ideas are more developed than others. Take a look at this page:

      • Thanks Liz.
        Fingers crossed.I am awating for my results. Hope I won’t be penalised much for this.Will that be only in task response or over all task score?

    • hello, Mrs vim is it possible for you to post the writing task 1 in detail I,e what were the bullet point questions that were given in the exam?

      • Yes sure. It was something like this
        For t1,
        A. What is the item which you borrowed it got damaged
        C. What would you do from your end

  3. Academic :
    speaking part 1
    Do you live in house or apartment?
    why do you think people throw waste or garbage on the road?
    Do you recycle (such as paper)?
    Do you help any garbage collection ?
    when did you start learning Mathematics ?
    Do you like math or Is it your favourite subject ?
    Do you use calculator for math ?
    Describe occasion when your vehicle ( car, bus , train) broke down
    Where it was ?
    With whom you went there?
    what happened ?
    and describe how you felt about it ?
    she asked one follow up question.
    Speaking part 3
    Public transport
    what kind of transport in your country (say Nepal) mostly people use?
    Why do people use bus or train ?
    Private vehicle :
    Why do people use private transport rather than public transport ?
    do you think people are using more car nowadays than in the past ?
    what happens when there are more cars or disadvantage of car ownership?
    section 1 (fill gaps)
    about vacation
    name , address, date, price
    Section 2
    about map : find places in the form of shape like rectangle , L-shape
    Name of streets ( like Cambridge 8 test 4 section 2, Red hill improvement plan)
    So confusing no start point.
    Section 3 : two students talking about first year engineering course.
    MCQ, choose two letters
    Section 4
    Talk about music in north america especially about one person and his contribution
    Reading :
    Passage 1 ( birth of plastic)
    Fill the gaps, TFNG
    Passage 2
    Ancient city
    Questions : which paragraph contains information ?
    Sentence completion .So confusing.Most difficult way of paraphrasing .
    Choose two letters
    Passage 3
    Reduction of smoke pollution
    MCQ, YNNG and sentence ending completion
    Writing task 1 :
    Maps show the changes to a farm in 1980 to historic site in 1990.
    (similar to official ielts practice material 2)
    In many countries number of visitors to art galleries has been declining steadily .
    What are the reasons for this ?
    what could be done to improve this situation ?

  4. Hi Liz! Hi everyone! I took my Academic IELTS exam yesterday, 13th of June. These were the following topics that I can remember:

    Completing sentences exercises
    Listening map
    A lecture about weapons in the past

    A passage about Green roofs with T, F, NG questions
    How well do we concentrate with multiple choices and matching titles questions

    Task 1- Bar chart about Car ownership from 1971 to 2001
    Task 2:
    In many countries, women and men are working full-time. It is therefore, logical for women and men to share household works.
    To what extent do you agree or disagree?
    Give relevant examples.

    • For those having difficulty in Reading and Writing, I suggest that you start to answer the last parts (Last passage in Reading and Task 2 in Writing) because they usually require more time and this will save you from rushing to finish the exam. Furthermore in Writing tasks, a day before my exam, I wrote a model answer in the sample ielts paper, which I got from Liz’ page to know how many lines I need to fill in the actual exam. I thought that it will guide me in estimating the number of words I’m writing without counting. I didn’t counted my written words because I almost consumed half of the back part in writing task 2 and my penmanship is small. I’m hoping to get a good band score. Thank you Liz for your valuable page. It’s the only material I used reviewing for the exam.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

  5. Hi Liz,

    First of all, thank you very much for your valuable tips and lessons. Those were really helpful to me when preparing for my exam in a very short time. I had my IELTS Academic on June 12th. Given below are the questions I got (what I remember now :)).
    Writing Task 1 – A diagram with 2 bar charts regarding average time spending on 2 leisure activities (reading & listening to songs) based on different age groups.
    Writing Task 2 – Discuss both views essay on “Libraries are a waste of resources and money and computers can be used to replace them”. Though I’m not exactly sure about the wording, it was the topic.

    Task 1 – About my house, rooms, favorite room, throwing trash
    Task 2 – About an advice I’ve given to someone

    However, I was unable to complete my 2nd paragraph of the essay (actually the last sentence of it) due to poor time management. I was able to write the conclusion. Word count was enough (about 200 for task 1 and 270 for task 2). Now I’m worried about the impact of not completing the 2nd para :(.

    Thanks again.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ I’m glad you wrote the conclusion. Missing one line in a body paragraph means that it will affect the supporting points for that paragraph. This is a much less problematic issue than missing a conclusion. There is no way to know how this will impact your score, but whatever impact it has, it will only affect one marking criteria out of four.

  6. Dear Liz,
    I took my computer-delivered General exam on 8th June. Your tips and practice questions are quite helpful. I enjoyed learning.
    Here are questions for the Speaking section.
    Part 1
    What is your name?
    Where are you from?
    Do you stay in an apartment or house?
    Which room do you like the most?
    Do you often use social websites? Why?
    What are the advantages of social websites?
    Is it a good idea for people to spend more time on social websites?
    Would you like to spend more time on social websites? Why?
    How do you feel when you see people throwing rubbish on the street?
    What do you think why people throw rubbish on the streets?
    Do you think transportation on the streets damages environment? Why?
    Which development is required in transport facilities in your country?
    Part 2
    Describe an occasion when the vehicle you took broke down during your travel.
    You should say:
    Where were you going
    Who you were with
    How you felt it
    Also, explain how long did it take to repair the vehicle
    Part 3
    Which kind of transport is famous in your country?
    Do younger people prefer public transport most or older people?
    How comfort of people walking on the street can be increased?
    There were a few questions more based on my answer to previous questions.

    Writing Task 1
    You recently travelled on a train which arrived very late and you faced many problems. Write a letter to the owner of the company.
    Include the below points:
    1. Where were you going
    2. What problems did you face?
    3. What action would you like the owner to take?

    Task 2:
    Some people think that money is the best gift for teenagers. Others disagree.
    Discuss both these views and give your opinion.

    My experience for the computer-delivered test:
    1. The online timer shows only minutes and not seconds. Hence I stopped my editing in the last 1 minute. The screen automatically submits questions when time is up.
    2. There is a highlight and notes feature available in the Reading section where we can highlight keywords. This makes easy to locate answers for lengthy paragraphs.
    3. In my test, all reading passages were quite lengthy. Hence I just scanned passages for locating answers.
    4. I ran out of time for writing and couldn’t get time for reviewing typo errors, spelling and punctuation. I mainly focused on covering the points and my thought process.
    5. In the speaking section, I was fluent in part 1 and 2 but lost fluency in part 3 as it made me think a lot while answering.
    6. I prepared for this test in 5 weeks.

    Thank you Liz for your wonderful study materials and All the best for other learners for their exam.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Also a big thank you for sharing your experience of the computer based test πŸ™‚

    • Hey! Great to hear about your experience with CD IELTS. You apparently was served by lazy staff because they should have told you if you place a mouse pointer on timer then you will see minutes and seconds you have.

  7. Hi All

    Thanks for the help and providing all with some much information !!!

    Today I had my Listening, Reading and writing with Computer Based IELTS

    You friend has been recently blessed with a baby. You have bought a gift
    1. Explain about the gift you have bought
    2. What are the features of the gift
    3. Ask him to make make an arrangement, so that you can present the gift.

    Some believe that people who do physically work should be paid on par with the people who have high level degree .

    Do you agree or disagree ?

  8. Hi Liz,

    Thanks for all the guidance and your website is very useful for the students, it gives a clear and simple details of understanding each part. I had my exam and would like to contribute by adding to the recent question, Hoping some may benefit from them.

    Writing question was:
    Some people think that secondary or high school student should be taught how to use money managment as a it is an important lifeskill, Do you agree or disagree with the statement?

    Writing question 1:

    Write a letter to your friend who is visiting your apartment while you are gone.

    Tell him/.her where the keys are.
    Tell him/her to take care of your one thing whiele you are away.
    Tell him/her what to do on the day of your arrival.


    In first section there were questions about hometown/work /pets etc.

    Cue card question was: describe a experience when you had recieved a bad customer service may be at a hotel/restaraunt.

    following question about customer service like.

    How important customer serivice to you ?
    What can be done to improve it?
    What can be reasons for bad customer service?
    As lot of MNC are in operating in India now, can we see a major diffrence is customer service of national companies.
    Is customer service also become one of the criteria to buy a product?

    These are all I can remmember. Thanks a lot for your help.

  9. Hi Liz,

    Thank you for creating this community that allows IELTS takers to share information and prepare for the exams.

    I took the computer-delivered GT exam yesterday.

    The writing task 1 (not verbatim) is to write a letter of invitation to a friend for a special celebration.
    – invite your friend to attend the celebration
    – discuss the arrangements/plans you have made
    – offer arrangements for travel and accommodation

    Writing task 2 (not verbatim): In some countries, children under 16 are not allowed to leave school by law and get full-time work. Is this a good or a bad thing?

