Paragraphs for IELTS Writing Task 1

Learn how many paragraphs you should have in IELTS Writing Task 1 and also learn where to put your overview statement. Learn This video lesson below explains the correct way to structure your writing task 1 report for IELTS to do well in the criteria of coherence and cohesion which is 25% of your marks. If you want to see a bar chart lesson which organises information into paragraphs, follow the link after you watch the lesson below. Under the video, you will also see a link to a lesson explaining the overview paragraph. Transcript

Hello my name’s Liz. Let’s have a look at the structure you need to use for your IELTS writing task 1 report. The structure is very important, you have to organize all the information into a logical order and put them into different paragraphs this is very important and the examiner will check your structure and organization.


Now there are four main paragraphs that you need to use for task one. The first paragraph will be your introduction and that contains a description of the graph, what it shows. IELTS will always give you a  description and you can use that information for your introduction but don’t copy it. That is a mistake. You need to  paraphrase it. So write it again using your own English. The next paragraph after the introduction is the overview and the overview is a very important paragraph. It is often not too long but it contains all the key features of the graph or the chart – so the highest point, the lowest point  – all main features you put in your overview, after the introduction.

After that you’ve got the body paragraphs. And we’ve got body paragraph A, body paragraph B and this is where you put the detailed information. That will be the dates and the numbers and all the comparisons you can put that in the body paragraph. So they are the 4 main paragraphs that you need to use.

The overview statement I normally put that after the introduction because it’s important. I like the examiner to get that information out soon as he starts reading after the introduction but it is possible to also put it at the end. But make sure you don’t run out of time. That overview is very important. Well, that is the structure of your report. If you want more IELTS lessons just follow me on Facebook. That’s all I’ll see you again in another IELTS lesson. 

Video Tutorial: Organising Paragraphs for Writing Task 1


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  1. Liz your website is not responsive and I am unable to watch it on my mobile properly, please do something this error could be resolved by a web designer so please do it as soon as possible. Its half content is cut from right side.

  2. Is two body paragraphs required or they could’ve combined into one? If it is required, how should they be separated? By time, groups or it doesn’t matter? Thank you

  3. Hi, Liz!
    Is it important to compare all the categories compared on the bar charts?
    I am concern with the time, and I have seen some Task 1 writing samples that only compared the most remarkable features.
    Thanks for all your work.

    • It depends on the chart you get. Some charts contain little information and to write over 150 words, you will need to include everything. Other charts contain so much information that you must choose what to put in your task 1 report. You will be marked on being selective of information when you have a lot to choose from.

  4. Hi Liz,

    Does overview mean the conclusion?

  5. I wanted to ask you mam that do we write numeric information in an overview or conclusion

    • It is common to put totals in, for example for a table. However, the detail and figures usually go in the body paragraph. There is no fixed rule, it is just a recommendation.

  6. Muneeb ur Rehman says:

    I had my speaking test today.
    topic was: to discuss on a place that i recently visited.
    a: what sort of place was that.
    b: which type of people can go there.

    It went good. hoping for a good score.

  7. dear madam

    i have follow up your lessons , its so clear , i was keep watching you tube to get more knoweledge about ielts. always keep smiling face and very clear words ,very easy to catch the ielts exam for all students.
    many thanks

  8. You are the perfect teacher ,when I watch you lecturing it’s like watching the Mona Lisa, you are fascinating .THANK YOU.

  9. Lismi joplin says:

    Mam, can we use furthermore in task 1???

  10. Varun Thoonoli says:

    Hi Liz,

    With all due respect, I had earlier requested you to review an essay that I had written for writing part 1 but did not receive any reply for it. It would be rather encouraging if you could assist me in how I could improve on my writing band score for part 1. Please do reply at the earliest as my test is scheduled for next week.

  11. I;m writing for the first time so it is hihgly appreciated, how I can to develop my self in writing particula in reporting ( statment structure )
    could you please increase my enthasisum

  12. hi mom, i love all of your video……
    your explanations is very clearly and very helpful for my IELTS preparation
    thanks a million

  13. michael s jose says:

    Dear Mam,

    Writing task 1 (academic) we need to use past tense or present tense?

  14. sivasankar says:

    Hi Liz,

    I’m attending GT in next week.In Writing Task-1 does it get only a letter or there is a chance of getting charts/Table?? Kindly reply me @ earlier

  15. is it possible that i share my own writing so that you point out me my deficiencies?

  16. Sandeep says:

    Hello Mam
    Are you available to give classes or tuition for ielts.i am from Luton.Thanks.Love to hear from you.

  17. hi liz….your lessons are very helpful…..can u please guide me where can i get my writing task s checked,,,,please if there is any online source,,,help me,,,,i need a band 7+,,,

  18. Hello mam,
    I’m from india,as i have an ielts exam after 1 month but i do not know from were to start and how to do the practise from home as i need a 7 band in academic so kindly help me out from this stuff as i’m quite scared,

  19. Hi liz
    Is it compulsory to write a conclusion in task 1. Also is it OK to write a conclusion for task 1 diagrem. Thanks.

  20. vikramjeet singh says:

    hello mam…..

    mam i have one question. you said in your lecture that task 1 should be written in different paragraphs like introduction, overview……now we have to mention these subheadings before writing actual paragraphs or not???

