IELTS Line Graph Video Tutorial Transcript

Below is the transcript for a video tutorial on a line graph in IELTS writing task 1. The tutorial shows how to write a complex sentence to describe a line graph which is essential for a high score. Click the picture for the video. Transcript

hello in this lesson

I’m gonna show you how to write complex
sentence for a line graph

I’m gonna show you that it not so

difficult you can easily write a long
sentence with at least 25 words in it

now this is the line graph we’re going
to use

this is typical for IELTS writing task 1

next to the line graph you can see there

is some writing this writing

is a description of the graph and IELTS will
always give you this description

and you need to read it carefully
because it contains

all the information you need to know
about the graph

lets have a look the graph shows

the number of people so we look at the
graph and we can say

on the side here on the vertical axis
we can see the number of people

it starts at zero and it goes t 50

100 150

and the top one is 200 these people

are people who became vegetarian

and that means they decided to start

a vegetarian diet they decided not

to eat meat and this is in a town

in England from 2004

to 2010 again if we look at the graph
we can see the dates

along the bottom here on the horizontal

you can see the dates from 2004

every year to 2010

now the dates are important for us
because it shows us

that we need to use the past simple for
our sentence

well for this sentence I’m gonna show you

we’re gonna use the information from

to 2007 so that’s

from here to here let’s start the

now we start with a subject and for this

the subject is quite long with quite a
lot of

information we can use now normally we
start with

the number of but

IELTS already use that word lets
paraphrase it

lets use the amount of and

of course it’s the amount of people

we can’t really

paraphrase people so we need to keep

that word now where were the people

the people were from so the amount of

from and we can put this information

into our complex sentence they say

a town in England but we can change that a
little bit

and we can see from an

English town

and what type of people were they

well they were people who became

but again that we need to change this a
little bit

we need to show the examiner that we can
use different

English so the amount of people from an
English town


to start a

vegetarian diet so that

is our subject quite a

along subject after the subject

we need the verb and we can see here

that it has increased so we can say

increase rise climb well I’m going to use
the word

increase for this sentence so

increased don’t forget

we’re going to be using the past simple
after the verb

we need an adverb we need to describe these

increase so we look at this and we think

was it very sharp did it do like

or was it like that and if it’s like

we can say steady it was quite a steady

but of course we need the adverb so we
say increased


I hope you can read my writing

sorry about that increased steadily

after the verb and adverb

we need to put some numbers in in IELTS

writing task 1 it’s very important that
you do

put numbers and dates

to support your sentence

so let’s have a look at the numbers
we’ve got

well it’s between 50 and 100

so 75 that’s where it starts

and it stops at 200

so it increased steadily from

now here’s a question

is it exactly seventy five

are we sure when we look at the graph

we think it’s 75 but it could be 76 it
could be

74 so we need to be careful with that

and we can say from about

75 so about 75

to there we are

200 now we’ve got the numbers

lets put the date so we’ve got 2004

2007 usually when we write the dates
many people say from

and to but we’ve already used it

from and to so we need to give the examiner

something different and we can say

between so between 2004

and 2007

and that makes complex sentence

for a line graph not so difficult is it

let’s see how many words we’ve got 1 2
3 for 567

8 9 10 11 12 13

14 15 16 17 18 19 20

21 22 23 24

that’s 25 words

so that’s very good length for a complex

but we can add a little bit more to the

sentence can you think what information
that we haven’t

given well we’ve given

the starting point for the number the
finishing point for the number

we’ve given the dates but what we haven’t
given it

how much the increase was

and if we look carefully we can see 125

was the amount of the increase so it

by 125

where can we add this information well
a nice

easy place to put the information is

adverb so in here

we can put this information

we can add by

again we’re not sure if it is 125

maybe it’s 126 so we need to

again use some accurate language

and we can say by approximately


and that can go in here after the adverb for

quite easy isn’t it so that means

that we’ve got three extra words

our complex sentence is 28

word in legnth

so I think really you should practice on
your own

get a graph choose a movement of the

maybe up may be down write your

subject make sure you put

all the information you need to in that

then choose a verb choose an

adverb to describe that

you can put the amount

you put the numbers from the start to
the finish and then

the dates so not so difficult

well that’s all for this lesson I hope

that was useful for you

and I’ll see you again in another IELTS

line graph video tutorial

To watch this tutorial on youtube, click here.

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