  10. Hi Liz,
    Took my AC test today
    Questions for writing task 1
    3 Pie charts about 3 countries (Argentina, Chile, Mexico) exporting (percentages) to USA, Europe. Other Latin countries and others
    Writing task 2
    Nowadays, some parents pressure their children to be successful
    What are the reasons for this? Is this a positive or negative development.

  11. Hi All

    I had my speaking test today. I was asked the following questions.

    1. Do you work or study and where ?
    2. Do you like what you do ? why / why not ?
    3. Nowadays people are throwing more rubbish, what are your thoughts on it
    4. Do you like perfume ? why / why not ?
    5. Do you use perfume ? why / why not ?
    6. Would you ever give perfume as a gift ?

    Part – 2
    Describe a park you visit
    where is the park ?
    How often do you go there and with whom ?
    What do you like about it ?

    Part -3
    1. How important are parks in the city ?
    2. Do you think all age groups enjoy going to park ?
    1. Do you care about environment (recycle plastic)
    2. Is it necessary to teach kids in school the importance and duty of care towards environment and why kids.
    3. What steps or programs the government should take to improve awareness among the citizens.

    I felt I was many more questions then these …………..

  12. Hi
    I had my speaking today
    What do u do study or work?
    Do u enjoy?
    What do you do to improve your work?
    Do u have free time?
    What do u in ur free time?
    What do people in ur country do during free time? Why
    Difference between young people and old people spending free time?
    Part 2
    Describe free time u enjoyed
    Part 3
    Do u like to take photographs by mobile or camera?why
    Do u like email or text messages? why
    Your favorite email?

    I want thanks Liz for her support and guidance.your website and lectures are very useful

  13. Hi Liz,
    Thanks for your tips and valuable inputs. Below are the questions that were asked in today’s speaking test

    Part 1
    Describe your house
    The best part of your house
    Impact of weather on mood
    Impact of weather on clothing choice
    Different types of climate in my country
    And some more questions about weather and climate

    Part 2
    Describe a favourite piece of clothing
    1. What is the item
    2. How often do you wear it
    3. Why do you like it
    Follow up question on whether my friends like the same item that I described.

    Part 3
    1. Designer clothes and brands and why they are popular
    2. Reasons behind the high price range of designer goods
    3. Fashion differences between the old and mew generation.
    4. Is it important for designers to be up to date with latest trends ?
    5. Do you think fashion is more important than clothing according to climatic conditions ?


  14. Had my speaking test today.. Part one. Questions about my hometown work and transportation
    Cue card: advice given to a young person in learning a skill
    3rd part: questions about changes and impacts of change

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

      • Survivor says

        Thankyou Liz ! It has been an amazing platform.

        Had my speaking exam yesterday !!
        Part 1 : Describe your house ?
        Favourite room ? How long have you been living there ?
        Questions on street markets:
        Do you like street markets ? Why ? Are they popular in your country ? Why ? Difference between shopping complex and street markets?
        Would you like to go to street market of foreign country ? Why ?
        Some questions on social networking as well
        Part 2 : Cue card on practical skill you learned
        What ? How ? Why ? How you felt about it ?
        Part3 : what type of skills people learn now ? From where do they learn ? What skills people learned in past ? Are personal skills important ?
        Many follow up on that based on my answers

        I think i m a confident speaker but my examiner was kind of rude , he never looked at me while i was speaking and interuppted me a lot …like i was not even able to say complete answers cuz of that , Last time when i appeared for this exam my examiner was really a sweet lad7y so probably i was expecting the same this time but my bad ! I hope he gives me good score though ! 😊

        • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Not all examiners behave in the same way. It is 100% normal to be interrupted in your answers. It is a natural part of the speaking test and everyone should be ready for it. It is not something to be worried about and doesn’t affect your score – but if you are not prepared, it might affect your confidence. However, it is not normal or polite for the examiner to avoid eye contact. The examiner should always have positive body language. Unfortunately, some examiners are overworked. I wish you lots of luck with your results πŸ™‚

  15. Liz,
    Thank you so much for such an incredible personal commitment to those who you have never met!
    I have been preping for my AE and using your page quite often these days, and the other day I was told that in order to secure myself during the writing, I can leave a blank line after each line, so I can go back and make corrections, or insertions in case any good idea pops into my mind during the proofreading. My question is: won’t be I penalized if I follow this strategy? If yes, what could you recommend to ensure that I can still go back and make changes without having to erase the entire paragraph. I wouldn’t want to jeopardize my score.
    Thanks in advance!

    • I don’t usually answer comments on this page, but I will in this case because it will help everyone. You certainly should not do that. It will make it really hard for the examiner to see your paragraphs clearly and this could have a very negative impact on your score. If you plan your essay properly, you should not need to make so many corrections. If you need to change some words, just put a strong cross through them and write them again above – neatly, so that the examiner can easily see what you have written. See this page for all my free lessons, model essays and tips:

  16. General Training WRITING TASKS from 03-June-2019.
    Format: CDI

    TASK 1

    You are moving with your family to a new city. Write a letter to a housing agent in that city about accommodation.
    In your letter,
    – Explain why and when you are moving.
    – Describe where you want to live
    – State the type of accommodation you require.

    TASK 2

    In some countries, people follow the latest fashion and hairstyles.
    In your opinion, what is influencing this.
    Is this a good or bad thing?

  17. Hi Liz,
    I had my GT writing, reading and listening sessions on 01/06/19. Listening was the toughest. When I checked with others who wrote the exam along with me, they also had same problem as the speakers were little fast. Many of us were not able to get even the first answer….
    I am sharing my writing topics:
    Task 1
    A news paper is conducting a competition to award people who have done good things for your local community. Write a letter to the editor in which you mention who is the eligible person you think, how do you know this person, describe what he has done for the local community.

    Task 2:

    In many countries, people have health problems because they choose to live in unhealthy ways. What do you think the reasons for this and how can it be solved? Give relevent examples from your experience.

  18. Dear Liz,
    Thank you so much for your wonderful tips, videos and for creating a thread like this.
    I attended my IELTS General Training (LRW) Test on 1st June 2019

    Topic we got for Writing:
    Task 1: (Forgot the actual giving the content in my own words)
    Your local newspaper is planning to reward the best person who’s helping local community. Send a letter to the newspaper nominating a person.
    – Name & description of the person
    – how is he known/related to you
    – why do you think he deserves it

    Task 2:
    In many countries people have health problems due to unhealthy life style
    – discuss how unhealthy life style is causing health problems (not exactly same. but question conveyed same meaning)
    – provide a solution to this problem

    My speaking test is scheduled soonFingers crossed!!


    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Sorry I didn’t read this sooner. I hope your test went all πŸ™‚

      • Yes, Speaking went well…
        First part:
        – Working/Student
        – do you prefer quiet env in work place

        Part 2: Cue card
        A dish you like the most which is served during festivals
        – why do you like it
        – how do you prepare it
        – name few other dishes you like from your country

        General Qns:
        Effect of globalization in eating habits of people
        – pros
        – cons

  19. Hello everyone!
    June 1 st General training
    Quite easy, most of the questions in form of test or one word answer.
    5 passages
    The last on scientific topic – the hardest one.
    Task 1
    A newspaper of your city wants to determine a person who will win a price for the greatest achivements. Write a letter to main editor and suggest some candidacy. Why? How do you know this person? Describe his/her achivements.
    Task 2
    A lot of people have chosen unhealthy way of life, hence it can couse a great number of diseases. What are the reasons of this phenomenon? Suggest some ways to tacle this issue.
    1st part
    Where do you live (house/apartment)
    Smile (what makes you smile, when did you see a lot of smiling people, how can you determine insincere smile, etc)
    Describe some kind of water sport that you would like to try
    Why? Where?
    Part 3
    Traveling by water
    How have treveling tendencies changed
    Why do people enjoy traveling by water
    Bad influence of this kind of transport
    Trading transportation using water transport

  20. Hi Liz

    Need your help.

    I forget to write β€œYours sincerely; XYZ Name” at the end of writing task 1 in GT IDP.

    How much will it impact on my scoring?

    Will that mean there is no chance for Band 7?

    • Missing that from your letter does not dictate your final score for writing. But it will have a negative impact on your score for Task Achievement which is 25% of your writing task 1 score.

  21. Hello Liz,
    I took my exam on June 1st. Last time I wrote IELTS i got 8 overall, but got only 6.5 in writing. This time i prepared using all your videos and material and practised a lot.I bought your advanced writing -100 essay ideas which were also extremely helpful for speaking part 3 .The recent questions section helped me a lot, so I thought I should contribute too. I have a question for you, I was very nervous during my first question and fumbled a lot and had gaps, but by the time I got further I really improved and spoke fluently. Will one question affect my score a lot ? Do reply if possible. Anyways, these are the questions:
    – do you work/study
    – do you like your work?
    – how much time do you spend working
    – what do you think would make your work easier?
    – Are there a lot of public holidays in your country?
    -which is your favourite holiday?
    – what do you do on a public holiday ?
    – Do you think modern technology will help in crime reduction ?
    – Why do you think people are not accurate when they act as witnesses ?
    Part 2 :
    Talk about an instance where someone you know hid a truth from you, who was it ? what did he/she say ? How did you feel?
    follow up Q: Do you think you would have told the truth in that person s place
    Part 3 : lots of questions about honesty
    Do you think honesty is important?
    Do people expect public figures to be honest?
    Should children be taught to be honest ?
    Do you think honesty is more important than any other virtue?
    part1 : line graphs about male and female prisoners in a European country between 1911 to 2001.
    Part 2 : Some people think that books should be stopped in school and that videos, films and computers should be used instead.To what extent do you agree ?

