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Hi guys,

This is to let you know that I am taking a break from my website in February, March and April. I will resume posting lessons for IELTS preparation in May. My break starts today until May.

During my break, I will keep up-dating the Recent Questions Page and also the Post Results Page. All other pages will remain open for your use. Please remember I will NOT be answering your questions during my break.

I will post old lessons on my Facebook Page during my break. This will be useful for you all. They will include my video lessons and model answers etc. Please follow my FB page to get them, IELTS Liz FB Page.

For tips, topics , model answers and lessons, go to the RED BAR at the top of the website and select the part of the test you want to learn about. You can also access the Main Pages of this website at the bottom of each page. There are over 300 pages of free tips and lessons on my site. I also offer advanced writing task 2 lessons which can be purchased if you need more help: Advanced Writing Task 2

I wish you all lots of luck in your test! Make sure you read the On the day test tips and also the Test Information Page. Good luck 🙂

See you in May 🙂

All the best




  1. Ashish Kamble says

    Enjoy your break ma’am.

  2. shakawath Hussain says

    Have a nice break.

  3. Thank you for all of them dear! Enjoy your holidays!

  4. Liz,can u please write me thesis statement for this eassay title?
    Should wealthy nations be required to share their wealth with poorer nations by providing such thing like food and educations?or is it the responsibility of their governement to look after their citizens themselves?

  5. Thank you Liz for all your teaching 🙂

  6. uwandu james c says

    Thanks for the information

  7. Hi Liz, I wish you well in your break thou I have a question. I have failed IELTS 3 times especially reading and listening I want to try PET. is it a good idea?

  8. Hi dear Liz
    I’m glad to have the best teacher like you.
    Thanks for your responsibility.

  9. Have a nice break, we will miss you.

  10. Enyinnaya orji says

    Good day Liz,just wanna take out time to thank you for the lessons and tips. It really helped me pass my IELTS exams. I only studied your materials and went for the exams on the 18 of Jan. I just collect my result and I got Reading 7.0,listening 8.0,writing 8.0 and speaking 8.0. Overall 8.5. Kudos to you and keep it up,I will definitely encourage my friends to study your material as I also got your recommendation from my kid brother who sat for the UKVI general exams and he also did very well and has been offered a job as a nurse in Uk. I appreciate so much

  11. Enjoy your vacation and take care.waiting for you to come back .

  12. Varinderjit says

    Hello Liz,could you please tell me how I can improve my reading skills as I’m really struggling to get my required score.i do practice real test papers.please advise me if I could do something else because l have last chance to sit in test and achieve my required score because immigration rules are changing soon.
    I will wait to your response.

  13. Enjoy your break Liz. Thank you for all the tips and lessons you made available in this website. It is very informative. Just had my IELTS exam yesterday, Feb. 1, 2018.
    All the best!

  14. Nasir Ahmed says

    Enjoy your break, Liz!

  15. miss you mam……………….

  16. I missing you alot Mam, anyway have a great break and God bless you😀

  17. kalaivanan pullaiannan says

    happy vacation mam

  18. Kayode Olatunji says

    Have yourself a good holiday.

  19. Have nice your break Miss Thank you so much for your lesson and email.

  20. Idalma Pozo says

    Thank you so much, for your tips and lessons.
    You need a break is healthy , I wish the best for you.

  21. Albert Benny says

    I ll miss you so much.

  22. Saumen Barua says

    Happy Holiday.Miss you.waiting for your post.

  23. Enjoy your break and take care..Thank you so much for your guidance..

  24. Diana Georgieva says

    Dear Liz, I wish you good health and very happy vacation!

  25. Take care of you, Liz. Have a great time during your break!
    I thank you so much for your valuable lessons.
    Great recovery!

  26. jagjot kaur says

    i love you liz, enjoy your break. Really , i will miss u

  27. Enjoy your break.

  28. Thank you for the valuable lessons. Enjoy your well deserved and overdue break!!

  29. Tanimowo Sunkanmi says

    Enjoy your well-deserved break, Liz.
    We will miss you greatly.
    I am hopeful that my testimony will be ready before your return.

  30. Hi, Liz. Have a nice three-months break. Thank you very much for all your help.
    Tata for now.

  31. Do have a wonderful break.
    We appreciate your good work and may Allah continue to keep you healthy for the same.

    Thanks greatly.

  32. Hi Liz.
    I learned a lot from your blog. I had my first IELTS attempt this January and I got an overall band of 7.5 (Listening 8, Reading 7.5, writing 7, speaking 6.5). I’m actually not happy about the speaking band as it is much below my expectation.

    Thanks for the lessons and have a wonderful vacation.

  33. Surendra singh says

    We will miss you liz

  34. Hope you have a wonderfull break Liz. Thank you for all helpful knowledge!
    I’m taking the test at the end of this month, wish me luck 🙂
    See you in May!

  35. Enjoy you free time!
    Very kind regards!!!

  36. Have a good time during your break,thank you so much for your free lesson.Take care and we will miss you.

  37. Hello,
    Thank you,I wish you a happy and enjoyabke break.

  38. Dear liz, enjoy ur holiday, have enough rest and come back refreshed.will surely miss u.
    Thanks for ur sacrifices.

  39. All the best Mam..Take care..God bless.
    Thanks for all the wonderful tips

  40. Have fun Ma’am! We’ll miss you!

  41. Have a good relax

  42. Whaooh! you will be really missed here dear. Enjoy your holidays. Can’t wait to post my result in March? Your website has been a good support to all. See you one day to say thank you in person.

  43. Take care

  44. MD Mahabub Alam says

    We will miss you a lot.

    Best of luck

  45. Great..
    Thanks for informing
    Have a Healthy wealthy blessed n smile break
    Best Regards

  46. Thank you liz. You are a wonderful teacher. I hope you enjoy your holiday.

  47. Hello Liz!!

    I wish you a wonderful holiday, enjoy your break time as much as you can 🙂

    See you on May!

    P.s: Thank you for all tips and lessons
    God bless you!!

  48. Romeo Villa says

    Thanks, Liz. Take care and Enjoy your break from work…

  49. Romeo Villa says

    Thanks, Liz. Take care and Enjoy your holidays…

  50. Enjoy my dear Liz

  51. Kushal Puri says

    Thanks, Liz. Take care and Enjoy your holidays…

  52. Mam, we will miss you

  53. Okey Mam

    • Mohammad Abdus Salam says

      It’s really shocking for me, Liz. I think your posts are always full of information. I’ll miss all these. However, you have your life. You have the right to go on holiday. Have a nice break, Liz.

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