  21. hello liz,

    one of our instructors advise is to 3 – 4 paragraphs is enough for task 1. he usually merge the introduction (paraphrasing) and overview and key points into one paragraph, and that is paragraph one.. is this okay? thanks..

    • You should always divide the detail into two body paragraphs. If you fail to do that you will get a lower score for coherence and cohesion.

      • Yes Liz, I have no problem with regards to dividing the body paragraphs to two details.. My prob is do I still have to separate the introduction (paraphrasing) from the overview? Because our teachers here always tell that the introduction and overview are merge to paragraph one.. Thank you so much for your help Liz..

  22. Thanks! You explained it well. But im still confused because some of ielts teacher has an overview after their intro and has a conclusion at the bottom part. How’s that?

    • It’s a bad example. You are being marked on your ability to organise information into paragraphs. Firstly, you should not repeat information in a short report. Remember this is a report, not an essay. Secondly, you should not divide key features into two different places, you should collect it and present it as one overview. Thirdly, the examiner is look for an overview in task 1 and a conclusion in task 2. The main problem is that many IELTS teachers have not completed the IELTS examiner training which is why they are not clear about how to organise the report and what the examiner is looking for.
      All the best

  23. Hi Ms. Liz. I just want to ask how will i know if my essay contains 150 or 250 words already. Thank you and God bless you.

  24. Nour Mohammad says:

    Can I use pencil for writing task 1 and 2???

  25. Nour Mohammad says:


    I can’t express how much grateful to you for your charity on teaching IELTS!!!!!!!! Really I’m what I can say…………………. Thanks a lot ………………….

  26. Dear Liz, I am so grateful to what you have done for IELTS candidates, including me , of course. I browse your website very often, especially, your youtube channel. I am reviewing for my next exam which may be in the end of this year. My target is 7.0 overall, but in my last trial, I got 6.5. Could you gimme some advice on how to improve from 6.5 to 7.0. Again, thank you so much for your useful lessons.

    • Please see the band score pages to see the difference between band scores. All tips given on this blog are for the higher scores – band 7, 8 and 9.

  27. Hi!
    Thank you very much for the comprehensive IELTS lessons and video tutorials you are sharing which are indeed very helpful especially to us non-native English speakers. I have learned so much from you and I really appreciate the effort you put into it. God bless you, ma’am.

  28. Aswathi Vijayan says:

    Hi Mam,
    i should say your videos are really really helpful to someone like me who is preparing self for the ielts exam. i do have some doubts regarding the writing part of the general test because I’m misguided by many. Does the task 1 ask for letter writing or does it include graphs too? Looking forward for your guidance.

  29. Lakhvir says:

    Hi Liz, Actually I had given ielts exam twice but both of time I am scored 5.5 in writing.

    • The reason is due to your level of English. If you make many mistakes in English and have limited control of the language, it will be difficult to get over band 5. For example, in the sentence you wrote above, there are 4 mistakes. Frequent errors will reduce your score significantly. You will need to improve your level of English to be able to produce more accurate language in order to get a good score.
      All the best

  30. Teketel says:

    Hi Madam,
    really you are excellent English language teacher. your tutorial on you tube helped me very well not only for IELTS but also for my academic writing. Really God bless you !

  31. Dear teacher,
    You explained that for writing task 1 it should have 4 paragraph, so is it important to have conclusion for writing task 1? Please could you explain about this? Thanks a million!

  32. Hi, Liz,

    Some writing contain 3 paragraphs. Who is wron?
    Please check

    • You must have an introduction and conclusion. The body paragraphs should be divided into 2 or 3 paragraphs. That means a total of 4 or 5 paragraphs for the whole essay. Of course it is possible to have more or less but you won’t get a good score for task response (25%) or coherence and cohesion (25%). Please go through all my writing task 2 practice lessons to see models and tips.
      All the best

  33. Hi liz it very good your web and it is better in the future so thank for every information than you me and I need more information about modal of tabal

  34. Hello ma’am, I’m haafiz from India.
    My IELTS exams date is 28 Feb.
    I’m prepared for both listening and reading but totally confused in writing task specially in task 1.
    Can you please help me. I’ve read 5 or 6 prepared models on ur site but still confused because of high tension.

    • Hi,

      For task 1, you need to four paragraphs. The introduction is written simply – just paraphrase the information given. Check my models to see how the information is paraphrased. The overview is the paragraph which contains all the key features (highest, lowest, comparisons – you must choose what the key features are). For the body paragraphs, you need to write full sentences which are supported by data from the chart. Keep the information logically organised, use accurate vocabulary, produce accurate sentences structures and a range of linking devices.
      All the best

    • Thanks ma’am.
      I read ur models very well but still too much worried n nervous because it’s an only section that i didn’t do enough practice. In fact i haven’t write a single 1. I’m not confident enough if i can do well in this task.

  35. Ahmed Sheir says:

    Hi Ms. Liz,
    Thanks a lot for you helpful videos for IELTS preparation. I really appreciate your efforts to help millions people in all over the world to learn English and to achieve a high score in IELTS test.
    Many thanks

  36. Samina Alam says:

    Your tutorials are the best tutorials on IELTs . Your presentation is praise worthy. One more thing to say, your lovely smile gives me courage to prepare for ielts………..

  37. Sebastian Stellus says:

    Hi Madam,
    Your lessons and blogs are very helpful for me in my IELTS preparation. Your way of presentation is superb with smiling face. I become a great fan. Thank you very much for supporting students with the lessons and videos .

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