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Examiners are trained and experienced people when it comes to language production and testing. They know that people are often nervous at the beginning which is one of the reasons that the questions are quite simple in part 1 – it gives people a chance to relax and get used to the test. Your score is not based on your performance in each part, it is based on your overall performance and what your “real level” of English is. If you were nervous in part 1, but you felt better in part 2 and 3 – that will show and will be taken into account. The test is aimed at assessing your actual level of English. If your English in part 2 and 3 was band 8, you can’t be given less because you were nervous in part 1. Try not to worry. Lets wait for your results and I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you πŸ™‚

  22. Hi! I’ve my academic ielts test on 1/06/2019
    Listening task – it was quite easy although I got a map which was s little tricky. Most of the questions were one word only.
    Reading task – passage 1- Aboriginal arts in Australia
    2. Effects of air pollution in indoor and outdoors
    3. Research on Academic study
    ( it was easy but I ran out of time)
    Writing – a table chart about salaries of teachers in different countries.
    W2- more and more developing countries are expanding their tourist industries. Why is this? Is it a positive development?
    Speaking – general questions about where I live, house or apartment?
    Questions related to cousins and relatives.
    Cue card – talk about a person who encouraged you?
    Follow up- it was about parents and children. How can parents motivate their children?

    From my own experience, I have found that it is very important to manage your time especially in reading and writing. Otherwise all of your hard work will be wasted.

    Finally, I want to say thank you Liz. Your lessons are quite helpful:)

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ You are absolutely correct – time management is essential in reading and writing. Glad you lessons were useful πŸ™‚ Good luck with your results πŸ™‚

  23. I had my IELTS LRW tests today. I took General Training module of the test
    Writing test part 1:
    You have lost your Driver license. Some one has helped you by sending it back to your address.
    Write a letter to appreciate the help, ask few more details of the item like where he/she found it.

    Writing test part 2
    Nowadays, Many families move to different countries. Some people think children has many benefits while some other consider it is hard for children if families move to a foreign country.
    Discuss both views and your opinion

  24. Hi,
    Today’s question for academics was,
    Some educationlist think that international exchange visit would benefit teenagers in the school.
    What extend does the advantage outweighs the disadvantage.

  25. 1 June 2019
    Describe a time when you had to change your plan

    Task 1 table
    Temporary migrant workers

    Task 2

    Earlier technological developments brought more benefits and changed the lives of ordinary people more than recent technological developments
    To what extent do you agree or disagree?

    Listining and reading were with less blanks compere with common ielts exam

  26. Vishnupriya Panchal says

    Hello Liz,
    My husband and I sat for our test on 1 June, 2019 in Surat, India. We had a truly terrifying experience, section 4 of our Listening test was missing from the CD given to the test centre. 400+ candidates were taking the test besides the two of us. We were told to continue with the Reading & Writing sections while the team tries to resolve the issue in our Listening section.
    All of us were hoping, after 6 gruelling hours of waiting and writing the test, that we’d have just the one part of Listening to complete. However, when we finsihed our Writing test, the invigilators asked us to take the entire Listening test again as there was a “technical error” and this issue was faced by test centres all over India!
    Though we had not choice since the invigilators said they have been instructed by IELTS to make the candidates re-appear for the Listening part of the test, we felt utterly flabbergasted with the overall experience with our IELTS test. Neither could we focus on our Reading and Writing test, nor could we do justice to our second Listening test.
    Although I personally went and spoke to the highest authority present at the venue, my words fell on deaf ears, all they could respond is, “Please raise your concerns to the Customer Care. Our hands are tied!” They even made us erase the answers we had written on our original Listening answer sheet to utilise the same for the new test.
    I have posted this to know if others in India have faced a similar issue on the IELTS test dated 1st June, 2019 and also as a reference to all the test takers in India, such things do happen.. So be prepared!
    Furthermore, I was wondering if you (Liz) could guide us in taking action and bringing this to the notice of the relavent authorities at the British Council and/or IDP.
    Eagerly awaiting your response.
    Warm regards,

    • I’m really shocked to hear about your experience. Awful! If you wish to take it further, you could try IELTS Official and go through official channels. IDP and BC are both part owners of IELTS along with Cambridge – so go to IELTS Official which is the main company – post on their FB page – in public – and by email – in fact any possible method of communication. However, I rarely hear about IELTS “doing the right thing” which would be to give everyone a free test and let them choose which test results to use. When equipment fails in the IELTS test, they seem to expect candidates to struggle on, often causing them hours of extra waiting and stress, which all affects their performance – not acceptable. I wish you luck with your complaint – I hope you let us all know if you got a satisfactory result from the complaint – it would be nice to know if IELTS “do the right thing”!!

      • ankit gupta says

        Same with us in Jaipur. We did it again

      • Amandeep Kaur says

        Same happened here in Mississauga, canada. Listening CD stopped playing after section 2. They took the booklets back and gave us reading. After reading they played listening from section 3. There no time to read the question and the mind was totally blank after reading. I almost missed section 3. When few of us complained then they were making weird faces like we are doing wrong by complaining about it.

    • Elizabeth Thomas says

      I took the exam from Bangalore, India on 1st June 2019. We did not have any issues here

    • Same issue at listening at anand, Gujarat,India πŸ˜‘

    • Navjot singh says

      Same problem in patiala,india we should take action against British councils because its enhance our stress

    • neema peter says

      The same happened in Hyderabad,The should give us grace marks for all the stress!

  27. todays General writing
    task 1:
    recommend one of the person whom u know for locality service award in the newspaper who are looking for nominations.
    task 2:
    Unhealthy lifestyle in many countries, causes and soluiton.

  28. Hi Liz,
    I had my ielts exam today and also a big thank you for your blog. Here are the questions for task 1&2 (Academic)

    Task1 – the table shows the number of temporary migrant worker in four countries (Australia, US,UK,New Zealand) in 2003&2006 and number of workers per 1000 prople in 2006

    Task2 Earlier developments brought more benefits to ordinary people than the recent development.
    Do you agree or disagree?

    Thank you Liz

  29. Hi Liz,
    I had my ielts exam today and also a big thank you for your blog. Here are the questions for task 1&2 (Academic)

    Task1 – the table shows the number of temporary migrant worker in four countries (Australia, US,UK,New Zealand) in 2003&2006 and number of workers per 1000 prople in 2006

    Task2 Earlier developments brought more benefits to ordinary people than the recent development.
    Do you agree or disagree?

    What is your name
    Do you work or study
    Are you patient
    Are you pateint at work

    Cue describe when tou want to do aomething and you don’t have enough time

    Part 3

    About time management
    How people manage their time

  30. Hi again!
    Today was my LRW, the level was quite easy.
    Listeningβ€” section 1- fill in d blanks , phone conversation for repair serviceβ€”very easy
    Section 2 – short mcqβ€” and other half part was to choose any 5 points wht writer has said
    Section 3 full of long sentenced mcq-moderate
    Section 4– talk abt a new type of paint ,one word, β€”easiest section
    Readingβ€” i found it very easy ..all the sections were out of any complications, even I completed the whole reading 15mints earlier.
    Writingβ€”task 1-your local newspaper is going to held a competition where one person who has done the most to help local community will be awarded. Letter to editor –
    -name and describe abt the person u think could win this competition
    -How u know this person
    -how he has helped the community
    Task 2- In many countries,people have more health problems because they choose to live an unhealthy lifestyle .
    -Why u think people are living in unhealthy way?
    -what can be done about this problem?
    Hope this will help many people who r going to take exam soon
    Best wishes.

  31. Hi Liz,
    I took my IELTS ACADEMIC test today June 01 2019
    Writing Task 1: The table gives information about the salaries of high school teachers in 5 countries ( Australia, Korea, Japan, Denmark, Luxembourg).The table consisted of of the starting salary, salary after 15 years, maximum salary and number of years to achieve the maximum salary.
    Writing task 2: Many developing countries are expanding the tourist industry.
    Why do you think so?
    Is this a positive development?
    Sorry I can’t recall the listening and reading test as I did them in a rash. As for the listening test, there was an echo in the room and it was not able to hear the recording clearly, I told one of the exam invigilators, but she said that she can do nothing about it. Also during the fourth section one of the candidates that was sitting in the same row as me, started coughing and I couldn’t hear the answers of some of the questions. I was really disappointed at the end of the test and I’ve raised a complain about it, so I was wondering if that is a valid complain and what are they going to do about it?

    Thank you so much Liz for the useful content it really helped me prepare for the test.


    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Unfortunately, I’m not sure what can be done. They can’t alter your score and it is unlikely they will give you another test. I rarely hear of IELTS tackling customer complaints in a proactive way – they certainly never seem to learn from bad customer experiences and also don’t seem to change their test procedures. My advice is if you don’t get the score you expected for the listening test, take the test again in a test centre that uses headphones. This is something all people should check before booking their test at a particular test centre.

  32. speaking Recall 31st May 2019
    part 1:
    where are you from?
    compare you live now with where you lived before?
    what change will you want to see in the place you live now?

    part 2:
    describe your perfect house
    where it will be
    what features you will like to see there
    cant remember remaining 2…

    part 3:
    Talk about an ecofriendly building
    Does beauty of building affect people’s quality of life
    Are building designs in different part of your country the same? why or why not

  33. Hi Liz
    Thanks a lot for your valuable tips and lessons. I would like to share some questions I faced during my speaking. Hope it will help your followers. Other 3 modules will be conducted on June 1st. I will share the questions as soon as I finish the test.
    Part 1: How is the area you live?
    What kind of improvement do you suggest for your area?
    Are there many public holidays in your country? could u please tell some?which is ur favourite?
    How do you celebrate public holidays?
    What do you do generally on holidays?
    Are pets common in ur country?
    Which are the most common pets in ur country?
    What difference do u see in the children’s education from the past?
    What age children gets into adulthood?
    Part 2:
    Describe someone in childhood you wanted to become like.
    Who is this person?
    How do you know him/her
    Explain why did you want to become like that person.
    what is more important for children while they are growing up?
    do you think today’s children are stressful? why?

    Best regards
    Rinkle T

  34. I had my speaking test on 30.05 the questions were :
    do you work or study?
    What do you do exactly?
    Do you like your job?
    Garbage topic: what do you think about people littering the streets instead of using the wastebaskets? Something about resycling (do you participate in it?) do you help maintaining the streets tidy?
    Perfumes: do you like perfumes? What type of perfumes do you like? Would you ever buy a perfume as a gift?

    Second part: describe a situation when the vehicle you were in completely broke. Cue card questions were: who you were with, where were you going, I don’t remember the third, and the outcome and consequences of the situation.

    Third part was about regular public transport in your country, how should the government develop transport system, do you agree that it should concentrate more on the environmental impact of the transport, do you think zebras for pedestrians crossing the streets are safe enough.

    I was speaking pretty confident and fluent at the beginning but I totally lost my concentration when the test reached the third part, and I used several local words while speaking. How bad that is?

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ It all really depends on how well the examiner could follow what you said. Also don’t forget that part 3 is not marked separately – your score is based on your overall performance. This means individual questions won’t have a big impact. However, part 3 is usually the time to showcase broader language skills so if you struggled in that part, it might have an effect on the language you produced. There is no predicting a score for speaking – it really depends on your fluency, grammar, vocab and pron from start to finish. Good luck with your results πŸ™‚

  35. Liz your content is exquisite and particularly this trend is awesome for ielts test takers.
    I had my exam today and below were the questions asked by examiner. Although I don’t remember the exact questions, I believe my comments will serve the purpose.
    what do you do work or study
    why do you work in this profession
    do you love your job
    what do people smile
    how often do you smile
    when was last time you smile
    do you visit for relative why/why not
    do you prefer to visit friends or relatives
    what do you do in these gatherings
    Cue Card: False information you received (what was it, from were do you had it, what was done afterwards)
    follow up questions related to this
    which persons are usually gives information
    what are reliable sources of information
    is all information is correct
    do you believe in every information
    does internet provides authentic information all the time.
    Letter to admission officer
    you need to seek admission in a short course, why this course
    how your background knowledge is related to this
    why this institute is important
    Nowadays, people of all ages from certain part of the world spends most time at home rather then going outdoors.
    Discuss the reasons and is this negative or Positive development

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

      • Hi Liz! I had my AT written exams today june 01,2019

        Writing task 2 topic was:
        Around the world it is likely that, more adults will work from home, more children will study from home, as computer technology become cheaper and accessible.

        Do you think it is a negative or a positive development?

  36. May 30, 2019
    Speaking: where are you from?
    Do you work or study?
    Did you planned to work on this before?
    Do you like perfume?
    Do you have any favorite perfume?
    Did you ever bought a perfume as a gift
    Will you spend much for perfume
    Do you like traveling
    What is best destination for traveling in your country?
    Part 2: advertisement you can remember
    Part 3: what is the popular medium for advertising in country
    Is online advertising popular in your country
    Does consumerism make people buy more
    Does people understand that they are buy for advertisement?

  37. Speaking 30th
    Part 1
    1)where do you live.
    2)Question about my job
    3)Which I use to take snaps phone or digital camera? And related questions you can find on this page.

    Part 2: describe the occasion when I received a bad service in a restaurant

    Part3: mostly questions about customers satisfaction and how employers can improve their service.

  38. What is your full name ?
    How shall I call you ?
    Talk about your house . Where do you live ?
    What is the best place in your house ? Why ?
    Let’s talk about travelling .
    Do you like travelling? Why it is important to you ?
    What is the best place you have travelled till now, in India ? Why ?
    Would you like to take up a job for which you have to travel to another country ?
    What problem can occur for travelling ?
    Why some people do not prefer to travel a lot ?

    Part 2
    Talk about a time when you have to wake up extremely early .
    – what was the occasion
    – What time you woke up
    – What did you do at that time
    Follow up question: do you often wake
    up early in the morning?

    Part 3
    – Why waking up early is important ?
    – Who gets up early in the morning ?
    – What are the reasons they get up early ?
    – Why some people can wake early while others can’t ?
    – Do you think according to age sleep requirements differ ?
    – Some people take short nap during day . Does that have Ant effect on working ?
    – How does sleeping patterns affect one’s lifestyle ?
    – Does working in night shift affects sleep pattern ?
    – What are the changes in their lifestyles ?
    – Does that affect their mental and emotional health ? And why ?

  39. Hi ! I hv done with my speaking test today .
    Speaking test questions asked in my testβ€”
    -what is ur name?
    -where are you from? Do you like living there?
    -do you work or are u a student?
    -why did u choose this profession?
    -Are u satisfied with wht u do?
    Travelling- do u love traveling?
    -tell abt a visit to the most beautiful place in ur country?
    -wht r d adv n disadv of traveling?
    Wud u like to hv a job which demands traveling to different countries?
    Borrowing-hv u borrowed something frm ur friends?
    -hv u lent something to ur friends?do u think its good to do lenting?why why?
    Cue card-talk abt favourite singer/band
    -name,frm where u came to knw abt him?
    -type of songs /compositions he does
    -why u find him interesting?
    Follow ups-do u think u r a good singer?
    -do u think its possible to hv a nice singing voice?
    Wht wud it be like if you had a nice voice?
    -do u think u’d make more friends if u had a nice voice?
    Do u want to become a famous singer?
    What is important for a song to become famous?
    -is marketing equally important?
    Thts all she asked me and she was very nice , we had a very friendly conversation,
    Actually in d last question…abt marketing ,i was struck in d beginning then she made it simpler for me without even asked by me, then i said – are you saying abt advertising and promotions? She said yes
    Then I started my response and after 3 sec she said this is d end of speaking test thanku
    I m worried here …bcoz i cudn’t complete it …
    Is she gonna deduct my scores here ?
    It β€˜d be relief if u cud tell me something abt this….
    Best wishes,

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Your score is based on what you say, not on what you understand. This means it doesn’t matter if you didn’t understand the question or you misunderstood it. Whatever English words you produce will decide your score. There are no right or wrong answers. Even the answer “I haven’t got a clue about that but I think …” is a great answer because it shows high level English. So, your score for speaking will depend on the level of English you spoke during your test – nothing else matters πŸ™‚

  40. Hi Liz
    I had my speaking today 29 may 2019
    Intro quest.
    Cue card:-product u purchased but did not use much
    Follow up questions regarding shopping and adversitement

    Liz I have question
    The examiner did not interrupt me durinf my speaking
    As i have heard mostly teachers speak in between
    I’m quite worried
    But I answered all the question ..but got stuck only in one question but then I aswered that question also
    Will it affect my score?

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ If the examiner interrupts or not is the examiner’s choice – it is not about your score. Your score is not based on how many questions you answered or if the examiner interrupted or not – it is based on the fluency, grammar, vocab and pron you used throughout the whole test.

  41. Hlo dear sister Liz.. I took my speaking test on May 28,2019.
    πŸ‘‰PART 1 questions :–>
    ⏺To which area you belong?
    ⏺From how long time you have been living in this area?
    ⏺Which thing you like most in your area?
    ⏺Which thing you would like to change in your area?
    ⏺What are your opinion on sharing things?
    ⏺How should parents encourage their children to share things?
    ⏺Which things should not be shared?
    πŸ‘‰PART 2:–>cue card
    ⏺A successful friend
    πŸ‘‰PART 3:–>
    ⏺from how long time you knew the friend you have discussed about?
    ⏺What is meaning of success?
    ⏺If a student is doing well in academic, should he be considered successful?
    ⏺Which thing is more important : theoretical knowledge or practical skills?
    ⏺How should parents support their child to be successful?
    ⏺Which is more important :words or action?
    ⏺What skill should a successful teacher have?
    ⏺What skills should a teacher teach to students?
    ⏺What skills should a person have to be successful in job or business?
    πŸ™I have made many tense mistakes in PART 2 much it will affect my score? ..
    At present i don’t deserve to meet an effective and talented person like you ..that is why I am sending you ONLINE HUG πŸ‘­..MAY GOD BLESS YOU WITH EACH AND EVERYTHING YOU WANT!!!!!

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ In speaking part 2, it is often a good time to plan the range of grammar you will use. This is because in part 1 and part 3 you do not have thinking time or planning time. However, your score for grammar is not decided only by part 2 – it is based on your entire performance throughout the whole test. Grammar only counts for 25% of your final speaking marks. Band 5 = frequent errors which cause difficulty for the reader. Band 6 = some errors, particularly with complex grammar, but the meaning is clear.
      Glad you have enjoyed using my site πŸ™‚ It’s nice to know I have helped people. Good luck with your results πŸ™‚

  42. Hi Liz
    I had my speaking test on 25th May
    Part 1
    What is your name
    Do you work or study
    Why did you choose this work
    Do you enjoy your work
    What you are getting from your work

    Part 2
    Talk about a subject you did not like when you were at school but now you find interesting

    Part 3
    What makes the classes interesting
    Is tv a source for learning
    Is it normal to drink tea or coffee
    Do you sometime go for tea or coffee
    Would you offer tea or coffee to someone who visited your home
    When did you last drink tea or coffee

    Examiner asked me more than 10 questions in part 3. Which are like tricky questions

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

      • I just got my results- L 8.5, R 8, S 8.5, W 7.5- I was most confident of reading hoping I WOULD get 9 but I got only 8. Similarly, I was thinking I will get 7 on writing based on gradings I got from another website. But, Liz was right. Her tips are very useful. I hardly much of a preparation and the exam did feel a little tough for the listening section. All in all thanks very much Liz, and I do hope this gets posted !!! Don’t worry guys, this exam is quite doable

  43. Hello all
    I took my test on May 25th
    Writing task 1
    Three line graphs
    Writing task 2
    In some countries, secondary schools aim to provide a general education with a a range of subjects. In others, it has a narrow range of specific subjects to focus student to their future career.
    What system will be more appropriate in today’s world.
    Speaking part 1
    1. tea/coffee
    2. pets/animals
    Speaking part 2
    Describe an old person who you met
    Speaking part 3
    1. is there a gap between young and old people?
    2. What should be done to fix it?
    3. What should encourage people to learn about another culture

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

      • Hello Liz.
        I would like to thank you for your great job. Your new e-book with ideas for essays is a real treasure. It should cost much more! This was a pity that I got it just a week before my exam. If you don’t mind, let me ask you to add a little to the book. It would be very useful if after every topic in the book such as Education or something you add a list of the possible task 2 for the same topic. Yes, the general topics are already on your website and you can map them easily to e-book’s topics, but it would be very useful to develop your critical thinking and give topics a little bit different than the examples in your book. For example, in your book now there is an item about cause and solution for some problems, but in the task for this topic could be 2-question essay. It should stimulate people to modify and rephrase your ideas from the e-book, not just “copy and paste”. Thanks a million again, you are the best.

        • I understand your points. However, the free list of 100 IELTS essay questions (divided into common topics) are linked in free Useful Links Page that comes with the e-book. The link is there to be used. Also the free video lesson that comes with the e-book explains about adapting the ideas to suit the essay question. So, to be honest, it is unlikely I’ll be adding more to the book. In some ways, IELTS is endless – there is always more than could be added. I do appreciate your feedback though – it’s always useful for me to hear. And I’m very glad you like the e-book πŸ™‚

  44. Hello Everyone!, i attended my speaking and listening test on 24th may 2019
    Liz, first of all thanks so much!, your website and youtube channel were very useful for me and your advices helped me to be confident in my test πŸ™‚ Thank you!

    Examiner: My name is… May i see your ID please?
    1- What’s your full name? Can you spell this, please?
    2-Where are you from?
    3-Where do you live, in a house or apartment?
    4-What do you like about the place you live in?
    5-Where do you do your shopping?

    2- Cue card- An important event in your coutry-
    -I talked about General and presidential elections-
    Some questions about the president of my country and his government

    3- What kind of places do you like to visit in your holidays?
    More questions related to this topic.

    Liz, the examiner stopped me 3 or 4 times in different topics, and didn’t allow me to conclude my answers, is it something bad? Thanks so much again. xx

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ It’s 100% normal for the examiner to interrupt your answers. It isn’t something you need to worry about. Good luck with your results πŸ™‚

  45. Hi Liz,

    I attended speaking test today. Below are the questions asked.

    Part 1:
    1. Home
    a) Where do you live, house or apartment?
    b) Which room do you like the most?
    2. Smiling
    a) When do you usually smile?
    b) When did you last see a bunch of people smiling?
    c) How can you identify a fake smile?
    d) Do you often smile when taking photos? Why?
    3. Borrowing
    a) Did you ever borrow a book?
    b) Do you give everything to others?
    c) Do you give your mobile phone to others?
    d) Is it good to borrow money from friends?

    Part 2:
    Describe a person who motivated you to achieve a goal.
    – Who the person is?
    – How the person motivated you?
    – Was it helpful to achieve your goal?

    Do you often give advise?

    Part 3:
    1. Do you think children should be motivated to achieve something?
    2. Who should be responsible for motivating children – Parents or Teachers?
    3. Is it always necessary to set long-term goals for children to motivate them?
    4. How people get motivated?
    5. Why some people seem to be more motivated than others?
    6. How people can sustain motivation for long term given there are many internal/external factors that can affect them?

    In Part 3, I didn’t answer some questions straight to the point and sometimes given a different answer in the same context. How it would affect my score? I appreciate your help.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Your score is based on your overall performance based on fluency, grammar, vocab and pron. This means you can’t predict how your score is influenced by just one or two questions unless the entire speaking test is heard. Good luck with your results πŸ™‚

    • Kanika Mehra says

      Hi liz ,. I did not understand thelast question of part 3 posted by SHY please can you explain about it.

      • Manpreet Kaur says

        According to me ..
        Last question means How to maintain your enthusiasm which you have got due to motivation.. Because there are a number of factors which can demotivate you.. So how to get rid of the negative effect of deteriorating factors and how to focus on motivational factor only.. 😊

  46. May 23 , 2019

    I had a test (AC)

    Writing task 1
    – 3 bar charts about employment rate in agriculture , industry and services in three countries (A,B,C) from between 1980 and 2020

    Task 2
    There are fewer controls on the designs and construction of home and office buildings. So , people can build them whatever they like
    Do the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages ?

    Part 1
    – Do you work or study ?
    – Social network topics (Frequency of usage , Pros and Cons)
    – Rubbish and garbage topics

    Part 2
    Describe a person who speaks foreign language well
    and then there was a following question
    – Do you learn any other foreign languages (except English) ?

    Part 3 (I can’t remember the questions exactly but the questions were about these)
    – Do you think it is possible to speak like a native ?
    – Benefits of studying languages in jobs/careers opportunity
    – To learn new languages , which one is harder between writing and speaking ?
    – Is it possible to use English as a global language ? I said no , and I explain why
    and then there was a following question
    – Which language you think it will be (instead of English) ?

    I think I didn’t speak well in my Speaking test because of being worried.
    I use few linking words : ( I also think that the examiner ask me lots of questions (But the questions were tougher) because maybe I give the answers too short (Just 2-3 sentences per questions).
    Do this will affect my scores ?

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ I’m not sure why you were thinking about linking words in your speaking test. The IELTS speaking is not marked in the same way as IELTS writing. While it is normal to use some linking words in speaking (and/but/because/so), it is not vital to use a range. I’m sure you used the linking words I mentioned. It is fine to repeat them again and again in speaking. Your speaking score will be based on the language you produced and the accuracy of the language you produced. Good luck πŸ™‚

  47. May 23, 2019 Writing questions

    Task 1:-
    A company has asked for permission from the local council to build a factory in your area. Write a letter to the local council stating that you and your neighbors think this is a bad idea.
    – State what problems this might cause.
    – Explain where the factory should be constructed.
    – Explain what you want the council to do

    Task 2:-
    In some places, there are many social problems involving teenagers. Some people say this is because parents spend much of their time at work and not at home.

    Do you agree or disagree.

  48. Hello LIZners,

    Test date: May 23, 2019
    Type: GT

    PART 1
    – General introduction
    – Questions about which area do you live in, why you live there, what needs to be changed

    PART 2
    – Talk about a time when you found a lost item

    PART 3
    – What things people generally lose, why?
    – Do people lose things more as compared to past, why?
    – Should parents teach children on returning the found item?

    – What Archaeology means to a country, why a country should store them?
    – Where to store those articles?

    – You returned from a conference and want to give a presentation to colleagues. Write a letter to your manager regarding this.

    – Some people think that big international sporting events are not worth for the host country. Agree or disagree?

  49. Hello, Liz!
    I passed Academic IELTS today 23.05.2019
    Reading 1 was about Olive trees/oil production and history (T/F/NG and sentense completion)
    R2: about Law (sentence completion and matching headlines)
    R3: about Persuaders (T/F/NG and multiple choise)
    Writing 1: Line graph about the number of visitors of museum in summer and winter in 2003)
    Writing 2: It is important to give children a possibility to act independently and make their own decisions from early age. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this idea?
    In Listening I was surprised by the high rate os speaking, because in Cabridge test rge speed was less intensive.
    Sepaking will soon
    Thank you, Liz for your great job!

  50. Today 23Rd exam
    Writing 1
    Letter to local council about a proposed factory in your village.
    Why you don’t like it
    Suggest suitable location
    What u expect authority to do

    Writing 2
    Teenagers involve in social matters
    Some say this is because their parents are engage in long work hours
    Agree or disagree

  51. Listening:
    Sec 1: part time job – note completion
    Sec 2: long walking – recount of a man who went on long walks at different locations – mcq, matching
    Sec 3: Micki and Jamie discussing with their professor how their internship at journalism firm went – matching, mcq
    Sec 4: Library survey on reading activities conducted – note completion

    Sec 1 – part 1 – Attractions in Midwest 5 different tour/ticket descriptions – matching information
    Part 2- Making your own house hold cleaner with natural ingriedients (Fill in the blanks)
    Sec 2 – Part 1 choosing the right ergonomic chair (Note completion)
    Part 2- Pre-requisities for non-national workers (Fill in the blanks)
    Section 3 – Straw Bear Festival in England (TFNG, YNNG, Matching information)

    1. A company has asked your local council to open a factory in the area where you live. You and your neighbors feel that this is not a great idea. write a letter to the local council
    – state why it is not a great idea
    – mention how it will affect you and others
    – what you want the local council to do
    2. A lot of social problems can these days be related to teenagers. Some feel that this is because parents are not able to spend enough time and take care of their teenage child. Do you agree or disagree?

  52. Hi Liz,
    Thanks for your help.

    Today, on 22 May I had speaking test.
    Section 1:-
    1.About my Hometown?
    2.Are you studying or Working?
    3.About street markets?
    4.Do you share your mobile with others?

    Section 2:-
    Cue card:-You invited someone to have meal/lunch/dinner at your home?

    Section 3:-
    1.In the future, where people will be treated? Restaurant or home?
    2.Where will be more advantages to treat someone you know? Restaurant or Home?

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

      • Hi Liz,
        If you are presented with a question like Man has above in his Section 3, how do you go about it knowing that treat has 2 meanings? Treat could be “treat a sickness” or “provide someone with food or drink or entertainment”. The options of restaurant or home gives a cue that it might be the second meeting but could it also be a trick question? Does it not matter seeing that the Speaking section tests vocabulary and pronunciation? Is it okay to spot the different meanings in your response or ask the examiner which one he means?

        • You need to remember that the questions posted are written by candidates based on their memory and on their level of English. The question is not actually written with accuracy which is why you don’t understand. The examiner would not ask the question using those words. If there is ever a time (in part 3) when you don’t understand, you can say to the examiner “Can you explain what you mean?”

  53. I had my speaking test today
    Speaking questions as far I remember;

    Part 1

    What is your name?
    Where are you from?
    Do you study or work?
    What do you do at work?
    Do enjoy your work?

    Part 2

    Describe a park that you have visited.
    Where is it?
    What did you used to do there?
    How the park looked like?

    Part 3+ Follow up questions related to Part 2

    Do you want to have a garden?
    Why people of differenct age likes to go to the park?
    Do you think citizens should keep the parks tidy?
    What are the benefits of having park in the city?
    what are the positive effects of gardening for adults?
    Why some people prefers to grow vegetables instead of flowers?

  54. Hi Liz,

    I had my speaking test today , below were the question asked :

    About my house
    My favorite room in my home
    Questions regarding street market

    Cue card topic ” describe a practical skill u learned recently ”

    Question based on practical skills and many questions related to technology

  55. Hi Liz ,I had my speaking test on 21st may. I was not able to give answers of part 3 and 4 with the correct way so exminer was keep repeating the qestion more then 2times .I was trying to relete these questions with my self and aswering however,she (eximer ) was stressing tell me what people in general believe .she might want to hear some other answers . I don’t think I will be able to make it my score this time . ?
    Here are the topics
    Where do you live in a apartment or flat.
    How long you are staying there
    Which is you favorite room.
    Did you ever use electronic calulater
    When do you start learning maths
    Do you like maths
    Is it essinital to learn maths?

    Part 2

    Explain a trip with your friends where you enjoyed a lot.

    Part 3
    What can we learn from new people whom me meet.
    It’s believed that human need social life what is your opinion?
    Why we should have friends in our life
    What is the role of friends in our life
    Are close friends are only to share bad experiences?

    Part 4
    Some people belive that family is more important than friends share your views

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ There are only 3 parts to IELTS speaking. Your part 3 and 4 mentioned above are the same part. Part 1 is mostly about you and your country. Part 2 is mostly about you. But part 3 is where you talk about world issues and keep away from personal stories – this is something you need to prepare for. The examiner was trying to help guide you, but in your confusion, you didn’t understand. It is not possible to predict your score as it is based on fluency, grammar, vocab and pron – so you will need to wait for you results to see how you did. Good luck! πŸ™‚

  56. 2019/5/21
    writing task2
    Is that the best way to spend the money of government to teach aged 65 or above to use the computer? To what extent you agree?

  57. 19th may,2019.
    I have done speaking test on 19th may, 2019.
    Part 1: what kind of place do you live now and how long have you been there.
    What would you like about your place.
    What would you like to improve about your place.
    Do you often drink tea or coffee.
    Do you prefer to drink tea or coffee outside.
    Do you offer tea or coffee for guests at home.
    Do you look at stars in the sky.
    How do you feel when you look at stars.
    Part2: describe a time when you had to change the plan.
    Part3: how do you make plans usually.
    When you make a plan,you have to take advice with someone (teacher/parents).
    Who is the best adviser to make plans towards your career (teacher/parents).

  58. Speaking
    Which room the most you like? Why?
    Weather of your country? Which do you like the most? Why?
    Recent fake call received in the public (Who, Why, Where, What you did)
    Do you think fake calls or good or bad?
    Is it good or bad, speaking loud in the public?
    Should Govt implement some rules?
    People speak loud in public. Why?

    Computer-Delivered (18 May)

    Part1: Operator call (Fill in the blank)
    Part2: University admission guidance (drag and drop, select one)
    Part3: Different phases of life (Fill in the blank)

    Part1: University admission & residence information (True, False)
    Part2: Different qualities of Oven (Paragraph About)
    Part3: Students discussion for thesis (Fill in the Char)
    Part4: Scientific research on history tales (Tortoise vs hare, thirsty crow, ant and grasshopper) (Select one, Fill in the blank)

    Letter: You notice garbage near your house, write a letter to authority about
    Who did this?
    What is problem with this?
    What you want from the authority to do ?
    Start your letter with Dear Sir or Madam
    Essay: Should Parents allow their children to play similar TV programs and Computer Games as their friends do.

    Note: I am writing whatever remember to me. Topics wordings are not same.

    • Muhammad Saeed says

      I need one clarification: We can’t ask examiner to repeat question In speaking test part 1 but I asked one because I did not understand either he was asking about enjoying weather outside or inside the county. Will it affect my score?

      • It is 100% fine to ask the examiner to repeat the question in part 1. However, they can’t explain it in part 1, they can only repeat it. In part 3, you can ask them to explain it.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

      • Neha khan says

        Hi Liz, thank you so much for being a great help. I just had my speaking exam and I am quite worried. Actually, I couldn’t cover the last question of the cue card and I stopped answering 10 seconds early. Is this a major mistake?

        • There are no questions on the cue card. There are prompts which are guidelines that you do not need to use if you don’t want to. Fluency is not measured in seconds and is based on your performance in all parts, not just part 2. I see nothing to worry about. Your score will be based on your language performance.

    • I’m glad you specified that you took the “Computer-delivered test”. No one does it. I wish everyone do it.

  59. Hi Liz,
    First of all I would like to say thank you for your site,it’s been a useful tool for my review. More power to you!
    I took IELTS ACADEMIC last 18 May 2019.
    TASK 1: A bar chart about the value of fish imports in the U.S. in the year 1998,2002 and 2007. The value is measured in billion of dollars. A pie chart that illustrates the fish import to the U.S from Canada,China and other countries in the given period. The measurement is shown in percentage.

    TASK 2: People nowadays are used to “thrownaway” which means that they use things in short time and throw it away. What do you think is the cause and the problems it may lead to?

    *Task 1 was the same with Liz practice test, the only difference is the year but the rest of the information was the same..☺

    Are you studying or working?
    Do you like your job?
    Do you think you are helping others?
    Who do you think is responsible in teaching children about helping others, the parents or the teachers?why?
    *I answered parents. Follow up question:
    What are the roles of the teachers in teaching children to help others?
    Describe a person you know that help others.
    Who he is
    What he did
    How often he help others

    PART 3:
    Do you think you help others?
    What kind of profession does helping others?

    * I felt nervous that time. But I was sure about my answer, and I make it simple and based it on my experience. My examiner was kind also,she was smiling and her facial expression helps me to answer the question. I hope I can get my desired band score. THANKS LIZ! you help us a lot. Keel up the good work.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ I’m really glad you had a friendly examiner – it does make things so much more comfortable. This is the link to the task 1 you mentioned: I hope it’s the one you are referring to. Let me know πŸ™‚

      • Hi Liz,
        Yes,yhis is the one I am refferring. The only difference is the year (1998,2002,2007)in my exam and the percentage as well. I find it easy hence I did all the practice test here in your blog especiallu fir task 1 and task 2. It did help me a lot. Thanks to you☺.
        I hope I get the bandscore I am looking for. Anyway,thanks again and more power!

  60. Hi Liz,
    I took my GT exam on the 17th of May.
    Questions on work- what did you enjoy about work? Who do you think should be promoted at work? Why?
    Cue card- a moment when you felt proud of your friends success. Who is your friend? What was their success? Why did you feel proud of him/her?

    Do you like looking at the sky? At what time- day or night?
    Do you share anything with your friends? Why? Was sharing taught by parents as a child?
    More questions on success- is success based on opportunities or abilities? Do employees who succeed be promoted? Success leads to happiness- do you agree?

    Writing- GT
    Task 1
    Letter to a friend recommending a restaurant for a family celebration
    Task 2
    Some people think that team sports prepare children for work life. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

    Your preparatory material helped me to get a gist of the test and also enabled me to be confident. Listening and reading were quite easy. Though I didn’t have much time for writing I managed to complete both tasks with the required details. Speaking was my main concern, as I get nervous during interviews. During the speaking part, there was some technical problem with the recorder so I had few minutes to relax. Moreover, the examiner was friendly and I felt like I was having a smooth conversation with her as the test progressed. I’m so grateful for your website. You are an excellent teacher! God bless!

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Sounds like you had a good speaking test – good luck with your results πŸ™‚ Glad you found my preparation materials useful.

    • I also got same questions for Writing and speaking

  61. Vishnupriya says

    Hi Liz,
    Hope you’re well.
    I’d like to know if we can switch to the next section of the test once we’re done with the previous section and have time to spare.
    For example, if I complete the Listening section of the examination and do not want to use the allocated time of 10 minutes to transfer my answers to the answer sheet, can I then utilize those 10 minutes to begin the Reading section instead?
    I have the same query if I have time to spare between the Reading and Writing sections of the test.
    Look forward to your reply.

    • I don’t normally answer questions on this page, but I will for you because I think it will help others. You have one hour for the reading test and one hour for the writing test. This is fixed. All candidates around the world have one hour for reading and writing – it is equal for everyone. If you finish reading early, you must sit and wait for the hour to finish. Then everyone will start the writing test at the same time and everyone will be given one hour.

      • Vishnupriya says

        I really appreciate your response to my query, Liz! Thank you for making an exception to address my doubt, this will help me prepare better for my test on 1st June.
        I’d also like to thank you on behalf of all the students who benefit from the content on your website and in your videos.
        Best wishes,

  62. Part 1
    Do work or study
    Do like to have pets
    Wat animals u would like to pet
    Wat animals u dont like to pet

    Describe an intelligent person

    Are intelligent people selfish
    Are intelligent people happy
    Who are happy people
    Why are intelligent people called genius
    Is internet helping in making people intelligent

  63. Writing part
    Task 1
    _bar graph- increase of price of low-fat milk and high-fat milk by the passing of years in supermarket A and in supermarket B
    Task 2
    Why all the countries are opening the doors for tourists
    To what extent do you think a country have advantages outweigh the disadvantages

  64. I attend exam on 18th may
    My speaking was on 17 may
    Part 1
    -Tell me about your home
    -Questioning on street market
    -do you like street market
    -how often do you go to street market
    -in which market do you want to go in foreign country either street market or super market
    Part 2
    Cue card
    Tell me about a person who is able to speak another language
    -who is it
    -why he like to speak this language
    -where he use this language
    -how it is helpful for you
    Part 3
    Questions on comparison between adolesence and children
    -who is able to learn english language from adults or children
    -what is the difference between past time and in these time by which adult learn english language

  65. hello,
    first of all lots of gratitude and respect dear Liz. your content tremendously supported and helped me to prepare for my IELTS as i have been practicing without any coaching classes. i have appeared for my speaking test yesterday the 18th may,2019. TOPICS i have been asked are as follows:
    PART 1
    my full name
    about my city
    features of my house
    questions related to organize
    time related questions

    PART 2
    cue card : prize i would like to win
    why? what kind of? where?
    (however i got off track and instead speaking about future i mixed up and ended up saying my experience. i am pretty upset about it as i realised it later)

    importance of prize for children
    what kind of prize must b offered to children
    disadvantages of winning price pressured by parents
    difference between amateur and professional
    still few but cant recall

    i hope this might help other students for their exams.
    i am still left with my reading, writing & listening. I need some writing topics to practice. if you can assist.

    Best Regards,

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ It’s best to review all common topics for IELTS writing: Mostly practice the structure, ideas and supporting points rather than full essays. Just a few full essays is enough. Make sure you practice two full essays under exam conditions. Getting used to concentrating for 2 hours and 40mins is essential. Good luck!!

  66. May18 IELTS General training
    Writing Task1 : Write a letter to friend to recommend a restaurant where he can celebrate his birthday or any party.
    Writing Task2: some people believe that team sports is very important for children to succeed in their career, others disagree? Discuss both views and give your opinion

  67. Mango Banana says

    I did my GT yesterday.
    Following are the questions I got.

    Speaking – Part 1
    About work
    Why do you like your job?
    Importance of learning mathematics
    As a kid did I enjoy learning mathematics? Why?
    If I see garbage on the road how do I react? Why?

    Part 2
    A situation your vehicle broke down

    Part 3
    About public transportation of your country
    Who is using public transportation more? Adults or young? Why
    Why it is not a good idea to use your own vehicles?
    How to improve public transportation to help pedestrians?

    Writing Task 1
    Write a letter to your manager about a party which you are going to organise for a friend

    Writing Task 2
    Some people think to learn a secondary language well it is necessary to live in a country which that language is spoken.

    What is your opinion about this?

    I did the CBT exam for the first time. Unfortunately, I missed my focus in the listening part 3 for few seconds because I couldn’t find the next question. It was a silly mistake because I was clicking the next question button on the bottom right corner rather than scrolling down. I lost focus for that entire section and had to guess answers for all 5 questions in that part. When doing paper-based exam I was able to achieve 8.5 for listening but this time I’m not sure whether I get even 6. Sad

    Anyway, Thanks Liz a lot for all the great tips and sharing valuable information. Your essay package is extremely useful. I highly recommend that for those who need to improve your writing.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ That’s such a shame about your listening test. It’s really easy to lose your place in the recording. Hopefully, your guessed answers might be correct. Fingers crossed πŸ™‚ Glad you like my Advanced lessons πŸ™‚

  68. Hi Liz, i just took my IELTS exam today 18/05/19
    Speaking test 1-
    Where do you come from?
    Describe your hometown
    Tell about your home
    What is your favorite part of the house?
    Speaking part 2
    Tell a story about a time when you invited your friends or relatives over your house for dinner or for a meal
    Speaking part 3
    -do you consider yourself an organize person?
    -do you think climate change affects the production of crops?
    – how do you think science and technology will affect production of products in the future?
    -do you believe that food is the most important part of a celebration?
    -how do you compare the food that we eat now compare to the food we have today?
    -Do you think it’s okay to spend too much money for food. I used β€œchit chat” i ddnt realize its informal will it affect my score? Thank you Liz! Keep it up! You are helping a lot of students like me who wants to pass IELTS exam! More power!

  69. Hello Liz, i’m one of the study who use your strategies and followed your advices or tips. I couldn’t thank you enough for this. Well, I took my ielts exam on 19/05/2019 (ACADEMIC) but to be honest, I cannot remember the questions 100% correctly.

    Writing task 1 :
    The chart below shows the percentage of adult in different employment categories in one city from 2003 to 2013

    Writing task 2 :
    People are surrounded with all kind of advertising, it has both affects that they think is and negative influence in their lives.

    To what extent do you agree or disagree?

    ( on this essay, i made one mistake which I’m currently worrying about is i use “In the other hand” instead of “On the other hand”. Would it make big affect on my essay? )

    Speaking part
    Task 1 : hometown
    Work or study
    How do you think of an importance of English? And why?

    Task 2 :

    Describe a history period which you interested.

    When ?
    How did you study about this?
    What did you know about study that history period?

    Task 3 :

    Do you think it is 100% true about the history that you’ve
    For young children, what kind of study material will they like?
    Is it good to study about the history ? And why?
    What do you think about preserve a historical buildings or things ?
    Who should respond for the cost? And why?

    That’s all i can remember πŸ™‚ and i hope it would be advantageous in various way for another study who are trying to practice themselves.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Making a mistake of one letter in your essay is not important. Your score is based on four marking criteria and assesses many language functions as well as writing skills.

  70. I gave exam on 18th may
    Listening quiet easy
    Section 1 fill in blank
    Section 2 multiple choice and match headings
    Section 3 mcqs
    Section 4 fill in gaps
    Reading was moderate
    Section 1
    1 to 7 select a b c
    8 to 10 match details
    11 to 13 t f ng
    Section 2 was very east
    14 to 18 give title of paragraph
    19 to 26 fill in gaps
    27 give the title of passage
    Section 3 little difficult
    27 to 35 give the title of paragraph
    36 to 40 y n ng
    Writing task 1
    Bar Graf about flatuation in price of high fat milk and low fat milk for the supermarket a and supermarket b in the time period of 2001 to 2006
    Task 2 – international travel become affordable and many of countries are develop tourism .
    What are the advantages and disadvantages of that
    Topic – talk about advertisement you show on TV

  71. Hi Liz
    Here i would like to share about my recent examination on 17/05/2019
    Speaking :-
    ΒΉst : full name
    Β²nd : tell me about ur accommodation or house or flat.
    Β³rd :- tell me something about smile.. Do you like to smile? When do you smile most? Do u think every person should smile in photos.? Do you like to smile in photos?

    4th cue card: tell me about a garden or park of your town? Where it is? When do you like to visit there? How its look like ?

    5th : in follow up que:
    Do u ever want a big garden in your house?
    How often do you use garden or park?
    Which age grouo people come in the garden most?
    Do you think to take care of garden is necessary for people?
    Why people grow plants at home?
    For what perpose they grow plants?
    What about growing vegetables instead of plants?

    Here it is my full speaking test questions ..
    I hope you helps me for some good suggestion for these type of questions.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Which questions did you need help with? The examiner doesn’t mark your ideas at all in IELTS speaking. Even if you have no idea and said “Actually, I haven’t got a clue. I’ve never thought about ……..”, you would still get a mark for the use of idiomatic language “have a clue”.

  72. May 18th,2019.
    Writing task 1: the bar charts show the price of full fat milk and low fat milk in the UK in years from 2008 and 2012.there are two bar charts about super market A and B.

    Writing task 2: an international travel becomes cheaper,more and more countries are opening doors to increase the number of tourists. The advantages of increasing tourism outweigh the disadvantages.

  73. Dandelion says

    16th May, 2019
    Speaking Questions –
    Part 1
    1. Where do you live?
    2. What is the best thing about that place?
    3. What is the one thing that can be improved about it?
    4. Do you like pets?
    5. Which animals make good pets?
    6. Which animals do not make good pets?
    7. Are you a patient person?
    8. Were you more patient when you were younger?

    Part 2
    Describe a party that you recently attended.

    Part 3
    1. How does festivals affect the tourism of a country?
    2. Do countries have to spend a lot of money while hosting international events?
    3. Is it beneficial for the host countries?

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

    • Hi Liz,
      I took my IELTS exam today.
      questions on work- what did you enjoy about work? Who Do you think should be promoted at work? Why?
      Cue card- a moment where you felt proud of your friends success. Who is your friend? What was the success? Why did you feel proud?
      Do you like looking at the sky? At what time- day or night?
      Do you share anything with your friends? Why? Did your parents teach you to share during your childhood?
      More questions on success- is success based on opportunities or abilities? Do employees who succeed be promoted? Success leads to happiness- do you agree?

      Writing- GT
      Task 1
      Letter to a friend recommending a restaurant for their family celebration.

      Task 2-
      Some people think that team sports prepare children for work life. Discuss both sides. Give your opinion.
      Thanks Liz, for all the preparation material made available through your blog and YouTube. They immensely helped me, in my test. God bless you!

  74. Jackfruit says

    Yesterday i gave my speaking (16th may 2019).

    Part 1

    Place where i live currently, how long you live there
    About sky watching, day or night? Is there any nice place to watch sky?
    Tea & Coffee – how often ppl in your country drink?, what i like Tea or Coffe, why,

    Part 2

    Describe your idea for a perfect house

    where it should be?
    what are all the key features to be present?
    Do you know any house as such?

    Part 3

    different types of houses? – i was confused and my ans went in wrong direction but she corrected me with a smile
    Do u like apartments or individual house ? Why?
    how the life in city can be improved? (pollution, traffic, etc)
    what people can do individually to improve city life

    This is the overall question i can remember, i had even more questions asked by the examiner but couldn’t recall. Through out the exam my examiner was smiling and listening to my answers with confident inspiring smile. I loved the attitude of the Examiner. So i gave my test as easy as possible. No tension, nothing. The exam went well overall.

    And last but not least, lot of thanks to you Liz πŸ™‚

  75. Hi Liz,

    I took my IELTS GT exam on 11th May. Following were the speaking topics asked during the test. The examiner was smiling throughout the test. It really motivated me to be comfortable and communicate my ideas naturally. I hope I didn’t get carried away during the test.

    Part 1:
    About sky watching- do you like to watch the sky? when- in the day or at night? Is there any place where you like to watch the sky?
    Keeping secrets- Do you think that you should share everything with everyone? Why?
    I don’t remember the questions asked about this topic. Sorry.

    Part 2:
    Talk about a job that your grandparents did.
    what was the job
    was it the only job they had
    would you like to do this type of job

    part 3:
    do you know any person who still does this type of work?
    Is there any job which requires a higher salary? Why?

    ## My doubt here is related to the answer that I gave- Job that deserves a higher salary is of a call center executive. I certainly provided ample arguments to support my answer. However, I was asked to name one more profession/occupation to which I replied, the job of a journalist. Since these people have to go out and interview people irrespective of the outside conditions. I’m not sure if that would count, though I explained enough.

    Should companies invest in training their employees? what will be the benefits?

    Also, If you could kindly help me to let me know the correct answer to the below questions which I got in my reading test.

    Q- The museum has a collection of shoes worldwide. (t/f/ng)
    Not able to recall much. But, a close paraphrased info from the text: The museum displays a collection of shoes. It represented historical and cultural values from around the world.

    Q- Adults can pay less on a specific day of the week.
    Info- Adults- $20 Seniors- $15 Children- $10 Infants- $5
    Pay-less Thursdays
    To encourage people to visit the museum more often, you can visit here on every Thursday of the week and pay less than the actual ticket price. (paraphrased and tried to put the meaning of what was stated in the text in the test as much as I could.)

    I appreciate your kind services for the IELTS aspirants. Also, your website is truly beneficial.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ Every question in the IELTS Speaking test is a chance to show your English. You are not being marked on your ideas at all. Ideas are not marked in IELTS speaking. So, your marks would be based only on your fluency, grammar, vocab and pron. For anyone else taking the test soon, examples of jobs that should get a higher salary can be doctors and nurses – they provide a vital service to the community and often work very long hours – particularly nurses who are often very underpaid.
      For your reading questions, it is not possible to comment unless I see the precise wording of both questions and passage.
      Good luck with your results πŸ™‚

  76. Sat for my speaking test (15th may, 2019)
    The examiner was polite and friendly
    Sec 1
    Sec 2
    Cue card: prize that you would like to win
    Sec 3
    How helpful is competition for children?
    What is the difference between competitive attitudes of amateur and professionals?
    Is there any downside of it?
    How are children rewarded in your country?
    What are the adverse affects of competition on children?
    (She tried to confuse me in this section. However, i made sure that i keep my pace and dont take pause unnecessarily.

    • Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

      • Where do u work
        Do u like ur work place
        What u would like to change in workplace
        Q card
        Did u gave gift made by hand
        What is it
        To whom u gave
        Making hand made gift is difficult or easy
        Did they liked ur gift
        Do u think hand made gifts r important
        What kind of hand made gifts do u like
        What u like in hand made gifts
        Is it necessary to learn children arts
        Importance of art for children
        Is it necessary in schools to teach art work to the children
        Do u think it is good to play video games

        Cue card: time managements

        Some people think that News from TV channel providing good and others think there better platforms in learning news

  77. I have posted a summary of the May-Aug Topics for IELTS Speaking on this page: It is not a list of predicted topics, it is a summary of topics reported by previous candidates.

    • Hello everybody. Thank you Liz for your tips and advice. Todat was my speaking test and prepared for it from your website.
      PART 1
      About myself
      Study or work
      About sky astrology
      TV programes
      PART 2
      Cue card was about school subject you don’t enjoy leaning it
      PART 3
      Necessary subject at school
      Technology and science
      Teachers behavior

      I am immensely grateful from you. All topics was the same you have below.

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